Racism, hatred and its consequences


Once again, US President, Trump makes racist Comments for eddy. In other countries, right-wing politicians from calculus to play with the permanent breaking of taboos. However, there are means to oppose it.

There is also a contradiction, as in the case of this protest walk against a AfD-Demonstration

He has done it once again. On Sunday, US President, Trump on Twitter wrote, it was interesting to observe how “progressive” Democrats, who were originally from countries with disastrous, corrupt and incompetent governments, declared to functioning as the government in the USA have. He played clearly on a small group of female members, of which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is probably the best known. On Monday Trump to put once again: “you hate our country. If you don’t like them, then you can go,” he tweeted. It’s not his first racist derailment and it is also not far from the only politician who supports such racist language.

So Trump, to be referred to some Central American and African countries once called the “hellhole countries”. The German AfD group Chairman Alice ryegrass prohibited immigrants as the “head-scarf girls, alimentierte knife men and other good-for-nothings” and Italy’s Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini from distress rescued refugees as a “human flesh”.

Positions the salon be capable of

Human beings don’t stay eight and derogatory words without consequences. Especially if they are made by people with a certain Status. “When politicians use racist, then giving these positions only once legitimacy,” says the communication scientist Carsten Reinemann, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich.

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Outrage over Trump Tweet

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Outrage over racist Trump Tweet

He sees the danger that the public outrage is on the decline, when politicians strike again and again in the same notch. “Racist positions are normalized and hence the policy conclusions that can be drawn from them: exclusion, unequal treatment and discrimination, salon are capable of.”

The next step: attacks

As a result of it can also be violence, explains the conflict researcher Andreas Zick of Bielefeld University. “Expressions of prejudice are widely underestimated. You can create Individual or groups of emotional hatred waves. Hatred is a Motivator for action.” Groups and followers could “feel legitimized to take control now in your Hand”.

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The wounds of Charlottesville

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Racism in the United States: The wounds of Charlottesville (12.08.2018)

Right-wing populists use of racist Remarks from clear motives: “The provocations to those who share, give, the feeling to finally have your say, which was suppressed until then, ‘only’,” says zig. In consequence, standards will be moved. Analyses, where zig is involved, shows that people from the middle of the society “plugging in” and “moved to the right edge”.

An Attempt At An Explanation

But how does it work at all to push the boundaries of the sayable? To explain this, is like to used the “Overton window of political possibilities”. This concept represents the spectrum of opinions on any topic. In it there is a area with a society of conforming views. In this window, the current political line is the rule. Everything outside the window is seen as radical, problematic, provocative, or even unthinkable. Who represents one of these opinions, will find few supporters.

The Overton window can move in different (political) opinion directions

So, how the company converts, moves the window. While the demand for equality between men and women was 100 years ago, this was unthinkable or radical, appears to be this idea today is totally legitimate and socially accepted.

For politicians, it is now crucial, as this window deliberately moved, or can be broadened. Anyone who wants to implement a radical, or just an acceptable idea, should not demand exactly what he wants to achieve – but to the public an even greater Extreme in the game. Because the unthinkable taboos are once pronounced, will appear next to the previously controversial or acceptable ideas is much more moderate.

Also lies, disinformation and distortions can help to move that window. How extensive is the Administration to Donald Trump has taken advantage of the System in the first year of office, analyzes the Portal vox.com in the Video (English, German subtitles can be activated).

But there is also criticism of the concept as an explanatory approach. In origin, the developers assume that a politician can move the window only in exceptional cases. Therefore, you are more likely to react to an already existing social change, as opposed to acting self-active.

We see, however, that right-wing populists, the calculated breaking of a taboo, actively to prepare the ground for their own political goals. Before the election, in 2017, the AfD said in a strategy paper, it must be “quite consciously and quite deliberately, again and again politically incorrect ( … ), and also in front of carefully planned provocations will not shrink back”.

A classical result of action of the right populists is to ride the racism accusation at best, itself as the victim, and instead, the opponents of racism to blame. A other reaction, the relativization of the Motto is: “you have not said Yes, or meant to be.” But the statement is in the world and is indignant discussed.

It is important to know these strategies in the right-wing populists to jump “over each end of the stick, the stall,” says Judith Rahner from the Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation, whose goal is to strengthen civil society against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

Racism Paroli offer

The head of sector for Gender and right-wing extremism gives tips on how other parties with right-wing populists should deal with it. Racist Remarks should be ignored: “it may not be so easy. If you go over it, supported that the problematic term will be festivities all of a sudden completely normal and no one talks in more.”

Open racism is not only since Trump is a phenomenon – here’s a poster from the Austrian freedom party of 2012

Communication scientists pure man sees a special responsibility in the case of conservative politicians. This gave people with a tendency to resentment, a certain degree of recognition and trust. “These politicians need to position themselves against racism and exclusion and to say: ‘Yes, we are conservative, but citizens are allowed and conservative values have to do with racism in the Slightest.'”

The Italian Minister of the interior, legitimise, indirectly, demonstrations of right-hand migration opponents

Education officer Rahner calls it, the social Standards against racism, to give up, but for you to enter. This could be by linearized with the Impugned solid, or people who work against right-wing extremism and racism, publicly communicates, “what a great job you do”. In the meantime, numerous foundations, organizations or the media offer a variety of guides and information, as well as individuals in everyday life against racism can be.