Frankfurt fails dramatically at Chelsea


Eintracht Frankfurt fails in a nerve-wracking game at Chelsea FC. About 120 minutes the two Teams to find a winner in extra time before the Blues have to shoot, then the better nerves.

CHELSEA – FRANKFURT 4:3 i. e.(1:1, 1:1, 1:0)


Chelsea ended the football games of Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League in a penalty-crime and, thus, the dream of a first final of the Hessen in an international competition for 39 years. A week after the 1:1 in the first leg, the Londoners win the second duel at Stamford Bridge in the penalty shoot-out with 4:3 (1:1, 1:1, 1:0) and now to the final on may 29. May in Baku features, where city rivals Arsenal, who could put in the other semi-final against FC Valencia, waiting for the Blues.

Hinteregger and Paciencia shoot

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga saved in the dramatic final act of the penalty of Martin Hinteregger and Gonçalo Paciência, Trapp had previously held against Azpilicueta. After the Comebacks of the FC Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League, was the third football-miracle within three days, to the chagrin of the sacrifice of Frankfurt battles. Ruben Loftus-Cheek had Chelsea in the 28. Minute put in Luka Jovic (49.) brought the harmony in a 120 minutes intensive guided, gripping semi-final second leg game back in the race, which was lost in the end.


PENALTY: FIRED – GONCALO PACIENCIA fires! He waits a long time and only looking at the Ball.

PENALTY: GOAL – DAVID LUIZ scores with a lot of force into the left corner!

PENALTY: FIRED – MARTIN HINTEREGGER misses! The Frankfurt shoots the Ball full in the centre, Arrizabalaga remains and keeps.

PENALTY: GOAL – JORGINHO turned naughty, Trapp off and then pushes cool down to the left.


PENALTY: FIRED – CESAR AZPILICUETA shoots! The Spaniard wants him to slide down to the right, but Trapp is fast at the bottom, stretches and holds.

PENALTY: GOAL – LUKA JOVIC ! Here, too, the Keeper almost had it, but Jovics shot is well placed.

PENALTY: GOAL – ROSS BARKLEY scores! Trapp was in the right corner, but the shot was too sharp.

PENALTY: GOAL – SEBASTIEN HALLER scores the first penalty. Waiting for a cool and pushes then down on the left.

Penalty shootout: Frankfurt start, it goes to the gate, behind which the Eintracht Fans. The first shooter Haller.

The final WHISTLE – THERE IS a penalty shoot-out

120.+2 min: a Long Ball from de Guzmann, in the penalty area can David Luiz just in front of Haller clarify.

120.+1 Minute: Jovic, it is now, the one with the Ball to the front of the marches and then to Haller, the the Ball first vertendelt, but then fouled. Fraistoß Concord.

120. Minute: David Luiz drives the Ball again to the front, but no play station.

118. Minute: EXCHANGE – Gacinovic leaves exhausted the field, it comes GONCALO PACIENCIA.

117. Minute: Hazard wants Hinteregger in the box manner, but the Austrian, who is a superior notion, it remains cool and think you could the Belgians emergence.

116. Minute: The Ball wriggles on the net! Trapp has the Ball firmly in the Hand, as Azpilicueta tackles him and the Ball over the line for a promotion. As he touched Trapp, however, is not one of the hits.

115. Minute: Zappacosta takes on the top of the box dimension, and draws from, Trapp deflected the Ball with a strong Reflex on the goal.

114. Minute: Back runs a counter-Kostic, but Jovic with his Ball.

114. Minute: Zapacosta has space and time, on the right – this Time makes Hinteregger his flank.

112. Minute: Drama in the Eintracht penalty area: Emerson goes into the Box and pulls. Trapp keeps it at first, but the Ball falls to the Brazilian back in front of the feet before Hinteregger face rushes comes in and with a world-class sliding tackle is defined. However, Hinteregger and Emerson together pop so violently, that both remain available.

111. Minute: Frankfurt is liberated with a combination of game in a confined space, then go Kostic steep, but just can’t anymore.

110. Minute: Zappacosta with a lot of space on the right, but Falette his flank to the corner to clarify.

109. Minute: Jovic claimed the Ball, but there are too little players, the person responsible for moves, the harmony plays first again in the back way.

108. Minute: De Guzmann sends da Costa, the Brazilian David Luiz for a throw is defined.

107. Minute: Haller still has Fuel in the Tank and running early on.



107. Minute: De Guzmann brings the Ball in, Haller with the head ball, the Zappacosta shortly before the line can clear.

106. Minute: Haller sends da Costa, its edge to the corner is resolved.

106. Minute: A Minute is played.

105. Minute: free kick for the Blues: Hazard’s Ball is sharp, clean, Trapp is with the fists.

103. Minute: Hasebe clears class against Barkley, the wrong Foul a complaint.

102. Minute: Pedro wants to Hazard by, but Abraham still has the feet in between.

102. Min: Pedro is coming to a head to the ball defense on the Ball, but then Hinteregger the Spaniard before he can shoot.

100. Minute: Kostic makes with 30, 40 yards on the left wing and served a perfect for Haller, the Ball only with the sole aimed so that David Luiz on the line can clear – the NEED to actually, the 2:1.

100. Minute: Haller, in aerial combat against Luiz, but the Ball is coasting Arrizabalaga in the arms.

99. Minute: Barkley searches for Hazard, the Hinteregger but in a superior manner expires.

97. Minute: huge Carver from Hasebe in the building, the Chelsea counterattack to be running about Hazard, but the gift of Zappa Costa Hasebe then clarify.

97. Minute: a corner by the Concord: the however, short of the device.

96. Minute: EXCHANGE – Sarri brings a fresh striker: GONZALO HIGUAIN comes in, Giroud out.

95. Minute: Azpilcueta comes after a corner from close range to the Ball and this is just about it.

93. Minute: Barkley and addiction in the mid-Pedro. Falette with a perfectly-timed sliding tackle in between.

92. Minute: corner of Frankfurt, Falette comes in the air duel, the Ball – Barkley was there with the elbow a little.

91. Minute: Kostic and Pedro rattles in the two fight together, the Frankfurt remains. But more comfortable.


The final WHISTLE – there is an extension

Luka Jovic brings back Frankfut with his goal to 1:1 in the game

90.+5 min: another free kick for Eintracht, Luiz clears for a corner – the extra time is in order.

90.+5 Minute: Frankfurt acts standing K. o and must be in the extension save.

90.+4 Minute: Again corner of Chelsea, Trapp can in front of the einköpfbereiten David Luiz to intercept.

90.+2 Minute is: AC – Chelsea constricted the Eintracht now Starfraum a – Hütter takes a change of pressure out: SEBASTIEN HALLER comes in for Ante Rebic.

90.+1 Minute: DAVID ABRAHAM and JONATHAN DE GUZMANN see for Fouls within a few moments the Yellow card.

90.+1 Minute: The last Minute of the regular time is in order. There are five minutes at the top.

89. Minute: Kostic pushes the Ball over the half court and is then wise to get out to Jovic, the two fight but runs.

88. Minute: More by accident Giroud to the Ball and pulls from – Trapp holds, but not quite sure to the front of the bounce – all without consequences.

87. Minute: Zappacosta has criminally a lot of space in the midfield, and makes long wood. Trapp can catch the Ball safely.

85. Minute: EXCHANGE – scorer Loftus-Cheek goes under the Whistles of the Chelsea supporters, but coach Sarri apply, of course. For him comes ROSS BARKLEY.

85. Min: De Guzman takes the free-kick, but in the ascending Chelsea wall.

84. Min: Azpilicueta puts Rebic, there is a free kick about 18 meters in front of the gate of the Blues.

82. Min: CESAR AZPILICUETA goes in with an open sole and a high Case against Gacinovic in, the Ball was long gone. The Spaniard looks for Gelg, Red would have been the right decision.

81. Minute: misunderstanding at Chelsea, Rebic and Jovic to go to the front of the attack but cancel because Chelsea is strong in the backward movement.

80. Min: Kovacic gets in a cross from the Kostic for a corner. The a but nothing.

78. Min: Hazard is on the left, then the Ball comes on straight to Zappa Costa, whose shot Trapp late sees and so just to fend off can.

75. Min: a goal would be to harmony in the finals and it is remarkable how dominant the Team of Adi Hütter here in the 2. Half-time acts.

74. Minute: Strong ball conquest of the Concord, but Rebic tried it in the middle yourself, instead of Kostiv on the wing, there is a lot of space.

74. Minute: EXCHANGE – Christensen must hurt from the place, for it comes from DAVIDE ZAPPACOSTA.

71. Minute: David Luiz pulls from 35 yards, his shot is more of a fix action, as a goal-scoring opportunity.

70. Minute: EXCHANGE – Rode, twisted knee, limping into the cabin. Adi Hütter brings for him comes JONATHAN DE GUZMANN.

68. Minute: Rode in battle with Pedro injured, and must be on the side line to be treated.

67. Minute: Emerson on the left and in the middle Giroud, the Hinteregger but successfully can interfere with.

65. Minute: Kostic finishes with a Ball, but his cross from the right is in the middle of no customers.

64. Min: Da Costa drives the Ball to the front and has space, but then the scene ended, because Rebic Christensen at the cross in the Hack is running.

64. Minute: Hasebe tried it with a long Ball, Kostic, however, is not achieved.

63. Min: Da Costa on the right, a lot of space, but instead of in the back of the defence on the Mitgelaufenen to flanks, he pulls the Ball close to the goal.

62. Minute: EXCHANGE – The Blues go on the offensive. Willian goes down, the Spaniard PEDRO .

61. Min: Azpilicueta is in the middle Giroud, the it out of the rotation tried, but in the Fall not complete.

59. Minute: Gacinovic tried it with a dry volley shot, the Arrizabalaga is still wegfausten. The second Ball Kostic takes over, puts him at the far post.

59. Minute: Frankfurt, Pressing is strong and effective. The harmony always comes back to the Ball.

58. Minute: Rebic tried it after a fine combination with his back to goal, against three, and almost comes through. But only almost.

57. Min: David Luiz with a long diagonal ball perfectly for Willian comes to its conclusion in consequence of miss. Trapp can grab.

55. Min: Kovacic takes the Ball, turns quickly and is looking for the starting Hazard. The Ball of the Croatians is but slightly too steep for the Belgians.

53. Min: Nice combination of Kostic and Gacinovic, then tried Rode it with the Side shift, his Ball goes into.

52. Minute: MATTEO KOVACIC goes with open sole to the Ball and senst Falette with. There are Yellow, Kovacic could have been Red but not complaining.

51. Minute: Giroud takes from the distance dimension, to be shot rushes on goal but von Trapp is over.

49. Minute: GOAL After a severe error in the game structure of the Blues it’s fast: LUKA JOVIC can drain on Gacinovic, back to the Serbs, the free-standing and considered enforced.

49. Minute: a Lot of space for Rebic on the left, then he tried it with the flank, the two Chelsea players in the Hand jumps. There is no penalty – debatable!

47. Minute: DAVID ABRAHAM, can the start end Hazard only on the Jersey to keep, and sees the Yellow card for that!

46. Minute: Kostic has a fine combination in the midfield on the left, but his shot attempt is blocked.


28. Minute: Ruben Loftus-Cheek brings the Blues into the lead

Chelsea lead at the break, earned with 1:0 against Frankfurt and would this result in the Europa League final. The harmony that begins in London, well and energetic, and opportunities by Jovic and Da Costa, with the continuous playing time over the device but more and more under pressure.

When you head to the ball by David Luiz and Hasebe can be resolved on the line, but a few minutes later Hazard found, with a dream pass, Loftus-Cheek, the transformed cool into the far corner (28. Minute). Chelsea in sequence with marked Obesity, and the clear better of the chances.


45. Minute: Falette tried it again with a long Ball, but the starting Kostic.

44. Min: Chelsea now wants to let it expire and is it in the game construction easy.

42. Minute: Jovic takes the Ball, puts in the process, but Loftus-Cheek – free-kick to Chelsea.

39. Minute: Loftus-Cheek will send Hazard on the wings of steam power and with his second submission to the Hinteregger defence of the free Loftus-Cheek, whose shot for a corner deflected wide.

38. Minute: SIMON FALETTE is much too hard from behind against Willian and looks absolutely rightly shown a Yellow card.

37. Minute: Long Ball on Rebic, in the penalty area, David Luiz off, but in the Brazilians.

35. Minute: Rebic has a lot of space, and then to Jovic, a short hook punches and with his shot, but then David Luiz.

32. Minute: Hazard, Loftus-Cheek not interfere with each other, but then comes Emerson on the wing to the flanks, but cannot find a buyer.

31. Minute: Rebic remains in the penalty area to hang and back – then there is a corner of Frankfurt, but nothing.

28. Minute: GOAL – RUBEN LOFTUS-CHEEK with the 1:0 for the Blues. Hazard is bears heavily against the Rode, hitting a hook and then plays the Ball perfectly in the gap, where the English national team is free, and after a short period of entrainment into the far corner to be enforced.

27. Min: Kovacic sends Azpilicueta on the right, the Spaniard has a lot of space, brings its edge but not to the man.

26. Minute: Frankfurt is a device here in the last few minutes, more and more under pressure. You look at Chelsea’s return of the Eintracht-Offensive so aggressive behind, as at the beginning.

24. Minute: free kick for Chelsea – Willian puts the Ball on the left, his sharp Ball finds David Luiz, whose Header Hasebe of the line scratch can.

23. Minute: Willian sets up beautifully, to Hazard, to Emerson on the left. And, in turn, finds in the center of Giroud, whose shot can defuse Trapp.

21. Minute: Jovic has the Arm against Loftus-Cheek on the outside and pulls him to – Yellow is not there.

19. Minute: Now again, the high pressure of the Concord, the Azpilicueta to the error forcing and the guests a throw-in.

16. Min: throw-in Chelsea, the Ball coasts of one of Frankfurt’s leg into the goal – corner for the Blues.

14. Minute: Jovic is on the edge of the box against David Luiz and crosses to the inside, where Da Costa with a full Volley directly into the project. Arrizabalaga thwarted the goal with a fine save in the short corner.

14. Minute: Kostic takes the Ball and tries a low shot, but at the foot of David Luiz to hang – there was more to it.

13. Minute: Jorginho with a hand – held game good free-kick opportunity for Frankfurt from about 18 metres distance.

11. Min: Willian is on the right, and search the middle Giroud. The missed, and then Costa will bring Loftus-Cheek to the case – no penalties, normal duel, on the corner of Chelsea.

10. Minute: Jorginho undermines the Frankfurt defence with a long Ball out of that Hazard starts to flash quickly, the Ball but with the ball of the foot can not control.

8. Min: Hazard in the middle and there is more to Emerson, whose cross from the left but to the goal – trapper grabs.

7. Minute: Loftus-Cheek with a lot of momentum in the middle, but miss the right Moment for a play to the outside.

7. Min: David Luiz tries a long Ball forward, but the device is too steep, and coasting to the goal.

5. Minute: Trapp is put under pressure and knocks the Ball oblique way – Abraham, by head, only to extend them.

4. Minute: The kick Rode, and he finds the head of Jovic, the Serbian placed his head to the ball to the middle of – not a Problem for Arrizabalaga.

4. Minute: Kostic tries a cross from the left, the Emerson but by the head can clear the corner of Frankfurt.

2. Minute: Frankfurt is up and running Chelsea to a maximum of high, Jovic goes to the Ball to the opposing five-metre-room afterwards.

1. Minute: Chelsea is reaching.


At 20:50: London’s Black-and-White – thousands of Fans will accompany the Eintracht in the semi-final second leg to London. In the run-up to the game, the SBU supporters populated the streets of the British capital.

At 20:45: Kovac pushes Ex-Team, the thumb In the preseason won the Bayern coach Niko Kovac sensational DFB-Pokal against his current Team. This season, the Ex-hopes-Eintracht-Coach on the very large Frankfurter roll. “I’ll be there again and again, my SMS and hope that the miracle of what is necessary, happens. It’s about passion, mentality and absolute will. You can win as an Underdog. We have shown in the last year,” said Kovac before the match in London.

20:45 P.m.: The Lineups – Chelsea: 1 Arrizabalaga – 28 Azpilicueta, 27 Christensen, 30 Luiz, 33 Emerson – 5 Jorginho – 12 Loftus-Cheek, 17 Kovacic – 22 Willian, 18 Giroud 10 Hazard

Frankfurt: 31 Trapp – 19 Abraham, 13 Hinteregger, 3 Falette – 24 da Costa, 20 Hasebe, 17, and Rode, 10 Kostic – 11 Gacinovic – 8 Jovic, 4 Rebic

Referee: Ovidiu Hategan (Romania)

20.45: welcome to the DW-live Ticker!