“Burka ban” in the Netherlands – Who is implementing it?


Since today, the “burka ban” in the Netherlands. However, hardly an Institution wants to implement it. Fiercely debated but still.

Most of the hospitals in the Netherlands have already declared before the ban, that you will not refuse burqa wearers access. Patient care is more important than the enforcement of dress regulations, they added. The practical implementation of the law is also the responsibility of the police and not the Doctors and nurses. The police, however, keeps in a Tweet, the control over the observance of the new law, the institution for which the ban would be spent by the employees. Only if someone refuse to remove a face covering, he could call the police.

Even the police show you any leniency

The emphasis is on “could”. Because even in the text of the law is formulated in such a way that you can call the police “” to force someone to remove his face covering – be it a burqa, a niqab, an integral motorcycle helmet or a Balaclava. Not only the hospitals show little vigor, also to the establishments in the public transport from the wave. First you want to register, how often the ban in their vehicles at all will break. There are in the Netherlands, with its 17 million inhabitants, only an estimated 200-400 burka wearers, is likely to be the number small.

On the road women to be able to continue to wear her Full face veil

“Our priority is on de-escalation and the smooth operation of buses and trains,” said Pedro Peters from the industry Association of the public transport OVNL of the Dutch news Agency ANP. If there is, however, evidence that on a particular line regularly Burqa were winners on the road, one could control. So right as a matter of urgency, the transport companies but do not find the topic obviously. “Burqas,” says Peters, “were for the transport is never a Problem.” You would also be the 1.8. not be. And even the Dutch police, the only authority which could impose for violations of the prohibition of fines, wants to be in their own buildings forgiving. A woman with veiling comes in a police station, it will run from today, in a special room where you can take in the presence of police inside the veil. Since you will be helped then.

More than symbolic policy?

The refusal to implement the law means not that the subject is in the Netherlands. In the Muslim world, it would be perceived, while sharper than in the secular Netherlands, the Arabist Jan Jaap de Ruiter, University of Tilburg in the newspaper Volkskrant. “In the Netherlands, you can see part of it as a symbol of policy. As we could now move back to the agenda. But so easily we won’t get away. Because for Orthodox Muslims, the burqa ban is an example of the oppression of their co-religionists in the Western world.”

Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven, a converted Dutch Islamic preachers and followers of Wahhabism, has called burqa-makers to miss the prohibition of the eighth. And the Islamic party of NIDA, which sits in the city Council of Rotterdam has offered to take over if necessary fines. Your Chairman, Nourdin El Ouali, told ANP that he feared so much that the police will show up in burka ban strictly. He’s more Worried about citizens who might take the law into their own hanging. Because in the Netherlands, the so-called civil law: you See someone who exceeds the law, you are allowed to put him down until the police get here. However, the past experience shows that citizens exercise this right rarely.

Femke Halsema, mayor of Amsterdam, has already announced that the “burqa ban” does not implement

Large cities: We have other problems

Non-Muslims to reject the law. None of the great cities looks to be a priority in the implementation. The mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema (green left) said in November that the ban will not be implemented in their city. It was so “Un-Amsterdam” she explained – ents. And also, the Muslim mayor of Rotterdam sees other priorities:

“There are so many laws and we have too few police officers,” said Ahmed Aboutaleb in a press release. “Rotterdam has bigger problems. Murder, drugs, and the (criminal) under migration of the society.” So the right of the right-wing populist Geert Wilders device. He tweeted: “they are now threatening a Jihad because of the burqa ban. And it will happen a lot worse. You blow the whistle on our laws, our values and democracy and want to rule us with brutal violence and deadly Terror.”

There are too few police officers, says Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. Rotterdam had been identified as a bigger problem than burqas.

Wilders had made in 2005, the first push for a ban of face veils, but failed to article 6 of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion. In 2015, the bill, which is essentially implemented now: no face veiling in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, town halls, etc., On the road, reiterated the Minister of the interior Ronald Plasterk, once again, is the burqa, as before, no Problem. Especially since one sees in the Netherlands, hardly a woman with a Full face veil.