Image-editing-Apps put to the Test: “Camly”


Who wants to be photographed with your Smartphone and quickly share beautiful results to share, you need effective Tools for image editing. DW Digital life tests the most popular Apps. This Week: “Camly”

“Camly” is available as a free Download available for Android and iOS – but only in a very stripped-down Version. To use the App permanently, in full, must complete a subscription for 12 months the manufacturer charged $ 19.99 (iOS) or 20.99 Euro (Android). We have for our Test, a free 7-day trial of the “Pro”Version complete

First of all, the extremely up falls in the “Camly” cleaned up user interface. In spite of a large number of processing options to find your way very quickly. The application offers all the Standard Tools such as saturation, exposure, or crop-options – all the tools are very fine-tuned and can be operated easily.

Also friends of the Preset is provided to Filter a lot of this – the numerous available options to convince less by flashy effects, but by the Bank, of course-looking results. The calculation of the images is extremely fast, and the functions “Zoom In” and “Before and after” to give users optimum control when editing.

In order to make the package work, was added an Extra section for Selfie-editing to. Skin-smoothing digital nose corrections to the “virtual Make-up” is here, everything is possible.

Overall, you can us, “” more than sure of that – whether the price of around 20 euros is justified for the annual subscription, is open to question. It is this time, however, hard to find 3 Negative points.


Top 3 Pros:

– Intuitive Interface

– Extremely quick processing

– Delivers excellent results


Top 3 Cons:



Price: free Version for Android and iOs, with In-App purchases, one-year subscription to ao 19.99 €

Manufacturer: Aleksandr Kobozev