A lot of Wind to Merkel’s successor


Prematurely abdicate? The Chancellor wants to know officially. Nevertheless, there are rumblings behind the Scenes. In Focus: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. The CDU leader wants to govern. But how? From Berlin, Sabine Kinkartz.

At the beginning of April, Angela Merkel in her office in the Chancellery two pictures of the wall, and a Berlin Museum. It is the painting “the crusher” and “flower garden” by Emil Nolde. They belong to the possession of the Prussian cultural heritage Foundation, and now to September, part of a special exhibition that explores Nolde’s political proximity to the national socialism. This is the reason why Merkel will not want to have the images in the autumn.

It is noticeable that Angela Merkel wants to be in your office, no new pictures to hang up. “The Chancellor came to the conclusion, once the white wall in the meantime, without a new image, instead of the Nolde-find images of beautiful and to leave it at that,” from the Chancellery. On the new Wall decorations to think about? Not worth it in Merkel’s eyes, apparently.

Angela Merkel in her office in the Chancellery. Above the Desk a Portrait of former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer depends on

The farewell has begun

After 14 years at the head of government, Angela Merkel, is straight on the Circuit. The CDU presidency has already been made. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the new party boss is, and it is an open secret that Merkel would also like to be in the Chancellery. But when? And in what way? It will be discussed in the political Berlin is always louder, since the German Chancellor in the European election campaign of the CDU is not as good as even look.

Sober considered and thus, the natural scientist, Merkel’s approach to basically everything – it is only logical that the old Chairman from the universe of the new Chairman keeps out completely. Merkel makes Kramp-Karrenbauer of the room so that you can work out a Position and so to weight gain.

Merkel and Kramp-Karrenbauer: Two

The CDU moves to the right again

AKK, as Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced himself, followed a path of its own and wants to set the course of the party, obviously. It’s not about great reforms, but it is not to be overlooked, that the New CDU leadership is pursuing a much more conservative policy. Whether it’s a Migration, gay marriage, or European Integration – Kramp-Karrenbauer thinks far less liberal than its predecessor Merkel.

This pleased the conservative wing of the CDU, and with him, Friedrich Merz, who fought in the autumn, the CDU presidency. Now you can see him often on the side of his former rival, and both work together very familiar.

Instead of Merkel, AKK in the European election campaign with Merz that makes no secret of the fact that he would hold under a Chancellor Kramp-Karrenbauer very much like a Minister. However, the Saar countries would have to move only once to the Chancellery.

The SPD rejects AKK

Officially, Angela Merkel is sticking to their line, to want to the end of the parliamentary term in 2021 in the Chancellery. Behind the Scenes, but all the options are played through, with the aim to provide Kramp-karrenbauer as good start-up opportunities. So just a change of personnel at the head of government is not.

It was only when the Bundestag “Yes,” had said, was allowed to take the Chancellor at the 14.3.2018 place

Chancellor elected by the Bundestag. There, the government coalition of CDU, CSU and SPD has a majority. The social Democrats have already announced that they would make Kramp-karrenbauer in no case to the Chancellor. So you want to prevent exactly what could move Merkel, prematurely withdraw: that ACC develop a Amtsbonus and with this advantage in the Bundestag elections of 2021.

No new majority for the Grand coalition

Thus, the SPD would risk however, the early elections. In the party that nobody can actually want. The survey of party values for over a year, consistently bad. For months she does not go much beyond 17 percent, three percent less than in the last Federal election. The polls suggest that the Union would, however three percentage points below the last result. The coalition would be measured by elections is no longer a majority in the Parliament.

The direction of the dispute in the Grand coalition, was also the subject of the düsseldorf carnival parade

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, however, could try to forge from the existing Bundestag with the FDP and the Greens, a so-called Jamaica coalition. A majority there. After the Bundestag election in 2017, Jamaica had failed after weeks of negotiations, the refusal of the FDP.

Two years later, it could be now, but the Green, the. Not even nine percent of the vote they received in 2017, according to current polls, they are currently at around 20 percent. Unlikely that they would dispense with elections and the related increase of power.

Decision in December

But maybe it is, at the end of the SPD, which determines how long Angela Merkel will still be Chancellor. Merkel herself has answered the question yet always in a way that she wanted to stay until the end of the parliamentary term in office. Officially, the initial 2021 ends. But the CDU, CSU and SPD, which together form the great coalition government will stay still together for so long? In the coalition agreement, it is agreed that for the mid-term balance is drawn up and over the continued existence of the coalition is to be made. The SPD want to do this on your own Federal party.

How is the SPD? Party leader Andrea Nahles and Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz would like to reign more

What is the mood that is to be expected, will largely depend on the election results this year. 26. May is not only the European elections but also state elections in Bremen. In addition, to be chosen in nine provinces, County, town and city councils. On 1. September will be chosen in Brandenburg and Saxony, new country day, on 27. October in Thuringia. For the survey of deep-prisoners of the SPD that is to say: Hope and Fear.

New paintings for the Chancellery?

Bad election results, which will play in the party in the hands, which have always been against the government’s Alliance with the Union. Of which there are many. If you were the delegates in the majority, they could force the Congress to be quite a dismissal of the Grand coalition, against the wishes of the party leadership. The SPD would place himself in the Opposition.

It would also be the end of the chancellorship of Angela Merkel. Theoretically, they could try again, a Jamaica coalition on the legs, but this is unlikely. In fact, Kramp would then be asked Annegret-Karrenbauer. With or without elections, you could already receive in 2020, her office in the Chancellery, and there set up. Sure you would hang new paintings on the white walls.