CHIO Aachen – world equestrian festival


The official equestrian tournament in Germany is one of the largest sporting Events on German soil. Its long Tradition and high Prestige are not the only reasons why all of the riders love to come to Aachen.

Nearly 600 horses, 340 athletes from 30 Nations, Jumping in the five disciplines of dressage, eventing, carriage driving and vaulting go to the Start and a total of about 360,000 spectators – not in vain shall be borne by the CHIO in Aachen the name “world equestrian festival”. For a week to measure each other every year in the summer, the world’s elite – so this year. “We are very list happy with our participants. We have in all five disciplines, the world number one ranking at the Start,” said tournament Director Frank Kempermann. The 64-year-old Dutchman has over 25 years of boss of the CHIO.

CHIO stands for “Concours Hippique International Officiel”, so it is the official international equestrian tournament in Germany and the only one in Germany that is allowed to host Nations prices. Since 1924, the tournament is held each year in Aachen, Germany, in 1927, international participants were, for the first time at the Start. In 1929, the first Nations was ridden price. Since then, there were only a few interruptions: Between 1940 and 1946, the CHIO was because of the Second world war. And because Aachen in 1986, the FEI world equestrian games, and in 2015, co-hosted the European Championships, took place in the German CHIO, exceptionally, in other places.

For a long time, Monica Theodorescu comes to CHIO: “I’ve been here as a kid, as both of my parents were here at the Start,” says the daughter of two successful riders and today’s national coach of the German dressage Equipe. In 1990, she won as a Rider, the Grand dressage price of Aachen. “I have witnessed in the past 50 years, the steady improvements, transformations and enlargements. It was 50 years ago, the largest and grandest tournament, and that’s it for me today.”

Short Distances

On a total of 13 hectares of the Aachen tournament grounds, buildings, stables, riding halls, an addition to the administration and the ride seats two large stages, and for equestrian events as well as anywhere else in the world: the dressage Arena with 6,300 seats and the main stadium for the show jumping rider in the 40,000 spectators.

As the tournament has grown, without the use of the available Area has increased, everything is close to each other. The advantage is that The audience – like the participants – the opportunity to participate in a day of multiple disciplines in order to hear.

Marcus Ehning and his horse Pret A Tout won in 2018, the Grand Prix of Aachen

“This is the Interesting in Aachen”, says jumping rider Marcus Ehning, who won last year with the German team in the Nations Cup and then the Grand prize. “You will notice on every corner every day it’s something, one is distracted from their own Sport, and thus also of the other sports, something.”

High Prestige, high profit totals

In addition to the long Tradition of the excellent conditions and the high Prestige that brings a success at the Aachen tournament, the athletes another reason to start at the CHIO. “The riders, and so happy to Aachen, of course, has to do with the prize money,” said tournament Director Kempermann and laughs. Total prize money at the CHIO in this year of 2.7 million euros.

The most important decision in jumping is part of a highly prestigious tournament series, the “Rolex Grand Slam”. The Jump from Geneva, Calgary, and’s-Hertogenbosch also. Who to Jump into series wins, receives a Bonus of 500,000 euros, with three Wins in a row, the Bonus is increased to even a Million euros. Sums, of which the athlete can dream of in many other sports only. The last of the series to Jump in’s-Hertogenbosch, won by the Swede Henrik von eckermann. For him, it goes in Aachen, therefore, to much.

Partner Country France

Overall, the budget of the CHIO amounts to 16.5 million euros. He has grown steadily in recent years – on the one hand, because the prize money have increased, but on the other hand, because of the requirements of safety and Service in the field of digitization have increased. In addition to an App that provides the audience the latest information and results, supplies the CHIO his Followers on Facebook and Instagram every evening with a Video summary of the decisions of the day. “We think Social Media and Streaming first, and linear ways of communication, i.e. Print, in the second place,” explained managing Director, Michael Mronz, the media concept in may compared with the “Aachener Zeitung”.

13 hectares for the tips-equestrian sports: the tournament grounds of the Aachen CHIO

In addition to the sports, the CHIO also offers a cultural program that is all in the name of the respective partner country. This year it is France, accordingly, will be performing at the opulent opening ceremony, with hundreds of horses and almost 1000 extras, among other things, a famous French riding schools and also the French breeding would be an issue. Then it comes to the Sport. And the Aachen audience plays a role, the applauded fair to each Participant and every participant, no matter where it comes from – even when the applause fails in the case of the German starters, one idea louder.