Italy is a sharp turn to the Right threatens to


Northern League chief Salvini wants to let the entrained government in Rome burst. The radical right-wing politicians with elections to win, it should be for the EU uncomfortable, because I told him that Brussels is to blame for everything.

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Government crisis in Italy

Interior Minister and Northern League chief Matteo Salvini ended the coalition with the 5-star movement to and from the beach. Salvini made for 14 days holiday on the coast, went shirtless in the beach bars, raised with the Cocktail in Hand, Go-Go dancers in a leopard Thong, dabbled as a disc jockey. These pictures he made in the social media spread, and in the evening held but then the election campaign events on market places. In Pescara, the collar burst him finally. He demanded new elections and announced it would be the same goal: “I want to be Prime Minister.” With the “no-Voters” of the 5-stars he wants to have nothing more to do. He had to be free to achieve his goals. The Italians of the shirt-sleeved, and close to the people style to the interior Minister, has made the defence of migrants to his election hit like.

Salvini is on the upswing

Matteo Salvini felt after a victory in the European elections in may and regional elections strong enough to car, with its radical right-wing party Lega the jump in the Palazzo Chigi, the seat of the Prime Minister in Rome. It is unusual that the government is erupting crisis in the Middle of August, the main holiday period in Italy. Crises of government, the Italians are accustomed to. The country now controls the 66. Government after the Second world war.

With 14 months in office, the coalition of the right and more left-populist belonged to most of the longer ruling coalitions in Italy. The non-party head of government, Giuseppe Conte feels duped. The Professor, who had never dressed before for a political office and as a hinge for the forever warring coalition ends of the served parties, non-foamed: “It is the Minister of the interior to complete government or the Parliament to prescribe how it should proceed.”

A permanent election campaign: At the Regional and European elections won Salvini with his populist strategy

Possible Coalitions

Conte wants to face in the Parliament, which is actually already in the summer break, probably a vote of confidence. To make the head of the government, legs, Salvini’s Lega announced plans to request a vote of confidence. Senate President Elisabetta Casellati, a, convened for Monday, a meeting of the group chairmen. There decides, when the members are brought from the summer break, the government is to vote. This is also associated with high costs. Salvini’s comment: “to kindly move your ass.”

Giuseppe Conte should not have a majority, could be state President Sergio Mattarella appoint another politician, a government majority on searching. Also, it fails mattarella could use a government of Technocrats, Italy in the autumn of rescues. The head of state, which was previously a deep aversion to populist like Salvini’s recognize most, could dissolve the Parliament and call for new elections schedule. Which could take place already at the end of September or beginning of October, or even until the end of the year.

On a solitary Item: The non-party head of government Conte is dumped from the Lega

In opinion polls, Matteo Salvini, with his radical right-wing Lega at around 36 percent. The 5-star, founded by a comedian, have been pushed under your boss Luigi Di Maio in third place. At the election in 2018, it was cut off as the strongest party. To Rule Salvini would need the support of the “Fratelli d’italia”, which would be described according to the German scale as fascists or Neo-Nazis. Not even a coalition with the “Forza Italia” Silvio Berlusconi would be excluded. The aged Ex-Prime Minister, could become the king-makers to the possible new elections. It is also possible that he himself competes as a top candidate of his national conservative party.

Worry about Italy

From the point of view of the European Union, the government crisis comes, as almost always in Italy, at an inopportune time. The country, the third largest economy in the Euro-Zone is in economic crisis, structural reforms can be found in the failure of the populist government, not to implement. The state debt, in the view of EU financial Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, with 2.3 trillion euros, is far too high, was not mined. The Italian banks show the strain further. In October, the government in Rome would have to submit a budget for next year in Brussels, explains how the debt mountain will be addressed, and the requirements of the EU Commission are complied with. This is not done, threatening a formal excessive deficit procedure.

Now the Parliament has to decide in the Palazzo Montecitorio – there is a special session in the summer break is necessary

Against the wind for the EU

The Lega-Chairman Salvini has already announced earlier that he would not submit to a fiscal “dictates” from Brussels. Salvini toying with more debt, and even a kind of parallel currency for Italy. Not the only reason why he is perceived by many politicians in Brussels as a dangerous man. The possible next Prime Minister of Italy has announced a “Revolution in the EU” from the inside out. He is very close to the deconstructionist ideas of Steve Bannon. The former adviser to the American President Donald Trump is also the Lega-chief of advice and helps him in his permanent electoral campaign. According to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Matteo would Salvini, the second openly nationalist head of government in the EU. A solution of the open questions around Migration and the distribution of refugees with a radical right-wing leader in Italy for the European Union is probably completely impossible.