Magnus Carlsen wins against young Talent Vincent Keymer


The 14-year-old Vincent Keymer has missed the start of the “Grenke Chess Classic” in Karlsruhe, just a Sensation: Against the world champion Magnus Carlsen, he was able to compete in an exciting game in a long time.

Champion against students: the start of the game between Magnus Carlsen and Vincent Keymer at the “Grenke Chess Classic”

Almost seven hours and ranges of the 14-year-old Vincent Keymer and world champion Magnus Carlsen. At the end of the Champion was eventually able to get the students from saulheim near Mainz. However, Keymer has proved in the match impressively, that he is rightly regarded as one of the greatest talents in the sport of Chess. Because in the game he had at times even an advantageous position against the last form of strong Superstar from Norway out to play.

Carlsen relies on risk

Carlsen: Vincent Keymer sets the world champion under pressure

The draw would have it, Vincent Keymer had to line up for the start of the “Grenke Chess Classic” against Magnus Carlsen – the conceivable worst entry in the tournament for the students, but could start at least with the white pieces. But the world champion was already in the first moves with a Surprise for his young opponent: Carlsen chose a risk variant, which quickly led to a complicated and tension-filled position. The intention of the world champion: to provoke errors. Keymer however, it was not initially out of the rest, and its position was strengthened step by step and moved up, finally, with his farmer’s threat against the black king. High voltage in the black forest hall in Karlsruhe: Can Keymer Carlsen actually in trouble?

But it came different. With the start of the time constraints, the champion of the world of possible and could eventually win a pawn. The 14-Year-old, however, however, stopped once again and reached even a complicated position, which was at least considered by the computers as a draw suspicious. “Now, Vincent would take another hour of time to find the right moves,” was the assessment of his coach Peter Leko in the Live broadcast of the game on the Internet. However, his protégé, had at this time only a few minutes on the clock. The young German talent the time, to discover the saving trains still missing. After the 81. Train Keymer filed the champion of the Hand and acknowledged the defeat. Carlsen in the lead after the first round of the tournament table, since all the other games in Karlsruhe ended with a draw.

Keymer can keep up – but hold out?

Vincent Keymer and his Team had decided only a few weeks ago, to take the risk, and against the best players in the world at the “Grenke Chess Classic” in Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden. After the game against the world Champions is: Keymer can keep up with you. Whether the 14-Year-old to maintain this level, however, and the experienced Top players one or the other point will be able to coax, in the next eight rounds. By far the strongest tournament this year in Germany runs until 29. April. The first half will be played in Karlsruhe, after which the chess professionals are moving to Baden-Baden. Vincent Keymers Easter trip in the world top of Chess has only just begun.