Eintracht Frankfurt have reached the semi-finals of the Europa League


Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt creates the small football miracle: The Hesse make up for in the return game in their own stadium with a great fighting spirit, the 2:4-defeat of the Lisbon and are in the semi-finals of the Europa League.

Eintracht Frankfurt is for the first time since the Triumph in the UEFA Cup 39 years ago in the semi-finals of a European competition. The team moved in by 2:0 (1:0)-success against Benfica in the semi-final of the Europa League. The first leg had lost the Hesse, 2:4, and were therefore, thanks to the away goals rule in the round of the last Four, where Chelsea is at 2. and 9. May the opponent is. The Londoners claimed after the 1:0 in the first leg in their own stadium with a 4:3 (4:1) against Slavia Prague. “It went perfectly for us,” said the Eintracht midfielder Danny da Costa after the final whistle.

The opening goal for Frankfurt by Filip Kostic in the 37. Minute discussion: According to a post shot of Mijat Gacinovic of the Serb empty net – but Offside. The video evidence comes in the Europa League only in the final, the referee acknowledged the goal. Benfica’s Coach Bruno location protested loudly and was banished by the Referee to the stands. “It’s good that there are still errors,” said Eintracht sporting Director Fredi Bobic after the controversial scene.

The 2:0 scored to the cheers of 48,000 spectators in the sold-out Frankfurt stadium Sebastian Rode with a shot from the penalty area after 67 minutes. “Finally, a goal of mine, and then a so important,” said the match-winner.

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90. Minute +3: YELLOW for JOAO FELIX.

90. Minute +3: The Frankfurter defend now with man and mouse, even if you are all on the gums.

90. Minute +1: A spasm in Valette leads to the EXCHANGE of Concord: WILLEMS .

90. Minute +1: Four minutes to be played.

89. Minute: A distance shot of Gedson Fernandez sweeps just over the bar of the Eintracht goal.

88. Minute: Eintracht-supporters cheer every ball and winning the state of Hesse.

86. Minute: CHANGE in the harmony. Rode, the scorer at the 2:0, leaving to the cheers of the Frankfurt Fans of the place, TORRO comes in.

85. Minute,: Uiii, that was a close one. Salvio hits the right post of the Frankfurter tor.

85. Minute: The Frankfurt appear at the end of their forces, but more everything.

83. Minute: YELLOW against Frankfurt REBIC. He signaled to the Bank: Change me, please! Rebic would be missing in the semi-final second leg, he was biased Yellow.

82. Minute: Can the Eintracht the lead over the time to save? Each of the discharge attack, it is applauded.

79. Minute: CHANGE for Benfica. JONAS comes on for Almeida. Lisbon blows for the final offensive.

78. Minute: YELLOW against Eintracht defender FALETTE after a Foul against Almeida. Dangerous Free Kick Position. Joao Felix comes to a head to the ball. Over it. The Eintracht Fans can breathe again.

76. Minute: The final quarter of an hour has begun. EXCHANGE now on the Eintracht: PACIENCIA replaced Jovic.

74. Minute: YELLOW for Frankfurt ABRAHAM after a Foul on Grimaldo.

72. Minute: the next EXCHANGE in Lisbon: SALVIO comes, Rafa Silva.

71. Minute: Rode tried it with a left-footed shot, Vlachodimos is still there on the corner. The brings nothing.

70. Minute: CHANGE for Benfica PIZZI replaces Samaris.

69. Minute: now is the Concord in the semi-finals of the Europa League. Benfica must come now, otherwise it was for the Portuguese.

Rode (2.v.l.) dimension has taken his shot ends up in the Benfica goal to 2:0

⚽ 67. Minute: PENALTY for Eintracht! RODE! From the box he pulls that flat in the right hand corner. 2:0 for Eintracht!

66. Minute: The mood in the Frankfurt Arena is more shiny, a sea in black-and-white.

63. Minute: Rebic makes a really strong game. His beautiful Pass in the penalty area but finds no buyers.

60. Minute: Eintracht has, after initial uncertainty captured again. The next Almost-Chance, but Jovic shot remains in the Benfica defence.

59. Minute: Rebics head to the ball lands on the Benfica goal. The hit would not have counted, Rebic, who was ruled Offside.

57. Min: Beautiful single action of Gacinovic. He draws from 20 meters flat, just next to the right post.

55. Minute: Frankfurt is impressed by the new Offensive drive of the guest. Eintracht has lost a bit of the thread.

52. Min: Samaris comes free to head to the ball, but not enough pressure behind the Ball, Eintracht Keeper Trapp.

51. Minute: Benfica makes it clear now more pressure.

47. Minute: Almost an own goal from the Eintracht! Joao Felix dribbles through the box, fits sharply to the inside, from the leg Falettes Ball rebound next to the goal. Good luck for Frankfurt. The corner will remain without consequences.

46. Minute: The Ball rolls. The second half has begun. Both teams are unchanged and come from the cabins.


Half the battle is done after the first half. Frankfurt lead by the goal from Filip Kostic (36.) with 1:0. A gate feeder is missing the semi-final, provided Benfica. The leadership of the Concord is earned, even if the goal may not count for an offside position of Kostic.

The mid-term!

45. Minute +1: Da Costa verstolpert the penalty area a shot, there would be more to it.

45. Minute +1: There are three minutes seconds.

44. Minute: Rebic’s angry. He was due to start, but Kostics Pass was too inaccurate.

43. Minute: The next Chance for the Frankfurter: Kostic crosses from the left, Jovic comes six yards from goal to head the ball. Over it.

40. Minute: Benfica coach position has violently protested and must for the remainder of the match on the grandstand.

38. Minute: Frankfurt was lucky, Kostic at Gacinovics shot in an Offside position. Good for the harmony that there is in the Europa League is still no video evidence. The will be introduced in this competition only to season 2020/21.

Kostic (l.) celebrated his opening goal for Eintracht

⚽ 36. Minute: PENALTY for Eintracht! KOSTIC! Gacinovic hits from 18 metres to the left post of the Benfica goal, then recovered the rebound for 1:0.

34. Min: Over half an hour played, and still we wait for the first good scoring chance of the game. This speaks for the quality of the defensive series here.

31. Minute: Rebic fits Jovic, but the hits 20 yards from goal the Ball properly. Be shot the device to the Bowl.

29. Minute: At the Eintracht-Fans is it not, that there is still a draw. You provide from the first Minute spine-tingling mood.

26. Minute: It is a patience game. What are the defensive line is the first nakedness?

23. Minute: A faster attack of the Concord ends in the previously uncompromising Benfica defence, Rebic does not come to a conclusion.

20. Minute: The Frankfurt defense is very the attention of the defenders rather go on the safe side, than risk to play.

16. Min: Da Costa sent Gacinovic steep, the Pass device is a little optimistic, Benfica goalkeeper Vlachodimos is out of his box, and to me.

15. Minute: After the first quarter of an hour is the tactic of the Frankfurt clear: no Hooray football with the risk of unnecessary counter hit to start, but controlled the Offensive.

12. Minute: After the second corner of Concord by Kostic comes Falette five yards from goal to head the ball, can the leather but not really pressing. Over it. Frankfurt have now taken over the command.

10. Minute: Kostic is steep on the left and get the first corner of the Frankfurter. The brings nothing.

8. Minute: first good Chance for the Eintracht: Rebic on the penalty area border, cross-Kostic, the 14-meters flat is peeling. Benfica goalkeeper Vlachodimos parried.

6. Minute: Seferevic plays steeply to Joao Felix, but the Eintracht Keeper Trapp has been paying attention, rushes out of his area and clears.

5. Minute: Still is none of the two teams dangerously close to the enemy gate.

2. Minute: The Concord is the same in the forward movement. Benfica attacked the Frankfurter, however, in the morning.

The kick-off!


20.59 PM: of Course, the Frankfurter Arena with 48,000 sold. Referee of the match is the Italian Daniele Orsato. The 43-Year-old was at the world Cup in 2018 as a Video referee. In this season, the whistle from Orsato in the Champions League game of Borussia Dortmund at Atletico Madrid, 2:0 for the Spaniards, the 5:1 victory of FC Bayern and Benfica, as well as the 1:3 defeat in Munich in the eighth-final second leg against Liverpool.

20.56 PM: Also Frankfurt’s Ex-coach , Niko Kovac pushes today, the thumb – “from the Couch“, as the Coach of the Bundesliga table leader says. He believed in the harmony: “The opportunities are there. I would like it to be.”

20.53 PM: And this Benfica starting line-up sent to the Portuguese Trainer Bruno position on the field: Vlachodimos – Almeida, Jardel, R. Dias, Grimaldo – Fernandes, Samaris, Fejsa, Rafa Silva, Joao Felix, Seferovic.

20.51 PM: The Frankfurter in need of defence, without a regular player Martin Hinteregger do. The Austrians, after his thigh injury is not fit in time and is represented on the left side of Simon Falette. This is the Eintracht starting line-up: Trapp – Abraham, Hasebe, Falette – G. Fernandes, Rode – da Costa, Kostic – Gacinovic – Jovic, Rebic.

20.48 clock: “We need to play aggressively and allowed to Benfica’s no room,” said Eintracht coach Adi Hütter in the RTL Interview. “Otherwise it will be dangerous.” And how he wants to take three times the Benfica scorers from the first leg, the 19-year-old Shooting Star Joao Felix out of the game? “You can’t do that. We need to surround him.”

20.45: The hope lives in Concord. After the 2:4 a week ago in Lisbon to Frankfurt today in the return game at home against Benfica with a 2-0 would be enough success to reach the semi-finals of the Europa League.

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