Boycott of the Song Contest remains small


On Saturday evening the final of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Israel. At the same time, global vision “as a small Protest of the Palestinians is not running.” Superstar Madonna refuses to accept a Boycott. Bernd Riegert from Tel Aviv.

Appearance of the Icelanders: “Hatari” criticized in the run-up to the host country, Israel

About 180 to 200 million people, in Europe and in many Parts of the world, the music spectacle “Eurovision Song Contest” live on the TV. Since the 1950s, the impact of competition modest in Western Europe, launched in ESC is on the way. Meanwhile, 41 States will take part, including Australia. For the third Time already, the colorful Pop-Festival is held in Israel since 1973, takes part. This year, Israel holds the West Bank is occupied and Gaza strip seals off, as the venue for the cheerful singer dispute betting is disputed.

The Bundestag on Friday as anti-Semitic branded Organisation “Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions” (BDS), organized in Bethlehem in the West Bank, in Haifa, in London and Dublin, in an anti-ESC. Whether this “global vision” in keeping with the appearance of pro-Palestinian Bands can make the “Eurovision”, but a serious competition in the perception by the world public opinion, is rather questionable. The “European Broadcasting Union”, a consortium of Public television stations in Europe and the Mediterranean, Butters, many millions of euros in the production of the elaborate Show.

Musicians against the ESC

“Global vision” is rather modest. Instead of big names, and the Status quo, the focus is on a “radically integrated” approach, shared with the organizers of the “global vision”. There are some international, Israeli and Palestinian artists, for example, the singer Bashar Murad from East Jerusalem. “This is a non-violent Alternative, which relies on cohesion and the creation of awareness,” said one artist of the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz. According to information the Pro-Palestine activists of the “BDS” have spoken in the last year, more than 100,000 people, 100 lesbian and gay organizations, 100 Palestinians and 25 Israeli musicians for a Boycott of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

Bashar Murad: Palestinian accuses Israel, it would turn with the ESC “pink beautiful”

The Palestinian singer Bashar Murad, who is himself gay, rejects the ESC, even though he’s gay TRANS-sexual community is currently in a lesbian-extremely popular. As a Gay he could in the conservative Palestinian society, not survival of everyone accept, “” said Murad in an interview with Haaretz.

Madonna wants to sing

The Boycott organizers of BDS in the Bundestag before the throwing, they fueled anti-Jewish prejudices, and talks Israel the right to exist. Also, Superstar “Madonna”, the appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv as a breaks Act, distanced itself from any boycott call. “I will never stop to make music, to meet someone’s political Agenda. Also, I’m not going to stop me, against the violation of human right to say, wherever in the world that may happen,” said Madonna in a statement that was disseminated by the American media. Musician-colleagues, working in support of BDS, the 60-year-old “Queen of Pop” prior to their appearance prompted to swipe in Tel Aviv.

Madonna will not keep silence, and 1.15 million euros Gage earn

The EBU, as organiser of the Pop spectacle has always said that the ESC was politically neutral, it is about entertainment and not about the political situation in the host country. The artists today are night on of the elaborate of the giant stage at the Tel Aviv exhibition grounds, it actually says not to say anything at all politically. Whether the idiosyncratic “Madonna” will hold at this muzzle, is expected with voltage. A participating Band had broken in the run-up to the ESC the Silence already. The Icelandic Band Hatari was in the last week a concert in Hebron in the West Bank and criticized Israel as an “apartheid state.” The same Slogan of the BDS organization.

“Iron Dome” to protect

Israeli media expect that it will remain in spite of the political controversy around the ESC quietly. The Palestinians in the Gaza strip said on Friday the usual protests at the border fence to Israel. Up to 20,000 police officers will be in Tel Aviv, in use, to riots or attacks on the ESC and the Fan to prevent the village on the beach. For the duration of the music competition, the Israeli army has set up their Anti-missile weapons in Israel. This “Iron Dome” – called network of anti-ballistic missiles, may be able to intercept Gaza rockets fired by the Palestinians. The army had self-imposed restraint, in order to provoke no attacks of Hamas or extremist Islamists, they say. Two weeks ago, the Palestinians had fired almost 700 projectiles. Four Israeli Civilians were killed in villages not far from Tel Aviv. In the case of counter-attacks more than 20 Palestinians had been killed. Currently, an unofficial cease-fire. The Israeli authorities and the organizers of the ESC assume that he will keep. What happens if the show of force, the Fans and the Stars are removed, is a different matter.

Reality catches up with Satire: a TV-transmitter turned on before the ESC Comedy about a gay French singer. Now a is really there.

TV-Satire, stop moved

This coming Wednesday, can’t see Israelis in the television, what would happen to the ESC. The alignment of the end of Israeli transmitter KAN has filmed a Satire of an Islamist attack during the Song contest. Target is a gay Arab-born singer from France, who will be involved in all sorts of comical adventures. The satirical series was long turned off before the ESC, just the reality caught up with the TV makers. France is represented in the real ESC, in fact, from the openly gay singer Bilal Hassani. The European Broadcasting Union protested at KAN. The channel postponed the broadcast of the series, which was originally to run even before the today’s final of the ESC. So now it’s on Wednesday the extent. Laugh about the ESC and the policy is announced. The title of the series: “Douze points”. 12 points for…