US judge lowers the Bayer penalty in glyphosate-process


The Acquisition of Monsanto, has introduced Bayer to date, only Anger. In addition to the bad Image of the US-based company, Bayer also took over the glyphosate-suits. Now the US has sent judges, however, a positive Signal at Bayer.

Bayer CEO Werner Baumann relied on the Monsanto Deal

The competent judge Vince Chhabria reduced the Jury imposed a sentence of 80 million to $ 25.3 million dollars (22.5 million euros). Chhabria argued that the relationship between regular compensation and so-called criminal sentence must remain the damage in a reasonable frame. Bayer called the decision in the first opinion “a step in the right direction”. You will, however, appeal again, appeal.

The judgment that Bayer should be liable for the cancer of the plaintiff, Edwin Hardeman, changes the decision. Hardeman had made the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup for his Suffering responsible. The jury had awarded to first, a good five million dollars in damages and $ 75 million in punitive damages. The latter is imposed in the US law as an additional sanction in the case of particularly severe cases of Compensation.

Mass Actions

Bayer had appealed the original judgment of March and applications of the method in a new process to backtrack, or to reduce the penalty. The Dax-listed company is confronted in the United States with over 13.400 lawsuits because of alleged cancer dangers of Monsanto products. The first three trials ended for Bayer with defeats.

Also Dewayne Johnson filed a claim against Bayer and won

The case Hardeman was the second case that was negotiated. Also the first time the penalty has been reduced in later years. The judgments before courts of appeal in higher courts to appeal. Usually such mass actions in the US, but anyway, sooner or later, with a comparison attached. Judge Chhabria, at whose court in San Francisco, several Hundred lawsuits are bundled, has urged the parties to the dispute to a friendly settlement and a break in Process to be prescribed. Recently, the star US lawyer Ken Feinberg, who was appointed as an Arbitrator.

Billion takeover

The German chemical giant Bayer is due to the 63 billion-Dollar Takeover of the American seed company Monsanto, whose house glyphosate comes under massive pressure. The shares have lost through the processes significantly.

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