FIFA women’s world Cup: Europe dominated the quarter-finals


Seven European teams are in the quarter-finals of the FIFA women’s world Cup and fighting for three Olympic Tickets. For the DFB women, the dominance of Europe is not a blessing – it changes nothing to the objective.

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DFB women duel with Sweden











The DFB women’s quarter-final against Sweden

Seven-Times European and world champion from the USA in the quarter-finals of the women’s world Cup has become a kind of European championship with US involvement. After prevail on Tuesday with the Netherlands against Japan and Italy against the Chinese, two additional Teams from Europe, the teams from the “old world” is now almost under.

“To me, it is not surprising that Europe is so strong. This simply shows the development that has taken place in the past few years,” commented the national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, the field of participants in the round of Eight was but a little thoughtful, because of such a domination was on the wishlist of the DFB women. Finally, the world Cup is also crucial for Olympic qualification. Only the three best Teams from Europe are in 2020 in Tokyo. A victory on Saturday in the quarter-final against the Swedes (kick-off 18:30 CEST, from 18 clock in the DW live Ticker for this) means, therefore, only the guaranteed Olympic Ticket, if earlier, the United States will come up against hosts France.

Olympic participation as the next step

Ex-National Coach Silvia Neid

Voss-Tecklenburgs Pre-predecessor Silvia Neid sees “EM, with US involvement” differentiated: “On the one hand, I’m surprised that the others are all already out there,” said the Ex-national coach of the SID: “On the other hand, we have a lot of good teams in Europe. I think this is mainly due to the structures and functioning of the leagues.”

In previous world Championships the semi-finals meant always secure the Olympic Ticket. Seven world Cup finals, there has been, and never more than five European teams shared the knockout stages. And in the semi-finals, there were never more than three. This time it is for the DFB women just a little harder to achieve the next big goal.

“It would be really important and beautiful, if we were to qualify for the Olympics, because it is a next step for the young team would be to make this experience at the top level,” stressed Martina Voss-Tecklenburg: “The Olympic games will be football-wise be very important for all of this, what’s coming up in the next four, five years in Germany.” Silvia Neid looks similar. “Olympia has a high priority,” said the 55-Year-old, who manages, in the meantime, the women-the scouting Department of the DFB: “It is good for the women’s football in Germany when he comes into view, and in the TV present.”

Simple Recipe

Basically, it is for the German, but quite simple – a win against Sweden, provided that: Either, you put your hopes on the defending Champions, favourites and fear opponents from the USA, or you can win again after the quarter – final victory against the Swedes-in a semi-final against the Netherlands or Italy.