Art Basel: The art market is booming, small galleries die


The Art Basel is one of the top-selling art fairs for contemporary art. However, contrary to all the cheering messages: Not all merchants will benefit from the Hype on the art market.

“Gandhi returns” is the name of the art work of Simon Fujiwara at Art Basel

From Jeff Koons to Gerhard Richter will be shown at Art Basel, works of the international art stars as well as the Work of young talents, and, of course, the Modern classics, of which Basel has to offer as many as any other art fair. More than 4000 artists are represented at the stands of 290 galleries from 34 countries, among them the global Star-dealers like Gagosian, White Cube, David Zwirner, or Thaddaeus Ropac.

Gallery owner and Chairman of the Federal Association of German galleries and art dealers: Kristian Jarmuschek

So, Art Basel is also in 2019, a trade fair of superlatives. The super-rich from all over the world come together for the art is becoming more and more a complex object. However, it will not sit up and take notice, when fair Director Marc Spiegler speaks for the first time of expansion projects and new markets, but times are harder. Financially less well-established galleries had it harder, he complains. You will want to make the participation to the art fair with discounts tasty.

Gallery die in Germany

The fair continues to keep the gallery going to die. With what success, will show, however, is that Since years, the number of small and medium-sized galleries is shrinking in many countries. In Germany alone, around 30 dealers give a year. “The Problem is noticeable,” says Kristian Jarmuschek, Chairman of the Federal Association of German galleries and art dealers (BVDG). The Association counts 700 members. Becoming less and less able to afford the rising Rents and also the expensive trade fair participations.

  • Trade fair of superlatives: The Art Basel

    Art for the super-rich

    From Jeff Koons to Gerhard Richter: works by more than 4000 artists are gathered at Art Basel. The art fair is the leading marketplace for the industry, the lack of it, however, gallerists young. Our image takes a look at the booth of New York gallery Gagosian, one of the top dogs in Basel.

  • Trade fair of superlatives: The Art Basel

    The calm before the art

    All roads lead to art at Art Basel, the main art fair in the world. Illustrious art crowd has left on a bench in front of a work of art of the canadian Brent Wadden low.

  • Trade fair of superlatives: The Art Basel

    Glowing Crosses

    Dim light, the familiar symbols, moving images: An Installation by the trendy German artist Mathis Altmann is on view in the exhibition “Art Parcours” in the context of the international art fair Art Basel.

  • Trade fair of superlatives: The Art Basel

    In the locked room

    “Breathing Room II” (Breathing room) is the name of this virtual work of art by Antony Gormley, which a visitor scans with his Smartphone. The work of the British is reminiscent of the eponymous horror film in which a woman with 13 Strangers in a locked room again.

  • Trade fair of superlatives: The Art Basel

    Room-Filling Toilet

    “Toilet, Apartment A, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA” has called the Korean sculptor and installation artist Do Ho Suh and his work, the gallery Lehmann Maupin is exhibiting at Art Basel.

    Author: Stefan Dege

Market observers speak of a global Trend that has covered London, Berlin, Zurich or Madrid, as well as New York, the Hotspot of the international art trade. The information portal Artnet reported as early as 2017 of closures of some galleries. According to recent data, that has researched the “Handelsblatt”, in surgery soon, half of the galleries at the existence minimum.

Great galleries dominate the market

Meanwhile, flagships such as Gagosian, the sought-after artists earn with a handful of international a lot of money to benefit, together with the auction houses on most of a booming art market. The rushes from auction and sales record to the next. Of Art Basel and the Swiss Bank UBS recently released “Art Market Report” estimated the turnover of the auction houses and galleries with art in the year 2018 in the world to around 67,4 billion (59.4 billion euros), six percent more than in the previous year.

Professor of art economy, and best-selling author: Magnus Resch

Magnus Reschist Professor of art Economics, best-selling author and founder of the Magnus App, a sort of Shazam for art. He finds that the application is about a gallery to die for “exaggerated”. Resch compares the art world with a pyramid, on top of which there are only a few galleries that have with imported artists, which sell like brands success. “The Rest suffers,” says Resch, “all the others are the Clowns!” The 34-year-old German has taught at the Columbia University in New York. The art market, he is said to be a “glaring demand problem”: artists give it to “as the Sand of the sea, only nobody buys”. Guilt about the lack of price transparency is. For Resch’s art market-App ensure that in a matter of seconds to called the market value of works of art. Because, according to Resch: “It must be easier to buy art!”

Less the gallery to die as the lack of gallerists young BVDG-chief Jarmuschek concern. He speaks of the changes in the social behaviour of potential art buyers, which were always curls more difficult in the galleries. A change of culture, contributed to the digitization have. “The gallery as a social space, as a place for encounters has survived, perhaps,” he says Jarmuschek, the operates with partners in the Berlin gallery. Therefore, the art needs to be loud, wild and colorful. “It has to be hip, to be in the gallery done that.”