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Germany first? No, together you are less alone, says a majority of Germans. It calls for international cooperation and is willing to work for national interests reset.

A wants to prefer sitting alone: Donald Trump, the others are at the G7 summit in Canada in June 2018

“The jungle grows back”. This is the title of a book in which the conservative US policy adviser, Robert Kagan analyzes the crisis of the world order is. The former mastermind of the Republicans criticized the departure of America from the world community by President Donald Trump. Because only the international treaties and organizations would have taken care of since the Second world war to ensure that prosperity and security are on the increase, that the conflict could not grow wild like the dark Green in the jungle.

With the withdrawal of the USA into national Shells of the jungle, thus making again and again. This assessment Kagans share not only many policy experts in Germany. According to a representative survey by the Körber Foundation, 64 percent of Germans are of the opinion that the world today is less secure than five years ago.

What is oppose? If you ask Pope Francis to ask for China’s President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, or German Chancellor Angela Merkel, then it is quite clear that multilateralism is the solution. Only when multiple States work together to secure the release of the great problems of humanity, climate change, slow down, prosperity and peace.

The German foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called even an “Alliance of multi-laterali most” in life. To counter trump’s Trend to go it alone. This is likely to be welcomed by a majority of the Germans. After all, 57 percent of respondents, according to Körber-Foundation of the opinion, that Germany should in the future increasingly rely on international treaties and organizations.

Even 96 percent are in favor, according to the survey, that Germany “should definitely work” or “rather” in the solution of global challenges with other countries. And 65 percent are of the opinion that this is also national German interests should be put back.

The more educated, the urban, and the older the respondents, the more likely they were able to warm up for multilateralism. Among supporters of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), the number of those who oppose international cooperation was particularly high.

Due to the globalization Germany had lost the control over the design of its policy, assumes in addition, half of the respondents. In an interconnected world, multilateralism is a Must. Get out of the jungle of nationalisms – the want a majority of Germans.

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