Robots in the amusement Park? Staff searched desperately


The Europe Park Rust, Germany employs more than 4000 employees. Now is opened in Rust, a new theme Park. However, the search for new employees is tedious, complained the managing Director Jürgen Mack.

German companies must have at Recruiting more and more come to mind. Because the applicant is not more there is already a queue for a long time. This is especially for medium-sized companies is a great challenge. Manuela Kasper-Claridge spoke to Jürgen Mack, who together with his brother Roland, managing Director of the Europa Park in Rust. Currently, the family company is building a huge water Park attached to a Hotel under the name of “Rulantica” close to the Europa Park.

Deutsche Welle: How many employees do you need for the new theme Park and the Hotel?

Jürgen Mack: So approximately 550 new employees for the new water Park resort.

It is in view of the fact that in Germany in some sectors, full employment is spoken and the acute shortage of skilled labour is hard to find employees?

You got that right. I would even go a step further. Not only do we have a shortage of skilled workers. We generally have a shortage of labour. Even for simple activities for which you need no technical training. We have to be very creative, with regard to the Recruit. We are, of course, here in the Region but also in the neighbouring France, in Alsace, active. There is a collaboration with Pôle emploi on the French side and the appropriate German counterpart, the Federal employment Agency. The Pôle emploi, the French employment Agency is practical. As new things have arisen such as, for example, a training measure on the French side. Interested people receive retraining, in conjunction with German courses in France. These employees come to us on a trial basis. This relates primarily to Jobs in the fields of Hotel and gastronomy, so Service and kitchen. This works very well.

That’s enough to find the employees that you need?

No, this is just one measure of many. We are, of course, in addition to in the staff search. I have mentioned Germany and France. But we are also in Eastern Europe on the road: Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania. Otherwise, we would not be able to represent it, and then we are looking now, for example, in Ukraine employees. It will show the extent to which we get permits when we find the ground staff – an issue the work permit in Germany for example. You have to be in the recruitment of today’s creative, so we do also, for example, Job-Dating. We hold Recruiting Nights, which in a slightly different framework without any major hurdles and formalities, and be able to come.

Jürgen Mack is the managing Director of the Europa Park Rust in Baden-Württemberg.

You notice that other companies are actively looking for workers?

But to be clear. We get that, for example, the operator of cruise ships, a strong on-the-go to find employees. This goes in a similar direction, this is also tourism, gastronomy, hotel industry.

Because you will have to probably have to think of some, if the environment has changed a lot?

Yes, we must also tread new paths with regard to the offer of Jobs. For example, we have installed in the new Hotel, a production kitchen that allows you to that we can now also offer cooks during the day, so “nine to five” to work in the catering industry, this is normally possible only with difficulty. Since you can not prepare certain dishes, so that it takes in the evening, the amount of qualified experts, to prepare it for the guest in the highest quality. Of course this means a significantly higher investment when a kitchen is built. The goal is that we will do with this measure is easier to find professionals in the area of kitchen, because we are able to offer different working hours. These are Trends that we observe. Many choose the profession of a cook, maybe, because the working hours, quenching in the evening and on the weekends.

Have you thought also about virtual employee? So, to artificial intelligence, robots in the Park?

Of course, as thoughts of how this could be, but more concretely, there is no thought. But, for example, the Ticketing is running increasingly online. Also, in the future water Park, guests will get the Tickets online. We must continue to promote strong, because that is where we have capacity. We can accommodate 3500 people at a time in the water Park. In the Europe Park there is no maximum number of people. Since we are not to make, to extremely strong days. That is there in the water Park otherwise. In any case, the Online-Ticketing from year to year. There are generations that don’t buy more at the cash register, a Ticket for one Person. I have read that it will be in the kitchen, perhaps even robots that cook and then eat. I think the whole issue is at the Moment still too early. I don’t want to exclude the possibility that the development goes.

If you open in November, the big water Park, you need a lifeguard. The there are in Germany but barely. Where can you find them?

Currently we have four professionals for the baths. The are very difficult to find. Now we have luck, we will be able to have time for the Start of the four professionals, and then also training. The goal is to care for their own offspring.

The then takes two or three years.

That’s why we need now the have a training, in the hope that you will stay, of course. If you language a few years ago by the shortage of skilled workers, like engineers and IT professionals. The missing still, but in the meantime, there is also a large shortage of labour. For the attractions in the Park, it is not so easy anymore. This used to be a non-issue, and it is now a challenge. We build great attractions and, of course, employees that meet it and then ultimately with life.


Jürgen Mack is an entrepreneur from Baden-Württemberg. Together with his brother Roland, he is the managing Director of the Europe Park Rust, the second-largest theme parks in Europe. The Park, for the more than 4000 people have visited in the past year, 5.6 million people.

The Interview was conducted by Manuela Kasper-Claridge