I want a skeleton of a saurian!


The auction of a dinosaur to upset scientists. The dinosaur should be the skeleton for the research to be indispensable, would such an auction is unacceptable. But even then, says Alexander friend.

I love natural history museums! These fantastic exhibits! Fauna and Flora from all over the world and from all times. Wow! This soothing tranquility. To hardly see a person.

Sometimes a bored school class lost, perhaps, where there are otherwise only in old animals and old people. And of course, the fearsome Dinos, who know all of the students from “Jurassic Park”, etc. These upright dinosaurs are pretty wicked. In contrast to the old bones in the display cases or the critters stuffing-boxes in the glass.

Hand on heart, without such Hollywood blockbusters would keep the enthusiasm for paleontology is very limited. These films thanks to that even the Smallest can assign the saurian skeletons of terribly complicated Latin names and reptile Shows, as before, to enjoy great popularity.

There we hear the roar of the Tyrannosaurus rex, scary! Although, of course, no scientist can seriously demonstrate how these dinosaurs have actually sounded. But this is, ultimately, no matter, the interest is awakened, and that’s a lot of value.

By “Jurassic Park” captured dinosaurs, the nursery and the Youngest mutant to paleontologists

“Unethical Auction”

Scientists are extremely upset that this Thursday in Paris, a roughly 155-million-year-old long-necked dinosaur at a private highest bidder will be auctioned. The auction house Aguttes estimates that nearly 13 meters long and 6.20 Meter-long skeleton from the Jurassic period and is sold for about 1.5 to two million Euro. So much Aguttes had achieved, also in 2018, at a similar auction a skeleton of the Eiffel tower.

Two million euros, and more! The sum of the two, who can’t get a public research institution. Therefore, it is possible that this spectacular skeleton is in some private collection and not see more then open to the public.

Thus, the ancient reptile would be, but not just for the jam at the end of the audience, but probably also for the research lost. The American “Society of Vertebrate Paleontology” (SVP) – the society for Vertebrate paleontology is about horror: skeletons of Diplodocus-Cousins belong to all people, not just a few wealthy, so their objection. The private auction was unethical. “We are going to lose this one.”

Also the plant-eaters “Skinny” is scientifically significant. In 2012, in the U.S. state of Wyoming, discovered the skeleton was obtained with more than 90 percent of the original bone particularly well, and allow conclusions to be drawn on the skin of the dinosaur. “That was never discovered previously in the case of a Diplodocus, so that it gives the skeleton a unique value”, argue paleontologists.

Unfortunately already sold! For around 2 million Euro Aguttes 2018 auctioned off a dinosaur skeleton at the Eiffel tower

Selling with a sense of proportion

If such a skeleton for the research is, indeed, a unique value, such sales in inaccessible private collections, reprehensible and unacceptable. But only then.

The skeleton called “Skinny” was not the last in a dusty natural history Museum and was snatched researchers as an object of contemplation, this skeleton stand in Terminal 5 of London’s Heathrow airport! For The Purposes Of Research?

Certainly, it is sometimes disconcerting that in the past few years, in addition to some affluent museums in the middle East or Asia hotel chains or shopping centres showed interest in real Dinos. If the skeletons are not for the research are expendable, if they are treated well, and so the new population will be thrilled layers for dinosaurs and paleontology – why?

This dinosaur skeleton in the airport, Heathrow is now being auctioned off – a bargain!

The Same applies, in my opinion, for wealthy private people, which want to collect, instead of or in addition to objects of art or sports cars, even dinosaur skeletons. Of course it is regrettable if such a dinosaur skeleton can no longer be publicly admired. But this is also true for works of art, which eventually disappeared into a private collection.

Should the new owner of your fossil exhibit or work of art, sometimes for research or for exhibitions, what flatters certainly every owner, all the better!

Public Appreciation

Really relevant fossils must remain in public hands. Then the public Hand must raise the money to buy the finds, and to the General Public.

Without a true appreciation of this will work but. The chronically ailing, and orphaned natural history museums show. Without Events, no spectacle, no excitement, so this is now even in our overstimulated world.

Sensational exhibits, shows, the Berlin Museum of natural history – so be there!

Clear boundaries for the trade

A few weeks ago a seller offered on Ebay, the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex at a fixed price of $ 2.95 million dollars (2,61 million EUR). Free shipping, after all. In the description it said: “it’s probably The only Baby T-Rex in the world”. As to the question of how the seller has this T-Rex and if he would not have to be for the research is acquired, if the skeleton is actually so unique then but.

Again and again we hear of any celebrities that collect dinosaur skeletons. Leonardo Di Caprio, for example, is such a Trendsetter. The 2007 had to be an actor, a colleague of Nicolas Cage stole a dinosaur skull at auction in front of the nose. For the skull of Tarbosaurus bataar, the 51 should have paid-year-old Oscar winner of 276,000 dollars.

The certificate of authenticity was a fake, the Dino-skull was stolen and was illegally exported from the Gobi desert. The Hollywood star had to give the skull to Mongolia. Unfortunately for Cage, lucky for Mongolia, the smuggling struck.

Of course, these are not isolated cases. The illegal trade in fossils is flourishing, as well as the illegal trade in ancient cultural artifacts. Nevertheless, it is no objection to the legitimate trade of our past, nothing in my opinion.

Not all of it is for research or humanity is essential, just because it’s damn old. What is really valuable and deserves our full protection. But please also our attention.

You can visit a Museum of natural history, you will be amazed!