Delivery-stop after tank Explosion


After the Explosion of a gas station for hydrogen in Norway auto supply company for the time being, no fuel cell cars in the country. The technology you want to hold on to but.

The gas station in Sandvika, after the Explosion of the tank on Monday

After an Explosion in a hydrogen filling station in Norway, the car maker Hyundai, and Toyota to deliver in the country’s fleet of vehicles with hydrogen drive more. The delivery will be temporarily stopped, the cars were, but more to the sale, said the spokesman of Toyota Norway, Espen Olsen, on Wednesday the German press Agency.

Toyota hold on to, nevertheless, it will definitely be the technology. You try to come up with the approximately 60 customers in contact with such vehicles in Norway have. They received Vehicles.

Similarly, Hyundai, which has about 100 hydrogen customers in Norway, and now as a loan replacement vehicles to respond. “We have put the delivery on the ice,” said Florian Büngener of Hyundai Europe. “If you can get a car, but not refueling, that makes no sense.”

Refueling is currently not possible

Toyota and Hyundai are the only manufacturers of such vehicles are currently on Norway’s roads.

In the hydrogen filling station in Sandvika near Oslo, was on Monday evening by an Explosion probably took place in a hydrogen tank. Severe, no one was hurt in the process. After the accident, the operator of Uno-X, the other two stations of this type in Norway until Further notice.

The owners of such vehicles can refuel with it. Also in Denmark, according to Reports, all eight hydrogen stations were closed.

bea/nm (dpa)