Dortmund remains Bayern in it


A successful Easter trip to Freiburg. BVB plays effectively on the fifth-last round and score under the eyes of national coach Joachim Löw, four, beautifully played goals.

FREIBURG – BVB 0:4 (0:1)

Borussia Dortmund reduced the deficit to League leaders FC Bayern Munich to a point. The turf club won on Easter Sunday, 4:0 (1:0) at SC Freiburg and moved a day after the Munich 1:0 home victory against Werder Bremen. Jadon Sancho (12. Minute), Captain Marco Reus (54.), Mario Götze (79.) and Paco Alcácer (87./Hand penalty) scored Favre the hit for the team of coach Lucien. For BVB, it was the fifth success in the last six League. Freiburg has secured four match days before the season fading in the case of eleven-point advantage on the relegation rank in the class body. BVB can plan a certainty for the Champions League.

Game missed? No Problem, read here the most important scenes of the game!


The final WHISTLE

87. Minute GOAL ⚽: ALCACER hits from the point.

85. Minute – PENALTY: Again, nice play of Dortmund, the Ball bounces to the pole, Stenzel in front of Reus to the Ball and touched it with the Arm. There is a clear penalty for Dortmund.

83. Minute: The game is probably decided. Dortmund has made three well played goals, otherwise, Freiburg has played here, but very good.

80. Minute CHANGE: goalscorer Götze goes out, for him, comes Joker ALCACER.

79. Minute GOAL ⚽: A gate with the announcement. Sancho goes on the left, Three-against-Three Situation, Reus kreutz him in the back and then gets the Ball to the left of the five-meter-room plays and the captain passes the Ball directly back to where GÖTZE played the Ball in and pushes three meters.

73. Minute: substitute Gondorf with a distance shot that goes just past the post. Forest Schmidt would have been able to direct the Ball towards the goal, but took in the Off-standing goalkeeper Bürki.

71. Minute CHANGE: Höfler crosses from the left side of the Dortmund penalty area and forest Schmidt thrashes the Ball on the volley, but far to the left of the goal. In Dortmund, the recovered PULISIC for Guerreiro to the game.

70. Minute – EXCHANGE: Freiburg Strainer prank brings Frantz down and brings GONDORF.

66. Minute CHANGE: the Case of Freiburg must have a low Lechner down, the 21-Year-old DAFERNER Bundesliga experience. Previously, Stenzel tried it with a wide-shot, parried with a shot to the corner.

59. Minute – YELLOW CARD: Freiburg HABERER is shown a yellow card after he Reus. the kick him in the Ball wegspielt, in the knee. The free-kick brings nothing.

58. Minute: Low –lechner takes a Ball from the left of the penalty area directly, Bürki defends the flat Ball.

56. Minute CHANGE: The still-hobbled Wolf replaced TOPRAK.

54. Minute GOAL ⚽: The captain. REUS gets a Ball by Guerreiro in the interface is played, and pulls of to the right of the flat in the far corner.

16. Goal of the season for the BVB captain, Reus (right)

51. Minute: Delaney intercepts a poor pass from Heintz, plays on Sancho, but with the Ball on the right side of Grifo hang. Counter-Freiburg over to the left and Günter plays a high edge. Frantz takes the Ball with the chest, a shot comes out, a bit of bustle there, but then Bürki has the Ball.

49. Minute: Wolf is limping, but is back in the game. But he is not running. Whether this is useful?

47. Minute: Long Ball to Wolf who really attracts, but just before the goal line, he wants to flanks, but still with the feet in the lawn, hanging and hurt. This is not good. Dortmund must be the outside treated.

46. Minute: Dortmund kick-off and captain Reus wants to put on the pressure. His flat in administration but to team-mates and play against players over the sideline.


HALF-time – A game with no noteworthy highlights. Once Dortmund plays the game with his Tiki-Taka-and-so in the lead. But Freiburg is in the back. The game is not here yet.

45. Min: Reus picks up the Ball from Schlotterbeck, runs a few metres and then with the pass to the right to Sancho, but even if the idea is good, the Ball is too long.

42. Minute: Dortmund is in possession of the ball, but could not get Through. I had written half an hour ago already, and then the gate fell.

37. Minute: Dortmund pulls back a little. To Freiburg out the curls a bit, then with a quick counter-attack successful? At least in Freiburg makes it stronger.

30. Minute: Dortmund plays forward, but the formation of Freiburg and BVB will not come Through. Reus tries a Curling shot, but the Ball is too far and ends up in the goalkeeper Scholow. Two minutes later: Pass in the interface to Grifo, but Bürki comes before the Ball.

28. Minute: free kick from the far left for Freiburg. A Freiburg comes to a head to the ball, but not on the goal.

26. Minute: And again in Freiburg, this time in the Person of forest Schmidt, his shot from the second row is pretty dangerous, Dortmund’s goalkeeper with a shot but sees the Ball and stretches the Ball well to parry.

24. Minute: Best Chance for Freiburg. Low-Lechner fits Grifo from the right, his Ball is deflected by Weigl and flies flat over the gate.

18. Minute: Schlotterbeck plucks and tugs on götze’s shirt, then holds Franzt the leg. The consequence: free kick for Dortmund. Reus, get it done, the Ball flutters quite nice, but effort on goal. Shortly afterwards, Following a corner, the Ball lands at the outside of the penalty area, the Wolf, the volley, the Ball but not hitting correctly, and this far over the gate and threshing.

16. Minute: Nice idea, the shot of Sancho, but a little too short, so the Freiburg the Ball to block. In the meantime, the relationship is as expected. Dortmund is mainly in possession of the ball, Freiburg back in their own half.

14. Minute: A flat shot from Freiburg Günter from the second row, the warps the Ball to the right – but you can try Yes.

12. Minute GOAL ⚽: A good action and lead the guests from Dortmund. Throw-in from the left, Diallo on Guerreiro, fits quickly to Götze, Reus, and, in turn, fits flat from the left in the Fünfmmeterraum, where SANCHO the Ball from three metres in and pushes. That was nicely played quickly from the Dortmunder, but also a little careless of the free burgers.

Quickly played the Ball in goal net: The leading scorer is? In the middle of it (7): Sancho

10. Minute: A really interesting scene there was here, not yet. Dortmund tried to get a little more ball possession, but the Tempo or play a joke, nothing to see here.

7. Minute: Back in Freiburg, Frantz, then crosses Stenzel, but his cross finds no takers.

3. Minute: Dortmund is playing so far been cautious. By Pressing on the part of Freiburg, you can not necessarily speak, but the first is the thrust of the free burgers, but is harmless.

1. Minute: Dortmund in all Yellow, Freiburg, reaches, and plays in Red-and-Black.


15.22 PM: A point is in need of Dortmund, in the coming season in the Champions League play – that’s the goal of the season in the Black-and-Yellow. To continue to have a duel for the championship, you would have the BVB today, however, prevail, otherwise Bayern would be with four points in only four game days just to obtain even very difficult.

15.20 PM: Dortmund have not won in their last 15 games against Freiburg and lost. Coach Favre can re-use the recuperated Pulisic and Guerreiro, the Portuguese is also available directly in the starting lineup, displacing Bruun Larsen.
Bürki M. Wolf, Weigl, Akanji, Diallo – Witsel, Delaney – Sancho, Reus, Guerreiro M. Götze

15.16 PM: The table three ten has the second guest. Actually, a clear thing. Dortmund has more than twice as many points (66) such as Freiburg (32). The sports club has lost the last two games, and now the points are also essential. With the descent of Freiburg has nothing to do more, but theoretically, this would be a victory for the relegation for sure. The List:
Schwolow – P. Stenzel, K. Schlotterbeck, Heintz, C., Günter – Haberer, Höfler, Franz, Grifo – Waldschmidt – Low-Lechner.

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