Merkel and Trembling: anthem Sitting


Angela Merkel trembles and the whole country is concerned. On Thursday, the Chancellor sat down at the state reception then simply. You show weakness in politics? In Germany, this is no longer a taboo.

Why is just come, no one earlier to this simple solution? Visit the new Danish Prime Minister on Thursday with military honours in Berlin, and Chancellor Merkel and her guest sit on chairs. Very quietly and without any Trembling, Merkel listened to the anthems of both countries.

On Wednesday, a Shaky attack

On Wednesday, the 64-year-old Prime Minister had suffered a the third shaking of a seizure within a few weeks, when Standing in the main courtyard of the Chancellery. But, a little later, Merkel presented itself again, as all of you know, for many years. Calmly and factually, without emotions, with a slight Smile on his lips: “I’m fine. I said the other day that I’m in a phase of Processing of the last military honors with the President Selenskyj,. The is obviously not finished yet, but progress is being made. And I have to live with it for a while. To me it goes very well. You have nothing to Worry about.” And only an hour after Angela Merkel had again violently shaking.

Merkel’s health: Top topic in the Boulevard

The Chancellor is sick? At the end of your strength? On the day after the last attack, Germany’s largest tabloid headlines: “It will not stop.” In fact, Merkel had received in mid-June, the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Selenskyj,. And in the courtyard of the Chancellery violently shaking. Nine days later the same image. In the Schloss Bellevue, the new justice was sworn in, the Minister, and again shook the Chancellor, held the hands brought in front of the body, but was back in as soon as she could move.

Just not had enough to drink?

In the first incident on the page of the Ukrainian President said the government, Merkel had to drank a little. In fact, the heat that day in Berlin was particularly large. After the second incident, journalists from the Chancellery learned that it was probably a sort of psychological reaction to what Merkel has been confirmed officially.

What appears clear, and also very understandable, it was the press of the governmental entity nevertheless, as a secret of state a matter to be treated. A few minutes before the Chancellor spoke, that she must now live, first of all, to tremble here and there, incited from your spokesperson Ulrike Demmer. With the Chancellor’s all good: “she has completed in the past three weeks, all appointments the best of things.” That’s true. Merkel said no appointments, negotiated at the G20 summit in Japan to night. And as Merkel said: “I’m fine!”

Sick Of Politicians? For Germany, a novelty.

In the end, in Germany, then a relatively in the open about it is spoken as it goes to the Chancellor, and they, too, takes a stance, is a new development. Health messages of chancellors in the past were rather the exception.

The editorial recommends

There are numerous causes why an Affected suddenly, trembling or cramping. Often fluid intake and rest helps. Uncontrolled Trembling, but also announce a more serious condition. (10.07.2019)

Willy Brandt, the SPD Chancellor at the beginning of the Seventies, had long depressive phases, the Germans learned of it. Helmut Kohl, the supernatant as a Registrar in 1989, shortly before the fall of the wall, at a CDU party Congress in a coup of the party’s internal critics, and the hellish pain due to a prostate disorder. No man learned about it.

The Chancellor obviously knew what they were doing. The Germans, for whom reliability is in the policy of a great Good, don’t like it when their political leaders weaken, and don’t want to know mostly. Also politicians will be more than in other democracies, were, in Germany, a Private sphere. The elsewhere it is seen quite differentiated. In the United States is openly reported in the blood values of the President, even in France, it is no impropriety to speak on the state of health of the President. Anyway, today. The example of the US shows, however, that this was always so: The President Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were during their terms of office seriously ill, what did the Public.

Full-time Job despite Multiple sclerosis

The ratio of the Public and the disease is changing now also in Germany. Individual cases have contributed to it. Thus, the popular Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, the SPD has reported, has always been open about their disease to Multiple sclerosis. Dictatorships and controlled democracies do, therefore, heavier. Whether in Eastern Europe or in Asia, in Africa or Latin America: dictators and autocrats will not get sick, at least not officially. Also this Image walls to riding a Vladimir Putin bare-chested through the countryside. In Germany, Angela Merkel has taken during the military honours for the First the drama out of the debate about their state of health. You said: “I must for now live with the Tremors.” Now you started it.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    From rule from the bed

    Already in 2014, Angela Merkel was forced to resign after a skiing accident in Switzerland shorter. Diagnosis: incomplete fracture of the Pelvis. The Chancellor had severe pain and for several weeks had to be “a lot,” said the government spokesman. However, also ruled Merkel hurt more. For Cabinet meetings, she dragged herself with crutches to the Chancellery. Vice-Chancellor Gabriel had to step in.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    No weakness show

    The former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, the prostate made in the year 1989, with problems. This came at a worse time: The party Congress of the CDU in Bremen, an intra-party competitor paved the way for the coup against the cabbage. To show no weakness, secret of the cabbage, the disease, came to the party and sat down. After that, he finally allowed one to operate.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    “Nearly a hundred times to faint”

    “I’ve never been quite healthy,” the former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt admitted in year 2014. During his tenure, he had always struggled with health problems. But he and his staff made it a gutgehütetes secret. After all, you are to have found him often, even passed out in his office.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    State Secret Cancer

    French Ex-President Georges Pompidou died unexpectedly in 1974. But suddenly, death came: Pompidou had cancer and was able to disguise it over the years. Also, President François Mitterrand (on the picture) was unnoticed sick. For the office, the Doctors gave life to him only three years. From this, 15 were. Shortly after his retirement from office, he died of prostate cancer.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    Sick Of The Election Campaign

    In the U.S., diseases can decide elections. In the race for the White house between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Ex-foreign Minister, was an Amateur video of the disaster. You saw a struggling Hillary Clinton, who could hardly keep on the legs. Clinton’s doctor said pneumonia. Competitor Trump stressed his dazzling health.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    The head of state, under pain killers

    John F. Kennedy a figure of light was. No one suspected that the young President had to temporarily take eight different medicines a day. Kennedy suffered from Addison’s disease, a hypofunction of the adrenal cortex. Without treatment, this disease would have been fatal. Several times Kennedy the last Rites receive, from narrow circles. All of this remained a secret.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    President in a wheelchair

    World leaders hide their diseases. But no-one managed to do better than U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. When he came in 1933 to the office, he sat ten years in a wheelchair. His voters knew nothing about it. What kind of disease he had is unclear. There are only three photos showing Roosevelt in a wheelchair exist. The Nation was shocked, as he died in 1945, “all of a sudden”.

  • Weakness show be banned?

    A new life before death

    The diagnosis of kidney cancer, the life of Slovenia’s Ex-President Janez Drnovšek changed abruptly. The politician, who was from 1992 to 2002, almost all of Prime Minister and then President of his country, withdrew. He was hardly publicly traded Villa cottage against the mountain, lived as a vegetarian and turned to Buddhism. In 2008, he died of his illness.

    Author: Patrick Large