Brexit: Johnson likes it hard – with the head through the wall


Prime Minister Boris Johnson will lead the British out of the EU, no matter what the cost it. His Motto: “fight or fall”. Compromises with the EU are not planned. By Bernd Riegert, Brussels.

Premier Johnson in the house of Commons after his appointment (at the 25. July): Thunderous Claims

“I’m away for the summer,” wrote Michel Barnier, the Brexit-negotiators of the EU, in an E-Mail to all the governments in the EU and on the day after the new British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had started at the end of July his office. Barnier made the new government in London, a conversation offer.

Has hit the dealer, but still no one from the new staff of number 10 Downing Street. New negotiations on the nearly 600-page agreement to the withdrawal of great Britain and Northern Ireland from the EU’s Michel Barnier from the castle in front of it. “Now we must remain calm and in solidarity,” said Barnier. The blustering claims of Boris Johnson, the Irish “Backstop” must be gone, the French EU Diplomat back indignant as “unacceptable”. With the “Backstop” to prevent between derRepublik of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a hard EU border with customs controls, and for as long until both pages a better solution is found.

Simple Message: Get Out!

The only visitors from London who has lost his way since the change of government in July to Brussels, the British officials David Frost. He is the personal Brexit-Officer of the Prime Minister. The EU-Commission and the assembled EU diplomats said Frost, his message is that the United Kingdom on the 31. October will leave the European Union – with or without an exit agreement.

EU politicians Barnier (li.) and Tusk with the Brexit-divorce agreement (in November): “stay Calm”

As a prerequisite for new talks with the EU, Frost called the elimination of “undemocratic Backstops”. This requirement, both the EU and the Irish Prime Leo Varadkar rejected vehemently. EU diplomats who have spoken with David Frost, said, the messenger from London, I can call any Alternative to a “Backstop” in concrete terms. Also valid points wants to talk about the Premier Johnson in a new start-up, were not mentioned.

Johnson himself had said in Interviews prior to his appointment as head of government, he’ll keep the good parts of the agreement and the Rest of the change. “We can fly to the moon, so we can arrange for this limit to Ireland somehow,” was one of the more concrete Johnson-Comments.

Hard-Brexit is likely to

From a Brussels point of view, Boris Johnson is heading for a Brexit without agreements without transition periods, without payment of the outstanding invoices to the EU without a vision for the future of relations. Although the Premier stated that the “hard” Brexit was his goal, but if it’s on the 31. October not go otherwise, then the United Kingdom vagina also without agreement.

Brexit-Minister Gove: “This is wrong and sad”

The Minister in the British Cabinet practice assignments to be zealous in debt. Michel Gove, the Minister for the preparation of the Brexits, said about the BBC: “We need a new approach. We are willing to help us with the EU deal. But at the Moment it looks as if the EU was not interested. She just says no. This is wrong and sad and not in Europe’s interest.” Michel Barnier, the EU’s negotiator, reaffirmed that the EU would also not hard Brexit. The agreement with the EU was three Times by the British Parliament voted down.

No-confidence vote in the lower house?

As the government of Boris Johnson is heading, in spite of many warnings of the economic associations and the “Bank of England” on a No-Deal, want to be an opponent of the hard Brexits now use the bitterly divided Parliament to stop Johnson, but still. The coalition of Conservatives and the Northern Irish DUP has only a wafer-thin majority of one vote.

In the first session after the summer break at the beginning of September, the Labour could apply to the Opposition in a vote of censure against Boris Johnson. He would lose the trust would organize the Opposition to 14 days a new government majority. If this does not succeed to start with, the Premier set a date for new elections, which should take place no earlier than after 25 days.

If Boris Johnson can be forced in this Phase to withdraw, is controversial. The electoral law of the year 2011 is here formulated in vague and never been used. The Premier could put the elections in November. The Brexit on the 31. October would be completed anyway.

Government chief Johnson at the inaugural visit to the Buckingham Palace: The Queen may dismiss the Prime

The only decision to the house of Commons so far, some could in the spring, was the announcement that there is no exit without an agreement should give. On the other hand, the law is that the Brexit 31. October automatically provides – with or without agreement.

The Parliament would have the opportunity to change this regulation, but only if it was previously the government forces, to put the law on the agenda. “The Parliament could instruct the Prime law, to request a deadline extension in the case of the EU,” says Peter Sloman, a political scientist at the University of Cambridge. “Only if it would keep Johnson in mind, is unclear.”

Brexit as a set of beliefs

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in a relatively comfortable Position: he Does nothing, the Brexit – even without the EU-agreement – on Halloween day. Even if it wanted to, should have the Parliament to great lengths to stop him. Theoretically, the Queen could dismiss her Prime Minister of the self. But that would not break with the Tradition that the monarch does not interfere in daily politics and is therefore considered highly unlikely.

To speculate that the European Union breaks shortly before the end but still is risky. “In this game we are prepared,” according to French diplomats at the Elysee Palace in Paris. “We will not lose our nerve first.”

Many conservative party members and hard-boiled Brexit supporters now want to finally get out of the EU. No matter what the cost it. Economic or rational arguments play almost no role, believes the book’s author J. N. Paquet. “Brexit is a Religion” is his most recent book, the end of August, will appear in the UK. “I believe in the Brexit”, has not only said Boris Johnson, his predecessor, Theresa May, has made this profession of faith fervently and often.