The unstoppable rise of Boris J.


After a long Silence, Boris Johnson is committed to his ambitions, to follow Theresa May in office. He promises a Brexit on the 31. October without If and But. This is what the Tories very well.

Boris Johnson was at the hairdresser and he has declined. He showed himself to the Public in London, virtually in a new Format, externally and internally. This also speaks, that he had held in the last few months with media Bang effects back. The long Silence should probably increase the voltage. But what the observer saw, finally, on the stage, as Johnson, he announced his candidacy for the presidency, was pretty close to the old Boris: the Overwhelming good humor, boundless optimism, and with little political substance.

Now finally Brexit

The best selling point of the candidate was his term as London mayor. And, of course, claimed Boris Johnson, he was a great mayor, who had solved the problems of the British metropolis, and a successful Olympic games, accompanied. His many critics see it differently: He had been lazy, haven’t achieved anything and is merely an expensive prestige projects-to leave. His highly controversial time as foreign Minister is full of failures and mishaps, he lost, as a precaution, not a word.

His opponents were, of course, not in the hall, for an amazing number of supporters. The broke out in cheers, as their candidate announced that he was going to the UK, 31 in any case, at the. October, from the EU. He is not referring to a No-Deal, but the agreement “a little Better than the previous” leak. How this could go? His Team will start the work immediately, and he the EU would like to meet with the “greatest kindness”. His most recent threat not to pay the British bill in Brussels, mentioned Johnson.

Boris Johnson stayed on the cable car on the Thames, plug – and made it into a Gag

New exit agreement – but in the case of failure, no withdrawal

The schedule, however, against Johnson’s ambitions: First, to the 22. July, the primary will be held in the Conservative party, then the summer follows a pause until the beginning of September, serious talks in Brussels could begin. Also: How often do the Europeans have repeatedly already, the exit agreement was also for the next British head of government – non-negotiable? But these are Details, Boris Johnson to exude come Confidence.

However, he does not want to banish the specter of a No-Deal out of the room. This is crucial for the success in the negotiations, finally, Brussels wool little a hard Brexit as well as he. To be credible, must prepare the UK now quick. The journalists couldn’t ask him, unfortunately, after a Cabinet submission, which was brought on by the “Financial Times” in circulation. The pharmaceutical industry is need, therefore, for six to eight months, the dealer at least four to five months for their preparations, and the transition to the new border regime.

It was for Boris Johnson, just as he should speak to his resignation in case of a failure: It will not necessarily be easy, he admitted after all, of the wall a couple of Times and avoided it to associate his office with the Brexit-promise. His friends among the hard Brexiteers to Rees-Mogg and Co are likely to have well-noted.

In 2016, Boris Johnson wanted to be the head of government, his rival Michael Gove (l.) also. It was Theresa May

The party and the country to unite

With the “morass of Westminster”, must it have an end, explained Johnson. So, as he was never a part of it. The tug of war to the Brexit have disillusioned many of our citizens, and that he wanted to change that, the country clubs, and the conservative party as well.

In fact, all the party’s wings can project their wishes on Boris Johnson. The hardliners believe in his sharp sayings for Brexit, the fashion he reminds the rates to the typical Traditional, Conservative, Older, he has promised huge tax gifts and London, he even offers something for cosmopolitan voters. To them he promises a new “conservative Europeanism”, whatever that may be.

His strongest card, however, is that Boris Johnson and the Tories to win the next election. Around 70 of their members he has gathered behind him – a strong advantage over the competitors. And the polls give him only a Chance. The big Blonde is as a campaigner in his Element rather weak in substance, but strong in Form. He was. the British in 2016, finally, the lie about the UK’s EU contribution of 350 million sale which would be otherwise available for the health system No more talk is, like other promises, a long time ago.

This is a Boris-actor – the candidate offers a lot of attack surface for Comedy and cartoon

Cocaine and other problems …

Is Boris Johnson be stopped? A little shaky, he was raised on the sins of one’s youth, and cocaine. Johnson was noncommittal whether or not he inhaled the white powder or not. But he just needed to “I was only the murmur of 19” and to blink imploringly from under his blond bangs, and seemed to him to be forgiven.

Many reporters would have had to this day is still a lot of questions, but Johnson allowed only six. It is his advisors seems to be the most Important, the candidate errors to hold. Questions about his offensive language, he had called in the Winter, Muslim women veiled as a “letter boxes,” said Johnson with one of his fleets sayings: “Sometimes the plaster from the ceiling falls when I’m talking”, the citizens loved a distinct language. At the Start of his campaign in the race to Downing Street but he avoided recognizable, the old fire rekindle.

The reactions in the British press were fairly subdued: “it was outstandingly boring. For him, unusually dull. His supporters will be thrilled”, writes Robert Peston of ITV. The political Website BuzzFeed notes that Johnson wanted to appear serious, but everything with his “evasive, superficial, broad-sweeping answers to legitimate questions” have been spoiled.

By the way, also Stanley Johnson, the head of the Johnson clan, and an avowed Pro-Europeans to the intra-party election campaign of his son, was published. What he thinks, however, about the appearance of his cleans-giving son, retained the Senior for yourself.

Boris Johnson has the gift to convince in spite of all the criticism his party of