Volodymyr Selenskyjs rapid rise


The TV comedian Volodymyr Selenskyj is about to become President of the Ukraine. His campaign was inhaltsarm, aggressive and successful. What’s he going to do with the country?

The saying, he who laughs last, laughs best, might apply to Volodymyr Selenskyj twice. The man who for years main occupation of the people Laugh, has the best chance to win the presidential runoff election in Ukraine on Sunday. According to surveys, two thirds of the Ukrainians for the comedian are likely to vote. In the first ballot on January 31. March got Selenskyj around 30 percent, almost twice as many as the incumbent, Petro Poroshenko.

As a comedian at the candidate was

The man who could be sworn in in may as the sixth President of the former Soviet Republic, has made the already once – in the cinema. As the main actor of the popular TV Comedy series “servants of the people” played Selenskyj a school teacher for history, who happened to be President. Many observers believe that this series has contributed to the success of Selenskyj much. She plays with stereotypes about the corrupt Ukrainian politics, with longings for revenge on the Establishment, and to a new beginning with a newcomer. Just as he positioned himself in the election campaign.

With 41 years Selenskyj would be the youngest President of Ukraine. He is a small, lively man with a distinctive, pleasantly rough voice. The son of a University Professor from Kryvyi Rih, to the heart of the iron ore industry in the South-East of Ukraine, is probably the best known and most successful Comedian in the country. His Royal discipline: political Satire. For almost 20 years Selenskyj pulls together with a Team of comedians, the top politicians of the country by the cocoa. In addition to stage shows for television, produce films and Comedy series.

Poroshenko has it, despite Amtsbonus hard Selenskyjs success counter

Critics see in Selenskyj not an independent political figure. If you suspect an Alliance between the comedian and the once-influential businessman Ihor Kolomoyskyi from Dnipro, and the former Dnipropetrovsk. The aim of this alleged Alliance, it was to prevent the re-election of Poroshenko. They both deny vehemently any political cooperation in the presidential election.

With video messages to the victory

Not only Selenskyjs candidacy, his campaign was unusual. Classic performances on market places, there were hardly any. Instead, he toured before the first ballot with his show program across the country, while the TV channel of Kolomoyskyi various Comedy broadcast broadcasts with the candidate. Selenskyj gave hardly any Interviews, to talk with well-wishers, media, and communicated with his followers via video messages in social networks. With creative election slogans and the youth language, he managed to mobilize the otherwise rather passive young Ukrainians in the East.

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Political newcomer Selenskyj remains the Top favorite

From the tone of his messages was to Poroshenko becoming more and more aggressive. Selenskyj was like a hunter chasing a wounded prey. In doing so, he avoided any opportunity to have critical questions about his nebulous policy ideas, respond to, and sent about in Talk Shows, his advisers.

A TV-duel with Poroshenko Selenskyj agreed, but conditions, such as stadium, instead of the TV Studio.

His election programme can only imagine what would happen to the country should he become President. Selenskyj promises a “Ukraine of dreams,” a country without corruption, with high salaries and pensions, as well as fast Internet and good roads. There should be more “Power for the people”, so more popular votes, more justice and more security. The war in Eastern Ukraine should be stopped. About how exactly, says the candidate little. The obvious reasoning is to please as many voters.

The result of a disappointment about politics

However, a skillful media strategy would not be a sufficient explanation for his success. The root probably lies in the Ukrainian politics, which has for decades been a disastrous Image. Also in large Parts of the population unpopular to hated Poroshenko, whether he had assessed his Chance for re-election right.

Those Ukrainians, who were a driving force behind the change of power in 2014 and as a Pro-Western patriots understand, to look with a mixture of concern and despair on the success of Selenskyj. For one, the mood on social networks, be he a Russian-speaking comedian who had caricatured Ukrainian Patriotism. Since the annexation of Crimea, the departure of Russia and the Russian language was in the focus of Ukrainian politics. On the other hand, Selenskyj inexperienced and the country could lead to a crisis, the fear. Some warn of a creeping revenge of the forces from the environment of the had fled to Russia Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

One of the largest Unknown is how independently Selenskyj as President, and how big would be the influence of his advisers and oligarchs. A victory in the presidential election would not be sufficient in any case to govern the country. In the fall Parliament elections and there is speculation in Kiev that he might prefer to bring his rather existing on a paper of their own party into Parliament. It is named after the TV series “servants of the people” and would have a good chance.