Piercings from top to bottom


A Piercing on the labia, at the Penis or on testicles? More and more people find it. But it is not only very painful, it can also have dire consequences.

Some glittering stones in the navel or a small Ring in the nose are already long no longer Unusual. You are visible, you can find them pretty or not. Piercings are supposed to make it attractive. This is also true for genital piercings. “One aspect is, if women or men look down, as you would like and then a bit of want to beautify,” says Erich box.

He is a Professor of psychology at the Medical School in Hamburg. In his book, ‘Body Modification’, he deals, among other things, what is it that drives people to modify their body by piercing solid.

Genital piercing as a compensation

“In studies it has been shown that women compensate for sexual abuse with a genital piercing,” explains box. “In order for you to claim your Genital for yourself and beautify it with intimate Piercings.”

In the intimate area Piercings are the lips the most. “It becomes problematic when it pees there. In the worst case, pus is coming out,” explains Christiane Bayerl. You are in charge of the clinic for dermatology and Allergology in Wiesbaden. “A yellow liquid comes out. This is a sign of inflammation. It also comes to swelling and redness, but they usually heal well.”

Just on and around the labia around there are especially a lot of bacteria, because in this region of the body, it is warm and humid. These are the ideal conditions for germs to multiply, and by a Piercing, you can penetrate into the skin. In most cases, the body’s immune system is not well clear, but if the Person suffers from, for example, under a immune weakness. It comes to complications, to help the visit to the doctor and medications.

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Nipple piercing as an embellishment

The best piece of man

Just like in women, are the many piercing options for men no limits, from rings that are attached along the Penis to the Piercing of the testicles . “There are men also Piercings that go straight through the glans vertically as well as horizontally,” explains box.

An extreme example is the so-called ‘King George Piercing is The Piercer leads a Ring through the head of the penis and through the urethra,” says Bayerl. This can lead to a split urine strand, because the urine is brewing, possibly, ancillary way,” says the dermatologist, “and it comes to infections. This is the maximum Form of infection is called erysipelas, or erysipelas.” In the case of such a disease doctors with antibiotics to treat infusions.

Piercing addiction

With a small Piercing in the belly button, it starts, then the next, slightly larger, comes in genital area, and then another, and another. “There are definitely people who are addicted to Piercings.” In extreme cases, this could be 20 to 30 rings, which are pierced through the testicles, so box more. Also some of the woman is not exactly squeamish. “You can pull the rings through the labia minora, making the labia are dilated and there are people who exaggerate the solid”, white box.

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Piercing can be addictive

In most of the embellishment of the body is in the first part of the focus, but it can also be quickly painful. The Sting of the piercing causes more or less severe pain. In order to cope with it, releases the body’s endorphins. This can be the beginning of an Addiction, even the Addiction to pain.

“The man is a seeking being,” says box. “We are a little fun, we want more and more of them.” If people who have experienced a lot of frustration to find something that brings you fulfillment, this is often the beginning of an Addiction. And Piercings are tattoo to the drug. Then it goes from one Extreme to the other. So, too, the Trend towards tongue splitting is to explain.

With a forked tongue

Piercings in eyebrows, nipples, nose or the cheeks are part of everyday life for a Piercer. Also tongue piercing is one of them. A channel is pierced in the middle of the tongue and a Barbell inserted vertically. This is usually a rod with a small ball at each end. The muscle tissue of the tongue is very soft, the pain seem bearable. But in the case of a freshly placed tongue piercing the Pierced might not eat first of all, says box. But tongue piercing is in demand at the Moment, barely, but a much more invasive sort of Body Modification: tongue splitting.

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In the case of the tongue, splitting of the tongue is divided at the front end and thus gets a snake-like appearance

A forked tongue acts as snake’s, and is particularly popular with followers of the Gothic culture. The tongue is divided into two halves. Since Doctors do not perform the split, many your tongue yourself, or ask someone other to do this. Most of these people are in search of something newer, something other than the naked Piercing, according to the latest Kick in.

Pleasure through pain

Many studies deal with whether people who undergo Body modification is mentally disturbed. “Before all things, if you have many Piercings, it can get stuck under certain circumstances, a mental disorder or a sexual deviation,” says box. The were also quite a group from the sado-maso area. “The question is whether you have to declare sadism and masochism as a mental disorder.” You have to draw boundaries, to what extent it was playful.

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some people put their Piercings themselves, including those with Borderline personality disorder

Dangerous it can be for people living with Borderline personality disorder and prone to self-harming behaviour. “These people then start to stab the Piercings themselves. You have no inhibitions, with the razor blade or injure something similar. So you have sting, no major inhibitions to Piercings themselves. It is just the pain, it is. The pain helps you and is a kind of therapy, for example, from a gloomy mood to come out and pressure to take away” sums up the box.

Way for infectious diseases

With genital piercings have an increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases goes hand in hand. Usual protection measures, such as the use of a condom, does not work anymore, because the condom may be damaged by the Piercing. In the case of people who are in the genital area pierced, can occur the smallest injury, for example, by a piercing ring. At these Points, there can be slight bleeding and infections. Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or gonorrhea can easily be transmitted.

Long-term consequences

Statistically time are to date few long-term consequences are known. In individual cases, it can lead to nerve injuries and infections that occur immediately after the Piercing, but much later.

“If these are not treated in time, can migrate to the bacterial colonization of the blood stream and then to the whole of the dramatic complications”, there Bayerl concerns. “This includes endocarditis, a inflammation on the heart or even the brain belongs to abscesses. Such extreme consequences are rare.”

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Similar piercing rings are also pierced genitals

Good Studio and bad Studio

Thus, in the Piercing as little as possible goes wrong, it is important to find a good Studio, with an experienced Piercer, even if it costs maybe a little more. There is still a backyard Piercer, which made the Whole thing in his living room, says box. “But there are of course also very professional Studios. You look almost exactly like a doctor’s office. The Piercer working with sterile gloved hands, for every customer, new sheets are placed lying about.” These are some of the things that make a good and professional Studio.

This also means that you pay attention to how old the Piercing are willing. Basically, the Piercing is Stinging just like the ear piercing-body injury. It remains only, therefore, exempt from punishment, because the Person concerned has consented to the rule. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Piercing rejects the intervention in the case of teenagers under 14 years of age, in principle. After that, the parents must agree, and should also be at the preliminary meeting, where you will be informed about the risks and consequences of the intervention.

Especially in the case of teenagers, the number of those who want a Piercing and these painful procedure to endure increases. When you group is forced behind it, but sometimes, they seem to grow up or out from the crowd want to lift is often. This, however, is more difficult, the more these Trends will follow.

  • Tattoo as a revolt

    In spite of

    Almost all of the Ramnami Samaj belong to a lower caste. Your skin is the Name of the Hindu God Rama is adorned. You want to use this to show that the gods are everywhere, not only in the case of the members of the upper castes.

  • Tattoo as a revolt


    At the same time, you want to testify with the tattoos of their deep devotion to Rama. The Hindu God Rama is considered to be formed, beautiful and Royal. He has more than 100 different names. From “The Eternal” and “The Supreme soul” to “Granter of immortality”.

  • Tattoo as a revolt


    As members of the lower caste, the Ramnami were not allowed to enter the temple, and had to use separate water bodies. The Tattoos were her way to emphasize their own Dignity. Today, any discrimination is prohibited on the basis of caste in India. Nevertheless, the box thinking still plays an important role.

  • Tattoo as a revolt


    The Name Rama is engraved in Sanskrit on Old-Indian – in the skin.

  • Tattoo as a revolt


    The women of the Ramnami can tattooing. A total of around 100,000 people belong to the sect today.

  • Tattoo as a revolt

    Life style

    Her whole life, the Ramnami consecrate to the God Rama. Almost every family has a copy of the national epic about the God Rama. Also their clothes and their houses are on the inside and the outside with the name of the God decorated.

  • Tattoo as a revolt

    Generation change

    The Old understanding that the young do not want to be more full-body tattooing. This does not mean, however, that you maintain the Faith, to say the aging.

    Author: Rodion Ebbighausen