In the offer on the Amazon market in Peru: endangered species


You just have to know where to look. On Peru’s infamous market of endangered species to be alive as Pets or dead as wild meat. Some are trying to stop the trade before it is too late.

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Wildlife trade is destroying the biodiversity in Peru











Wildlife trade is destroying the biodiversity in Peru

The Shelter Pilpintuwasi:

The objective of the project: supply and reintroduction of rescued wild animals, new host plants for the 2000 known species of butterflies of the Amazon, the find, the rare and endangered red Uakari protect

Project implementation: guided tours for pupils, students and tourists about the illegal trade in animals, collect donations for the Expose of the animals in the Wilderness, awareness of the illegal trade create

Amazon Rescue Center (Amazon Shelter):

The objective of the project: wildlife rescue, care and release; environmental education

Implementation of the project: supply of illegally sold animals in the enclosures with the aim of getting them back in their natural environment to suspend

In the middle of the Amazon in Peru, is a city with around 400,000 inhabitants. After Iquitos has no road leads; who wants to come there, you must take the plane or the boat.

The people who live there and in other Parts of the Peruvian Amazon rain forest, hunting is allowed – but only for themselves and their families. Commercial hunting is prohibited. However, the visitors of the market in the district of Belén can buy all sorts of endangered animals – dead or alive.

The shelter Pilpintuwasi and the conservation group Amazon Rescue Center (CREA) take care of confiscated animals and bring them if possible back into their natural habitat.

A Film by Tanja blood