IOC: boxes Yes, AIBA, no!


The IOC Assembly includes the Amateurbox world Association AIBA from the Olympic summer games 2020. Boxed but also in Tokyo, significantly more women than at the last Games, will step into the Ring.

Knockout for the Amateurbox world Association AIBA: In an unusual move, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has one of its member federations of the Olympic summer games 2020 in Tokyo are excluded. The IOC General Assembly followed in Lausanne, unanimously, a recommendation of the Executive. Boxing, however, remains in the Olympic program.

Instead of the AIBA, the IOC organises even the qualifiers for Tokyo, in which the boxer can Boxer, Olympic tickets, and also the Olympic tournament. The number of 286 athletes will change just as little as the eight men and five women-categories. However, the proportion of women is significantly increased: 186 men and 100 women will compete in the Japanese capital, in Rio in 2016, 250 men and 36 women were at the Start.

Controversial President, scandalous Referee decisions

Gafur Rakhimov

Was triggered by the crisis in the AIBA 2018, as the Gafur Rakhimov was interim chief Executive and then President of the Association. The Uzbek businessman was said to have contacts with the Mafia in the country. The U.S. Treasury Department Rakhimov, described as “one of the leading criminals of Uzbekistan”. In March Rakhimov announced his resignation in order to allow the participation of the AIBA at the Games in Tokyo.

In addition to the controversial personnel also scandalous decisions of the ring had corrupted a judge at the last two summer Olympics 2012 in London and 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro the Reputation of AIBA, greatly. In addition, the IOC accused the Association of not being tough enough against Doping in the sport of Boxing action.

Financially, the AIBA is bad, the debt are expected to amount to around EUR 14 million. In a letter to the IOC, outgoing, warned at the end of AIBA, the managing Director of Tom Virgets, the Association standing without the revenue from the Games in Tokyo prior to the bankruptcy. The share of the IOC-would be of the order Win to around 17.5 million euros.

Kyas: “a virtue Out of necessity to make”

“I hope you find a way out of the crisis,” said Nenad Lalovic, head of the IOC’s Commission of inquiry, and Ringer-the President of the World. The AIBA had to be quick reforms after the Games, Tokyo is ready, so Lalovic: “do you Have any success, will be their future is rosy.” Jürgen Kyas, President of the German Boxing Association (DBV) and member of the AIBA Executive, had expected the IOC decision: “Surprisingly not. We must now make a virtue out of necessity.”

The IOC had threatened for months to block the AIBA for the Olympic tournament in 2020, as well as the qualification in the preceding months. A complete exclusion of the fist fight of the Games was never up for discussion. Boxes since 1904, Olympic. With 203 member associations, the AIBA is the third-largest sports Association in the world.

sn/asz (dpa, sid)