Germany in the world Cup quarter-finals


Thanks to a solid performance against Nigeria, and especially thanks to a sovereign arbitrator of Japan, the German football women reach the round of the best Eight at the FIFA world Cup tournament in France.

Four times the video evidence alone, in the first half. And four times Yoshimi Yamashita makes the right decision. Thus, the arbitration judge from Japan is the best woman on the place in the first knockout round of the FIFA women’s world Cup in France. Because the match between Germany and Nigeria in Grenoble and the kick can be protagonist inside rarely really convince. The DFB-players a little more, from Nigeria a little less. At the end of a 3:0 (2:0) is still in the Alexandra Popp (20. Minute), Sara Däbritz (27.) and Lea Schüller (82.) the dream of a title to maintain.

The first few minutes at summer temperatures, belonged to the Africans, but the first dangerous scene, then led to a goal for Germany. After a corner from Lina Magull two defense game flew in under the Ball, captain Popp had to jump in five minutes time, high-to to the grid to doze off. But then uncertainty prevailed, first, because the referee has got, apparently, a Signal from the outside, that Svenja Huth of Nigeria had adjusted niches goalkeeper in offside position may be the view.

Only after anxious minutes of confirmation: the goal for Germany was then. Popp acknowledged it with a relieved Smile. “I asked myself, what was actually a thing. We were completely in the dark,” said the jubilarian to your 100. Countries game in the ZDF. “Thank God it was regular, and has given us security for the rest of the game.”

Double Standard Thickness

Correction: Alexandra Popp after the Intervention of the VAR yellow from referee Yoshimi Yamashita – instead of the erroneously’ve officially rebuked Giulia Gwinn

Felt only a few moments later, the Video Assistant Referee had his next assignment: A clumsy defensive action Evelyn Nwabuoku in the penalty area instead of the ball you hit with the studs on the knee, from Magull. Most of the 13.000 spectators in the stadium and also the television had perceived the action hardly. But then again, the gesture of Yamashita: the video evidence. After a short study of the scene on the Monitor at the edge of the decision: a penalty. This opportunity was Sara Däbritz not to be missed – 2:0, the preliminary decision, based on the next helpful use of the VAR.

The national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg felt confirmed: “We know that we have a strength in Standards, and we have set ourselves to achieve in each game a goal from a Standard.” Against Nigeria, there were even two. The existing weaknesses in the Interaction, especially in the first half, covered. “We didn’t start the Game alone, we have wanted to actually” criticized the national coach, but it is “totally happy” about the More.

Too many interruptions

Lea Schüller scored the 3:0 against Nigeria

To blame for the lack of flow of the game was Training, according to the unanimous opinion of goalkeeper Almuth and Popp the video evidence, of all places. The, interpreted by the arbitrator should be, still more twice true – in the case of the mistakenly first Giulia Gwinn given a yellow card, which was then thought to Popp, and in the case of a hand game of Gwinn in his own penalty area. This turned out to be after a short period of reinsurance but not subject to prosecution. Play.

Did brake the DFB-women in the second half, first with a slightly engaged hand. “Only the rain, the cold, the sudden heat,” said Schult, the time periods of Weakness ways. But then Lea Schüller caused a Total Blackout in the defence of the Nigerians inside by a low shot from 18 metres to 3:0-final score. “So I can go on. We just want to play the final here in France. That is our goal,” said goalkeeper Training. With or without the video evidence – and again with the referee Yoshimi Yamashita.