The incorrect programming of the Alexander Zverev


So far it only went upwards for tennis player Alexander Zverev. Now, he was in his first crisis. Coach Ivan Lendl can help him from curiosity, reason. The 22 has to lose-Year-old a lot of.

Alexander Zverev had a shocked, frustrated, surprised of himself. He had lost a Match. Against Nicholas Jarry, a 23-year-old Chileans, the ranking is currently at # 81 in the world. A match ball was used Zverev, in the end was the end for him in the second round at the tournament in Barcelona again. In the first round he had a bye.

Zverev had empty, burned out, as he shuffled to his bag and then head down to the space left. Where were his crashing remained premiums? Where his powerful backhand, which had drawn so many opponents of the Tooth. Where his ideas were a joke?

Bad Level

All of these questions seemed to make the 22-Year-old in these moments. And it is not the first tournament this year, at the Zverev that is the impression left behind. Zverev is currently more like a Tennis robot who suffers from faulty programming. “I simply played badly. This is no secret. The Tennis was very bad Level. Most of the points that I won were easy errors from him,” admitted the world ranking third after the Match.

This Problem Zverev had last been at the tournaments in Melbourne, Miami, Indian Wells, Marrakesh and Monte Carlo in different forms. Further more, he was able to convince in each of these competitions. The only bright spot of the tournament in Acapulco, where Zverev reached the finals against Australian Nick Kyrgios lost to was.

It had plagued a disease in which he lost about eight pounds of weight. “This is my body, already very much”, said Zverev. Weight that he had done additional muscle mass with hard training in it. And this loss of substance makes him seem harder than he would have guessed. “I’m in a hole, and I don’t know how I come out of there,” admitted Zverev also unusually open in Barcelona.

Coach Lendl can’t help

This self-conscious young man, whose great self-belief had brought him the first place in this top position, runs through the first crisis of his young career. Nothing Unusual for a young professional. But first he must learn to deal with it. So far it went for him, only upwards.

Five of the last eight Matches went to the opponent. A balance sheet is for a Top-Three player in anything other than a model of success. And his coach, Ivan Lendl, can’t help him now because he’s avoiding Europe this time of year due to his allergies and the intense pollen flight, as the 59-Year-old the “Sport Bild” revealed.

Somehow come out

Actually, every crisis comes unfavorable. The timing of this unusual fallibility, however, are in a Phase to lose in the Zverev very much. Now, the tournaments in which he in the past year, the Foundation for his meteoric rise had come. In the case of the highly doped tournaments in Madrid and Rome he was the winner and the Second, where he gathered together 1600 points for the world rank list.

In Munich, a smaller tournament on the ATP Tour, where he will compete in the next week, he was in the previous year, also a winner of (250 points). A total of 5770 points is a huge number, the need to defend Zverev somehow. At the moment it appears to be still rather a mystery how this would work. “In Tennis, it can go quickly,” said Zverev recently. Somehow he must manage it.