Women in the resistance: “dying is expected”


With the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler, the men of the 20th were received. July 1944 in the story. Thanks to the women on how to Clarita von Trott is proud to. As a Survivor you have written down the events.

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Women in the German resistance










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Clarita von Trott – time witness on the verge of history

On the day her husband arrives in the story, does Clarita von Trott zu Solz is something very Unusual: “I called my husband never, without the I had a specific reason. And since I got him at 20. July early in the morning to call.”

Unusual, because Germany leads in July 1944, for nearly five years of war. Phones are a rarity. Her husband is a Diplomat in Berlin. In the rural Imshausen you have a phone in the bedroom, with the couple can share despite the distance.

Unusually, because of Trott’s husband, Adam, is part of a political conspiracy that wants to overthrow the Regime of the national socialists. The friends meet on the sly. For fear of being intercepted, pull Clarita, and Adam in conversations at home a coffee mug Warmer on the phone.

“He survived that”: The assassination attempt on Hitler

20. July dare of rut from the Nothing out of the Unusual. It will be the last Time that she and her husband Adam talk about on this summer morning in 1944 with each other. Five days later, he will be arrested. A month later he is dead. Executed by the national socialists as a traitor. “I trust rather to die than to disappear,” says Clarita von Trott zu Solz. Also, you need to temporarily to prison, her two daughters while abducted.

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The daughters and sons of the resistance

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The daughters and sons of the resistance

As she goes after the phone call with her husband to the nearby village, it’s already happened. “There’s a village came the inhabitants, and said: Have you heard? The leader of an assassination has been perpetrated. He has survived it,” describes of a rut at the Moment as you of the failed assassination attempt on the Nazi dictator learns. To 12.42 headquarters “wolf’s lair exploded in the East Prussian leader” during a meeting with Adolf Hitler with a bomb.

With the events of the 20th century. In July 1944, it combines the name of the officer who detonated this bomb: Claus Graf Schenk Stauffenberg. He is the mastermind of the Operation Valkyrie, the failed plot to assassinate Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

The women of the resistance are unknown

The goal of Hitler was to kill, and to overthrow the Nazi Regime. How will it go with Germany then more about the friends of the civic resistance group, the kreisau circle have thought. Freya von Moltke has organized the clandestine Meeting your husband Helmuth and other Nobles. Adam mediates between the two resistance groups.

Stauffenberg, Moltke, wait castle: names that wrote history. The women of the German resistance against the Nazi regime, know the least. “Your name, your Work are largely unknown,” says Elisabeth Motschmann, member of the Bundestag for the CDU. “This is exactly what is unjust.” She stands at the lectern, the chamber of the Parliament is sparsely filled. It is just before the summer break of the German Bundestag. A few members clap for decency’s sake.

Long only a witness to, on the verge of history

The history of the women of the German resistance is one that is not yet in the textbooks. Because their share in the historical events is poorly understood. Interviews with women as well as of a rut, there are a few. “Long Clarita von Trott as a witness was perceived only on the edge,” writes the historian Maren Drews Lehmann. It is one of the few to Solz the Clarita von Trott before her death in 2013, has also interviewed. “The Agreement on the political goals and the activities of my husband, which was the basis of our marriage,” says Clarita later. From the naive wife of a nation’s traitor, not a trace.

As a widow, a single mother of two small children, fresh with a PhD Doctor, sit her in 1956, and begins the story of her husband to write down. Why? “With the Failure of the coup attempt in 1944, the height and end of the intensive, only 35 years of life, fell to this reconstruction as a task for me.”

“You had to lie to their children to protect them”

75 years later, want to try now the Federal Republic of Germany to reconstruction, and justice for the women of the German resistance. In may 2019 the microscope were sets of Remains of around 300 Regime opponents beige. They were murdered in the Berlin execution site Plötzensee, and their bodies of Nazi doctors to the research been abused. Among the Victims, especially women of the resistance group “Red chapel”.

Clarita von Trott zu Solz with her two daughters

“You had to lie to their children to protect them,” explains Elisabeth Motschmann, the motives that moved only a few women how to Clarita von Trott zu Solz, and even to historiography contribute to. Especially since you are not interested in the Federal Republic of long for the work-up. “In the post-war period, they had to be as the women of national traitors insult.” Until the beginning of the Millennium, the manuscript Clarita von Trott’s zu Solz in the hands of historians of the German resistance memorial center. Encourage you to of routine, to publish the book.

Federal government wants to invest in research

Research funds are now to help the performance of women of the German resistance against the NS-Regime in a sensible manner. To reach Elisabeth Motschmann, and a group of dedicated parliamentarians in the Bundestag. “I recommend all citizens to read whether in the stands or at home in front of the TV or elsewhere, this request complete”, also called the Left party Deputy Petra Pau for the decision.

Almost, he would have failed, the culture Committee has been passed, and probably up to the anniversary are still. “In order to create a complete picture of the resistance to women as Actors in the years 1933 to 1945, recognised to be on their role as women is reduced”, the Bundestag agrees then anyway. 75 years after the 20. July can find, in the future, women such as Clarita von Trott zu Solz their place in history.