The Catholic radio service of worship on Easter Sunday, 21. April, from the parish Church of St. Joseph in Berlin-Mitte live in Germany radio from 10.05 PM


Celebrant and preacher Archbishop Dr. Heiner Koch. The Church leadership John Wilhelm.

The solemn service will be music by the choir of the St. Hedwigs-Cathedral, the capella vitalis berlin, and an orchestra. The organ plays the Cathedral organist Thomas Sauer. The musical Director Director of music Harald Schmitt.

The parish Church of St. Joseph in Berlin-Wedding is a neo-romantic of the Church in Berlin Arbeiterkiez and since September of last year, the evasive Church due to renovation and remodelling closed St. Hedwig’s Cathedral. The interior of the 1909 consecrated Joseph Church is decorated with mosaics and wall of the “Beuron school” paintings – a group of artists, founded in 1868 at the Abbey of Beuron, a renewal of the Catholic Church art. The crypt of the Church, whose apse and the Altar were bombed in the war, is dedicated to the memory of Max Josef Metzger, who has worked in the Wedding. The priest and pacifist, was on 17. April, 1944, almost exactly 75 years ago in Brandenburg executed.

The congregation of the parish Church of St. Joseph is as colorful as the neighborhood. Approximately 9,000 Catholics from more than 100 Nations. Up to the re-inauguration of the Cathedral, many members of the Domgemeinde celebrate here in the divine service. Suitable to the district of Wedding the Church is dedicated to Saint Joseph, the Patron Saint of the workers.