Lawsuit against the mega merger of T-Mobile and Sprint


You absolutely want to come together, but the merger plans of the two mobile operators T-Mobile and Sprint in the United States are already failed twice. Now, a third shock is imminent.

Ten U.S. States have filed in Federal district court in New York lawsuit against the planned merger of the mobile phone giant T-Mobile US and Sprint. They fear that a merger is less competition and higher prices for customers. The resulting damage estimate of $ 4.5 billion. Millions of customers would lose access to an affordable and reliable mobile coverage, warned the mitklagende attorney General of New York, Letitia James.

No confidence in assurances

The two companies have announced, after the not going to raise prices for three years. However, the plaintiff did not take this pledge. James also complained about that in their Jurisdiction the County of New York, the two providers, the supply of the transfer standard 3G-ready up to today’s difficulties. Nothing in the merger plan would guarantee a better coverage.

A merger of the two corporations had failed in the past few years, twice. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary and competitor Sprint have get this Time for their fusion plan, the support of the industry regulatory FCC signaled. The Department of justice in Washington, however, has given no green light.

Attack on the market leader

T-Mobile US and Sprint are the third – or fourth-largest mobile phone provider in the United States. Market leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T. In the case of a merger, T-Mobile US and Sprint have together 131 million customers. You would pull with AT&T and market leader Verizon challenge.

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