Raven black Monday on Wall Street


It was in this year, the largest daily loss of the U.S. stock market notified to the stock exchange circuit, and in the case of all indices. Analysts talk of a panic, but call drops the Course as a “Mini-Crash”.

The between China and the United States raging trade war, the courses in the US stock market to the week’s kick-off to fall sharply. The Dow Jones Industrial fell by 2.90 per cent to 25 717,74 points. The S&P 500 Index fared similarly with a minus 2.89 per cent on 2844,74 points. Both indices had in the meantime lost more than three and a half percent.

Even worse, it caught the technology-dominated Nasdaq 100, the temporarily by more than four per cent, down rattled and with a minus 3.60 per cent on 7415,69 points the day ended. Cyclical technology stock cooling usually react in stages of an impending economic recovery, particularly sensitive. After all three indexes had reached the middle, respectively the end of July course-best brands, is there going to be three trading days in August for the New York stock exchange is now Raven black.

“This can be described as a Mini-Crash”

The haircuts from Monday for the Dow, the S&P and Nasdaq 100, respectively, the largest daily losses in the year 2019. “What we have today seen in the United States, is already more than a normal sell-off. The investors are not yet in panic mode, but a healthy Dose of uncertainty,” said Thomas Altmann, Portfolio Manager at the asset Manager, QC partner. “When indexes like the Nasdaq 100, on one day, in the meantime, with more than four percent in the Minus, may be referred to as a Mini-Crash.”

The Wall Street reported huge losses after the market close

The trade war with China has reached a further level of escalation: Beijing announced counter-measures against the announced US tariff increases, and thus increased the Concerns of investors against a global economic slowdown. So the middle Kingdom is countered with a devaluation of its currency, although the Central Bank assured that domestic currency not as a means in the trade of conflict to use. Then the United States China have accused formally of currency manipulation. Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin said after the market close, China is a “currency manipulator”. U.S. President Donald Trump accuses China of its currency artificially to devalue, in order to strengthen the economy. The US government had accused Beijing but, as yet, formally, the currency manipulation.

Apple shares lose 5,31 percent

The reporting season that has exceeded its Zenith in the United States, only reduced to headlines. The numbers of the Dow group are only expected back on Tuesday after hours with Walt Disney. On Monday, the papers, the Entertainment giant lost of 2.41 percent, after you had marked the end of July, a record high. In the Dow, none of the 30 values in the Plus was. Cyclic-tech values were lost in the gloomy economic environment on the dive station: Apple 5,31 per cent, and at the same time, the weakest value in the Dow.

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