The red wrath of the Schalke-Fans


The sporty task is solved, the player of Schalke 04 in the DFB-Pokal at the end of scores. However, before the game against SV Drochtersen/Assel showed what a burden the Team to start the season.

The own Fans against the club’s chef: Red for Tönnies

The football pros of football Bundesliga club Schalke 04 took to the DFB Cup outing-related – in the lower Saxon province of the, what do they always have: their white and blue jerseys, the shoes, a fresh Change of clothes, sports bags, and shower stuff too. Probably managers have them, as in modern professional sports times as usual, things even again. It is nothing wrong with that.

However, Schalke still had something, which took away in the pockets of no place and yet it is very difficult to wog: The racism scandal to your Chairman and club patron Clemens Tönnies accompanied them in the DFB-Pokal, and you must be an Alchemist to recognize: Drochtersen/Assel could only be the beginning of been.

The color you don’t like so

Their travelling Fans a new Utensil had namely. Before the kick-off of the DFB Cup game at SV Drochtersen/Assel you were charging with a symbolic action with your club boss Tönnies, has pulled back temporarily, but can only hope that as the Grass grows on the thing. So, according to lower Saxony travelling supporters, a banner showed the words “We will show it the Red card”, behind the red boxes were held up. Red, not Royal blue, as would be the case with Schalke usual. The color you don’t like that.

Tönnies had started with racist statements about Africans, a storm of indignation. The honorary Council of the Royal Blues wanted to make the racism charge does not apply, Tönnies even announced plans to leave his Post three months rest. This proposal was met last Tuesday. The S04 Fans were with the behavior of Tönnies disagree. This is not likely to change until the League Premiere in the domestic Arena.

“Relatively short”highlights

Back to the Kehdinger Stadion, where the regional League footballer of Drochtersen and Assel pursue their Sport. Shortly before the kickoff in front of 8,000 spectators, the new Schalke-coach David Wagner, the Causa of coaxing Tönnies small tried, at least as far as the team. “We had discussed the beginning of the week relatively short and then focused on the Essential – and that is the Sports,” said Wagner. “Because the focus went very quickly on this game.”

Enjoy the victory: Two-time scorer Guido Burgstaller (left) and Suat Serdar

And the worked. Since here also from the sports talk should be: At the beginning of the Bundesliga struggled, the hosts had the first Chance. But with a – at the end of the non-hazardous – 5:0 (1:0)-success is a consequence of Schalke in the second main round of the DFB Cup. This is guaranteed goalscorer Steven Skrzybski (44 products.), Guido Burgstaller (61./83.), Daniel Caligiuri (65./Foul the penalty spot) and Munir Levent Mercan (73.).

The hosts were guaranteed 175.500 Euro Gage plus revenue from ticket sales. And the guests took it all back with in the West: the jerseys, the shoes, sports bags and all the other clutter too.