Florian Wellbrock, with all the waters washed


Double start? No Problem. The new open water swimming world champion feels in the pool probably. He dreams now of a double start at the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo.

“Enjoy your life constantly, you’re longer dead than alive.” This award did Florian can wellbrock on the skin tattooing. Not discreetly hidden on the back, but clearly visible on the front, below the shoulder. Early on, he has in his family to experience how suddenly and unexpectedly life can end. In December 2006, his 13-year-old sister Franziska died of unknown causes – shortly before a swimming competition. Well Brock was nine years old, his swimming talent already discovered. After the blow, he moved in 2007 to the same sports school in Bremen, had also visited his sister. Twelve years later, Florian is swimming wellbrock world champion. At the world Cup in Gwanju in South Korea, the 21-Year-old won on Tuesday the Gold in the open water Swim for tens of kilometers.

Tokyo 2020 in the visor

After six years of title drought, Germany has a open water swimming world champion. “He is a super swimmer and has all the possibilities to win in Tokyo and Gold,” says the twelve-time world champion in open water Swimming, Thomas Lurz, about his successor, with the Olympic games 2020 in the Japanese capital in view – and not only since his Gold-Coup at the world Cup: “We had in training camp, a flag of Tokyo with the Olympic rings in the room. This is a mental is a little bit of it,” says Florian Wellbrock.

Gold for corrugated Brock (r.), Bronze for Muffels

By “we” he means himself and his roommates, Rob Muffels won the behind the Frenchman Marc-Antoine Oliver Bronze at the world Championships, and as well Brock is also the Olympic ticket secured. The first ten of the world championship race are qualified for Tokyo.

Two Pairs Of Shoes

For corrugated Brock the title fights in South Korea are not over yet. He will also start in the pelvis as early as 2018, as he at the Europe Championships in Glasgow, each in the German record Gold in the 1,500 meters and Bronze in the 800 Meter free style repeated, and then with the German free-water-Mixed Team won silver. “For me, the two completely different Pairs of shoes,” said Wellbrock after his world Cup Coup. “If you can raging to put on the leash at 1500 and the entire hall is a completely different feeling than here. You can’t compare the two.”


That performance of swimmers in open water than in the pool successfully, is extremely rare. The rule are more likely to be specialists for one or the other. To different the conditions are. “Actually, this works with the double start for anybody,” said Ex-national coach Henning Lambertz is still at the European Championships in 2018. Bernd Berkhahn, team leader of the DSV in Gwangju, looks relaxed. Maybe because he knows wellbrock. At the Olympic training centre in Magdeburg Berkhahn trained to 1.70 meters and 70 kilos, exception, float, whose services have exploded since 2018 formally, both in the natural as well as in the chlorinated water. “Open water is growing more and more. It is always faster and more professional,” says Wellbrock. “At the moment the Hype is swimming more in the Pool, but for me personally, it is fifty-fifty.”

The newly crowned world champion Florian Wellbrock wears his motto on the skin

A common love for the long haul

That would be his girlfriend sign it. For two years, Wellbrock with the free-style swimmer Sarah Koehler is together. The 25-Year-old won at the European Championships in 2018 in Glasgow medals in two areas: in the pool of silver and Bronze, in open water silver in the Mixed Team, which was the end float wellbrock. That they both have the same fondness for the long haul, helping out immensely, said Wellbrock of the newspaper “The world”: It was valuable, “to have someone on the side of the Same and to 100 percent for all understanding that you fully support.” Together, they want to rock in the next year of the Tokyo Olympic games.

From the Failure in Rio learned

Because of the 10-Kilometer competition in the free water is only recognised after the completion of the pool competitions, is a double-start corrugated Brock nothing in the way. In Tokyo, the world is experiencing is most likely a different Florian Wellbrock than in his Olympic debut in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro: more Than 800 meters, he failed because of his nervousness and arbitration as the Last of his forward line. This was “the single most important defeat for me,” said Wellbrock later. He has learned his lesson.