Bayern-Dusel? Bremen is at odds with the video evidence


A dramatic Cup semi-finals culminates in a scene. Penalty or not? While the beaten Bremen no longer understand the world, celebrates Bayern coach Niko Kovac is his third final in a row.

Even minutes after the final whistle is high. Max Kruse and Jerome Boateng throw a less nice word fragments to the head and must be kept apart. From the rostrum of the beer cups flying in the direction of the Bayern players. Guest coach Niko Kovac is accompanied with shrill Whistles in the catacombs. Bremen’s players and coach Florian Kohfeldt a talk meanwhile, on the centre circle to referee Daniel Siebert.

All because of a Pfiffs. A Penalty kick that makes an already dramatic game for Werder Fans to a hard-to-tangible tragedy. Scene Of The Crime, The Bremen Penalty Area, 78. Game minute: Kingsley Coman is after a slight bump from a defender Theo Gebre Selassie to the ground. Siebert decides on the penalty. Robert Lewandowski turned unimpressed to the 3:2 victory for Bayern, the result over time and the Cup final to move.

From this point of view, Theodor Gebre Selassie of Bavaria Kingsley Coman to embrace it seems

What conflicting reviews after the game, on both sides, which will accompany you for decades, the football and probably never completely silenced, in spite of, or perhaps even just because of the (lack of) video evidence are as follows.

Eggestein: “Simply unfair”

“For me, it was not a Foul. This is difficult to comprehend, and simply unfair,” said Bremen Maximilian Eggestein. “It really hurts.” Captain Max Kruse, freaked out, went to the Ridiculous a step further:”! This is such a light contact. Why do we have the video evidence?”

Also Bremen’s sporting Director and Ex-player Frank Baumann would have liked that you look at “the scene, just because it was so hard to see again.” The call for the much-maligned video evidence. For this season, in fact, also in the DFB Cup, from the quarter-finals. But in this particular scene, the VAR, the Video-Assistant Referee can check the scenes again on the basis of video images, as a rule, kept a compliant- apparently because the referee Siebert had met on the course, no “absolute wrong decision”.

“It is a tough decision. Some of the pipes, something like that, some don’t”, said Bayern Coach Kovac on the point. “Kingsley is not without reason.”

Niko Kovac: “The Kingsley is not without reason”

President Uli Hoeness dictated the reporters even that he had taken his winger to the chest and I assured him again. “A clear penalty.” For Bremen’s coach Kohfeldt, however, the whistle was not “brutal”, “nine times out of ten other cases, he whistles.” A referee-bashing, he wanted to bind still active. “Let’s get this great game not a decision reduce. And certainly not on any of the Bayern-Dusel,” said Kohfeldt. He thanked me with a lot of Pathos in his team for the “courage, zeal and enthusiasm against the strongest team of Germany”.

Pack the end of the game in the Weser stadium

But he was not wholly wrong. A rarely seen intensity in the two fight, and the poison arrows between coaches and players on the side line and a Bremen Comeback after being 0:2 behind with two goals within two minutes (Osako 74., Rashica 75.). This Cup in the evening had much more to offer than these controversial foul penalty, and the Bremen were not entirely uninvolved. “The game was actually, and then we come again to 2:2 ran. Madness,” said Bremen’s Kevin Möhwald. “It was pretty loud in the stadium after the compensation,” said midfield partner Eggestein. “Maybe it would have been possible if it had not been for the penalty.”

Yuya Osako scores the first goal for Bremen from eleven meters flat to the right corner

However, Lewandowski kept his first hit (36. Minute), also from the point of the nerve and bowled Werder from the competition. The final would mean for Bremen in the early qualification for the Europa League – the output of the season. Now, Werder have to take up with the League. The rest of the program with games against Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Hoffenheim and Leipzig, however, it in.

Also for the Bayern and Niko Kovac, the season is about to enter the final straight. After the From in the Champions League against Liverpool, the Munich can save a almost messed up and was believed to be season – with two possible titles in the championship and in the DFB-Pokal. For Kovac it is even the third Cup final in a row. Prior to that, he twice Eintracht Frankfurt led to the final had defeated, in the past year, even a complete surprise to his current employer and the Cup brought. “It was a bit lucky, but we deserved more because we had the better chances,” said Kovac. The word fuddle was not him on the lips.