Halep Williams in the Wimbledon sweeps-the final way


It’s a surprisingly one-sided final at the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world: The running strong for Simona Halep, the seven-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams doesn’t stand a Chance.

As a Serena Williams in 2002, triumphed for the first time in Wimbledon, she was just ten years old Simona Halep. Together with her mother they watched the final on television, and her mother told her that it was her dream to see her daughter once in the finals of Wimbledon. “Today your dream is to become,” tells the Halep 6:2 and 6:2-success in the victory interview in front of 15,000 spectators on centre Court.

Less than an hour, just 55 minutes, need Halep during their Wimbledon Final debut, in order to win the French Open last year, her second Grand Slam victory of her career. Your opponent comes in an impressive 23, seven alone, she won the grass tournament in London. With the 24. Title that you would draw with the Australian tennis player Margaret Court is the same, it will not work but simply. Their last Grand Slam success is the US-American 2017 at the Australian Open, celebrated since the birth of their daughter nearly eight months later, but she struggles with her Fitness and concentration.

The seven-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams (l.) next to the Wimbledon-final debutante Halep

Simona Halep: run strong defensive player

“I know what is Serena on the game. But I don’t compete, in order to prevent your record, because I respect you very much for everything she has achieved. I’m running to win Wimbledon and to concentrate on my own game,” was Halep said before the final. Of course, the 27, knows-Year-old, the current weaknesses of your ten years older against a player – the oldest Grand Slam finalist in professional tennis – and knew to take advantage of the different than the game before, fine. Halep, the well-run, strongest player on the Tour, not only brought back almost every Ball. You scored often to actually close lost believed balls – that makes you an incredibly strong defensive player.

In the stands, followed by Martina Navratilova the Match exactly. You, the nine-time Wimbledon champion who triumphed most recently in 1990 here is the Queen of Centre Court. No woman, no man, won the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world more often than the now-62-Year-old US citizen, has been criticized often, both the Trump policy, as well as the women’s tennis commented.

Fast, agile, strong physical condition: Simona Halep

Serena Williams: “she played today like mad”

“It’s great, as Simona moves. Your leg work is just is simply flawless. She is so light-footed. It is a friends to watch, like in front of the shock aligns,” says the Grand lady of Tennis. With a Meter and 68 centimeters, Halep is one of the smallest players on the Tour and the smallest Wimbledon champion: Only Christ Evert, who won on the “Holy grass” three times (1974, 1976, 1881), is the same as the Romanian.

Haleps premiums are, therefore, not particularly hard, Williams is, however, not found in the first sentence at all, could not exploit this today, too often, they played balls into the net or not placed enough. This is too little, a playful and mentally to defeat increasingly stronger Halep to. “She has played, as of the senses,” paid tribute to Williams Halep at the award ceremony as a fair loser the respect. “Congratulations, You’ve earned it.”