Work victory of Bayern against Werder Bremen


Table leaders FC Bayern in the title final against Borussia Dortmund. The Munich defeat Werder Bremen almost. A place reference and a goal scored by a defender, decide the game.

Niklas Süle has kept Bayern in front of a goof in the title fight. In the first of two duels with Werder Bremen in five days in Munich, thanks to the national player a 1:0 (0:0) cheered. The 23-Year-old redeemed record Champions with a deflected shot (75.). The Bayern thanks to Süle and an increase in performance after the break and on course for seventh title in a row. Was favored the success of the Yellow-Red card for Werder defender Milos Veljkovic (58.).

In the table the team of coach Niko Kovac continued to expand the lead over Borussia Dortmund to four points. BVB can shorten on Sunday at SC Freiburg. Between Munich and Werder continues on Wednesday in the semi-finals of the DFB Cup in Bremen, Germany.

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BAYERN – BREMEN 1:0 (0:0)

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The FC Bayern meets the duty in the title race, and defeated Werder Bremen thanks to a goal from Niklas Süle (75.) earned with 1:0 (0:0). The only criticism of the table leader, though: He had to lie in the last half-hour against ten-Bremen many high-profile opportunities and would have a higher need to win. For Werder, it is the first defeat in a competitive match in the year 2019.

The final WHISTLE!

90. Minute +3: The Bayern play-the-clock locker.

90. Minute +2: Goretzka lifts the Ball over Pavlenka, the Ball flies just wide of the left post and past.

90. Minute +1: Three minutes to be played.

89. Minute: Werder had in the second half so far, not a single chance of scoring. Since the place of reference, the Bremen will come out hardly from the own half. The 0:1 residue is rather flattering.

87. Minute: EXCHANGE at Bayern. In the last minutes of play SANCHES for Gnabry.

85. Minute: double chance for Bayern to counter-attack: Only Goretzka cross instead of shoot, then chasing Lewandowski the Ball over the goal.

81. Minute: EXCHANGE at Werder, PIZARRO comes on for Sahin, even the Bayern Fans applaud for the Oldie.

79. Minute: Lewandowski slots the Ball in the penalty area from the bar of the Bremer tor. Pavlenka would not come rank.

78. Minute: so Far, everything is going according to Plan for the Munich. 1:0 – and it’s not from the looks of things, ten Bremen may change.

⚽ 75. Minute: PENALTY for Bayern! SÜLE! The Bayern defender draws from 18 meters hard, Klaasen faking the Ball, so that the shiny Pavlenka in the Werder goal no chance. 1:0!

73. Minute: EXCHANGE at Werder. OSAKO replaces Rashica.

72. Minute: According to a further corner of the Munich clarifies Klaassen short of the line in front of Ribery.

71. Minute: EXCHANGE at Bayern. Müller, RIBERY .

70. Minute: Boateng crosses in the direction of the right post, Müller and a header from three meters distance at the target.

69. Minute: Pavlenka parried a low shot from 14 meters.

66. Minute: 1:0 for Bayern in the air. You can use the Excess to make the wings. In conclusion, you are, however, inaccurate.

63. Minute: Muller crosses from the right, Pavlenka is defined in front of Lewandowski to head the ball high increased.

60. Minute: in EXCHANGE for both Teams. In the case of the Münchenern now plays GORETZKA ffor Martinez, at the Bremen LANGKAMP for Möhwald.

59. Minute: Lewandowski puts the free-kick from 20 metres in the Bremen wall and the second attempt to the left of the goal.

Veljkovic needs to with Yellow-Red from the square, bitter for Werder

58. Minute: YELLOW-RED against Bremen VELJKOVIC after a Foul on Süle. A harsh decision from referee Welz.

57. Minute: The next good Chance for Bayern. Coman puts on for Lewandowski. His shot from ten metres parried again Pavlenka.

54. Minute: And again Gnabry. The national players is two against Bremen and flat from ten metres. Pavlenka parried the shot, from the right-hand post but the Ball flies into the goal. The corner will remain without consequences.

52. Min: Gnabry penetrates in the box, fits in a cross that Lewandowski. Instead of shooting himself, plays the Pole of the Ball with the hoe to the rear. Gnabry comes finally to a conclusion, but a Bremen defensive leg is in between.

49. Minute: After a dream pass from Kimmich pulls Lewandowski five meters in front of the gate. But the angle was too sharp, Pavlenka parried.

46. Minute: The Ball rolls back, the second half has begun. Both Teams will play unchanged.


Table leaders FC Bayern’s hard to find the compact and disciplined Werder defense, which allows little. The Bremen show, why are you in this year in competitive games, still undefeated. In the Offensive they have so far been almost ineffective.

The mid-term!

44. Min: Gnabry, so far the best Bayern player sprints with the Ball into the Bremen penalty area, and pulls from a tight angle. Over.

43. Minute: For tactics-experts may be attractive, what is currently on the court happens. But it is not flicking the Tongue.

41. Minute: A free kick Alabas from a good Position 20 yards in front of the Bremen goal, ends up in the Bremen wall.

39. Minute: Now had the Bremer a counter chance, but Rashicas edge becomes the prey of Kimmich, the one with the head in between. No danger to the Bayern goal.

38. Minute: Werder is now mainly engaged in the Bayern attacks. To the front anything goes.

35. Minute: After a long Ball on the right post of the Bayern-gate comes Gnabry almost more of the Ball. The Werder defence had seen him in the goal.

32. Minute: According to a further Gnabry corner comes Lewandowski in our backs to the wall Situation with the head to the Ball, but not exactly place. Three meters to the left of the Bremen goal.

31. Minute: A half hour is played. Bayern, meanwhile, have significantly more possession of the ball, but near misses rather scarce. Both defensive safe series.

29. Min: Kruse is playing Rashica on the right of the penalty area, but the Bayern goalkeeper Ulreich has been paying attention, rushes out of his box and clears.

28. Minute: YELLOW against Bremen VELJKOVIC after a Foul on Lewandowski.

26. Minute: The first Chance of the game in the Munich. Thiago lifts the Ball into the penalty area, Gnabry shoots on the volley but Pavlenka parried shiny. The following corner brings nothing.

23. Minute: a good chance for Bayern: Lewandowski plays in the penalty area to Coman, whose cross finds no takers.

21. Minute: Müller draws from 17 meters. His shot device to lax, Pavlenka in the Werder goal.

20. Minute: It remains the case, the Bavarians have a hard time with the bold pace of the Bremer.

17. Minute: Bayern coach Kovac is unhappy with the current appearance of his Team and is gesture-rich instructions. Kohfeldt makes this since the first Minute.

15. Minute: free kick chance for Bayern in a promising Position 25 yards from goal after a Foul on Müller. And then the: Thiago lifts the Ball towards the right corner of the net, but none of his teammates has in mind.

11. Minute: After a Werder corner, the Munich have the Chance to counterattack, but two inaccurate Lines to make the opportunity come to naught.

8. Minute: After the first Bayern corner by Thiago comes Martinez five yards from goal to head the ball. Two meters on the right past the post.

6. Minute: Eggemann draws from six yards, but the Bayern defender Süle took care of it and clears for a corner. The remains without consequences.

3. Minute: Werder attacked the Bavarians early in the half. The Munich is not so far out of their own half.

The kick-off!

15.29 PM:
The Munich Arena with 75,000 spectators sold out. The referee is Tobias Welz.

15.27 PM: This Werder starting line-up sends Kohfeldt to the square: Pavlenka – Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Moisander, Augustinsson – Sahin – M. Eggestein, Klaassen – Möhwald – Kruse, Rashica.

15.24 PM: Werder Bremen comes with a broad chest. “We are in 2019, still unbeaten,“ said Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt in the “Sky.” “But of course, we play against the best team in Germany. We want to tackle it with courage, but not naive. This is the maximum challenge, but we want to win.”

15.21 PM: The Münchenen on midfielder James Rodriguez without. The Colombians missing due to adductor problems. Also not in the squad after his thigh strain , Mats Hummels, in the centre of defence, as expected by Jerome Boateng, will, and captain Manuel Neuer (muscle fiber tear in the calf), for the again Sven Ulreich in goal. This is the starting XI of Bayern: Ulreich – Kimmich, Süle, Boateng, Alaba – Javi Martinez, Thiago – Gnabry, Müller, Coman – Lewandowski.

15.19 PM: “The senses are all sharpened,” said Bayern coach Niko Kovac in the “Sky”Interview. “We were the hunter, now we are the hunted. But we want to bring now to the finish. For this, we want to and must win this game against Werder.”

15.17 PM: The long-distance-duel in the title fight goes down this time, with a time delay. The FC Bayern today against the strong table seventh Werder Bremen , Borussia Dortmund, occurs on Sunday at SC Freiburg. In the table, the Munich-based lead, one point ahead of BVB, no rest for the Bayern.

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