Pop star Karel Gott celebrates his 80. Birthday


With his songs, he has won the hearts of millions of softens. Even the Iron curtain couldn’t stop Karel Gott’s international career. The Czech singer is 80 years old.

More than 60 years: there is Hardly a singer is no longer on the stage as Karel Gott, on 14. July 80. Celebrates birthday. The Germans hailed him as the “Golden voice from Prague” and the “Sinatra of the East”. With his song of the “small, sassy, clever bee Maja”, a Fernsehhit from the 1970s, not he went to them from the ears. In his Czech homeland of Karel Gott’s hits accompanied, however, for all the generations of the time of the first love.

His sly Smile, the friendly manner, the clear voice with the typical Czech accent – this mixture excited the Fans today, particularly the female. “I think I’ve addressed the Maternal in women, the heart,” said God recently the Hamburg illustrated magazine “Stern”. Mostly it was the women who visited his concerts.

Karel Gott in the case of the Maya, the bee-birthday show of the ZDF 2001

It was pure luck that Gott’s vocal qualities have not gone unnoticed. Because first of all, the young Pilsener completed an apprenticeship as an electrical fitter in Prague and appeared only incidentally in coffee houses. Then, the breakthrough of 1963, reached him with the victory in the Czechoslovak music competition “the Golden Nightingale”.

30 million records sold

The song “you Know where” from Dr. Zhivago was made known to him in 1967 in what was then West Germany. “Lady Carneval”, “The world was beautiful” (both 1968), or “Babička” (1979) are among the better-known of his more than 900 songs that Karel has published God alone in Germany. He appeared in TV Shows, on the Rudi Carell Show, for example, the James Last Show, or in the case of “Ein Kessel Buntes”. His discography includes about 120 albums, around 30 million records sold, the pop singer estimated.

An early image of the Czech frontier Karel Gott

He worked with music publishers from Europe, the United States and Japan. His shots appeared in a number of countries in the world. Although he sings in many languages, are his albums in Czech and English on the most successful.

The latest Hit is a Youtube success

“Maya flies through her world shows us what she likes”, – said in his song of the bee Maja. God lent his voice in 1977, the title song of the same name ZDF on the animated television series. And how the TV bee, so also God from the cost of the freedoms of the artist’s life: He traveled the world, sang in the Kremlin in Moscow as in New York’s Carnegie Hall, in Rio, in Tokyo. He travelled, as it was called in one of his songs: “Once around the entire world and the bags full of money”.

It crossed Karel Gott, the Iron curtain, as it pleased him. He crossed genre boundaries, the music, as he took in 2008 a Song with the Rapper Bushido. And finally, he entered this year, the stage with his 13-year-old daughter Charlotte. In a duet, they sang “Srdce nehasnou” – in English “hearts expire”. The video clip has been clicked on the Internet a million times.

Karel Gott sings during the Revolution, on 4. November 1989

Close to communism?

The truth about Karel Gott and his alleged Loyalty to the Communist Regime of Czechoslovakia belongs to. Critics in the Czech Republic accuse him of, to have, at the time, the Communist party initiated the “anti-Charter” is a co-signatory. With her turned artist publicly against the democratic ideas of the “Charter 77” of the later President Václav Havel. Today, God is denied the proximity to communism.

Only in 2008, as a 68-Year-old, has Karel Gott married his wife, Ivana. With her he has two daughters. Two other daughters are from previous Connections. God lives with his family in a Villa on a hill in the Prague district of Smíchov. His youngest daughters, he gives this advice on the path of life: “don’t Prepare, that it always remains so, and enjoys that it is now. Enjoy the moment, each new, beautiful day!”