Pep Guardiola and Manchester City: How can you leave like that?


In a rousing game Tottenham is losing Hotspur at Manchester City and wins yet. Thanks to the away goals rule is Tottenham. A failure that is attributed to that one: Pep Guardiola.

He had seen enough. Pep Guardiola walked with the final whistle from thence. The thick, fashionable sweater, he got rid of this fresh evening in Manchester for a long time. Too much excitement, heat, and Yes, even anger. The camera followed for a while his bald back of the head on the way in the direction of the stadium-catacombs, then he was out of sight. It was a special night for coach Star Pep Guardiola, will probably still take a long how he could lose this game.

Because everything had started after the 0:1 defeat in the first leg of the Tottenham Hotspurs as well: After just four minutes, the residue was offset by a goal from Raheem Sterling – the fastest Champions League goal for Manchester United in the history. Everything went in the right direction for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola. But two incredible defensive errors within 180 seconds later, City were a shambles: The first-leg successful Ex-Leverkusen’s Heung-Min Son took advantage of two catastrophic failures of the City defence to the counter-attack (7. and 10. Minute) – Tottenham led 2:1.

The City defense distributed invitations

Son of the clouds: The Korean brings Tottenham back into the game

Manchester needed to score three goals. And how it wanted to the script of this crazy football game, were: Bernardo Silva replied by return of post with a deflected shot for the 2:2 compensation (11.), Raheem Sterling has increased a little later to 3:2 (21.) and Sergio Agüero in the second half, to the point (59.), so Manchester City stand with one leg in the semi-finals of the Champions League. But then Fernando Llorente came. With a hip and hit to the 3:4 from the point of view of Tottenham, the Spaniard caused a shock in the camp of the baby blue (73.). Again a defensive error from City, again an invitation to the guests, the assumptions on which these gratefully. And now Manchester was once again outside.

An explanation for this turn to actually Jolly good catch-up is that Pep Guardiola moved shortly after the 4:2 backup, rather than the preliminary decision. Only four minutes after agüero’s goal Guardiola David Silva took from the field, brought the defensive-oriented Fernandinho and letting his team are now more cautious, defensive act. Exactly that was the Problem.

The house of cards of Manchester collapse

Tottenham, which seemed to fail because of violation of conditional default hard, came back into the game. A standard situation and with a deft swing of the hips of Llorente were enough to bring the City card house to Collapse.

“We are totally disappointed. We played well and it was very entertaining, but in the end, unfortunately, not for us,” said City defender Vincent Kompany after the game, the course still had a dramatic conclusion: In stoppage time of the alleged 5:3 was not recognized by Sterling, according to video evidence – and rightly so, as the replay showed, because there was an offside situation.

“It is cruel”

A brilliant game maker is not enough for City at the end of Kevin De Bruyne (m.) did everything for More

And so Pep Guardiola had to watch again the other, while Playing the Champions League title. The bitter in their own stadium after at least offensively splendid performance with a brilliantly triumphant playmaker Kevin De Bruyne and a freezing executing Raheem Sterling raises a number of questions: How to fly a team, which is preparing to win the Premier League, against a struggling League rivals in the competition? The answer leads relatively quickly to Guardiola.

In addition to his early notice that he refused once more to one of his best players Switch to Defensive: Leroy Sané. In the 80’s. Minute the camera showed him in Close-up. A shocked expression, gaze. The German national players sweating, as so often this season, on the bench. Shortly before the end, Guardiola brought the disgraced offensive artist who is able to do in the remaining minutes, but nothing more. And because his personnel decisions in the Defensive proved to be unhappy, is Pep Guardiola once more, prematurely out of the Champions League. After his Premier class titles with FC Barcelona in 2009 and 2011, the Champions League, which ended for him with disappointment. “It is cruel, but we must accept it,” said Pep Guardiola after the game. And his voice sounded bitter, as he continued his analysis: “We have made mistakes and be punished in this competition immediately.” Maybe the coach meant by that this Time also his own mistakes.