Double with history


Werder Bremen could spoil Bayern Munich’s season. Within five days both of them meet each other in League and Cup. In Bremen, has two trump cards: A young coach and an old striker.

It is now all too often, that the Bayern-praise the giants an opponent. Usually you put your club in the spotlight. Can you stumble upon actually, only if you show a weakness. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has praised recently Werder Bremen. “Basically, I see the development of Werder Bremen very positive,” said the Chairman of the Board of the record of the master of the “Weser Kurier”, “in particular, since you have with Florian Kohfeldt a new coach that fits very well to this Club and this team.”

It may, of course, that Rummenigge just wanted to be polite in front of the two duels, in which the Bremen stumbling block could be for Bayern. First of all, on Easter Saturday, in the fight for the championship in Munich (15:30 in the DW live Ticker for this), then, next Wednesday, in Bremen in the semi-finals of the DFB-Pokal (at 20:30, also in the DW live Ticker for this). Lose, FC Bayern, then you could look at the end of the season empty-handed. The Cup would be already gone, the seventh title in the series in the Bundesliga, with high probability, because you want to avoid the tracker Borussia Dortmund, then at least the home games should be confidently obtained.

Former title rival, today, points supplier

And of course the Bayern measure go in as clear favorites in these two North-South forces. Bremen is just starting to establish itself after a few lean years back in the top half of the table. In regions that were in the 80-ies and 90-ies years of the last century, as a matter of course on the river Weser. As the tempo of the had the nose in front, luchsten to the rival one or the other title. “Those were great fights back then,” recalled Rummenigge today, “comparable to the Play today against Borussia Dortmund”.

This year, thousands of Bremen, however, is regularly used as cannon fodder for the FCB. The last 18 games between the two were, without exception, to the Bavaria, the last seven home games, conceding Werder scored 36 goals. Nevertheless, Kohfeld, since one and a half years in charge of the Bremen line, not abschenken game even before the kickoff: “We meet on the still strongest team in Germany,” stated the Coach, “but we also have our weapons to hurt them. Our basic idea remains the same: We want to win every game”.

Werder coach Kohfeldt at a tribute to the coach of the year in Cologne

Fresh Wind by coach Kohfeldt

The focus, the 36-Year-old, spent currently on the League game was a Cup semi-final against the League-table leader in the Weser stadium, regardless of the euphoria in the Hanseatic city still in the minds of his players: “It is beautifully executed in a row. Tactics don’t come on the Saturday in question, we will unpack everything.”

Kohfeldt has blossomed within a very short time to a Bundesliga coach. In March, he has been with the trainer price in 2018 of the German football Association awarded, after he had taken over the club in 17th place and then to secure relegation. And now the Cup semi-final and a realistic chance of Reaching the Europa League. For national team Manager Oliver Bierhoff it is “impressive, how matter-of-Florian Kohfeldt a sympathy carrier in the League”. He disseminate a “contagious enthusiasm”, said the DFB Director of national teams: “The players rave about his open and authentic. For Werder Bremen, he is a godsend.”

Who Pizza “brings happiness”?

Claudio Pizarro – football-Old man, between Bremen and Munich

The stroke of luck needed in the Games against Bayern, of course, also moments of happiness. And in doing so, he also hopes his striker-Oldie Claudio Pizarro. “Claudio is the players that know how success goes. This is a property that is in such Games.” The formula for success has learned of the Peruvians, especially in Munich. Nine of his more than 20 years as a professional he is, with the current competitors under contract, nine meanwhile, in the case of Werder. No wonder the 40-Year-old is torn between the two cities and Clubs.

On Wednesday only Rummenigge the Online Portal “ said,” that Pizarro could return to “Munich and the role of an Ambassador”. But Werder hopes on the whereabouts of the club icon. “Of course, we have a great interest to tie Claudio, even after his career in any Form of Werder,” said head of sports Frank Baumann. After all, you trust again, to offer the Bavaria, the forehead, the Green-and-White. Let’s see if Karl-Heinz Rummenigge praises next Wednesday evening.