Portugal running out of Fuel


The Portuguese government has declared an “energy emergency” and is in response to the strike of tank truck drivers. Hundreds of tank are closed already, now is also at the airports of the scarce fuel.

The tanker drivers are on strike since Monday, and the better workers are demanding rights. At the same time they guaranteed the operation of minimum services. According to the socialist government, this Minimum was not carried out but the fuel supplies were running low.

Airports are on “Reserve”

In Faro, one of the largest tourist centers in the South of the country, the airport is on emergency fuel reserves. The Lisbon airport is affected. “On both airports, we have reached critical amounts of fuel reserves for aircraft refueling,” said economy Minister Pedro Siza Vieira and responded: On Tuesday evening, the government called the “Energy crisis”.

Officially, energy is a “state of emergency”: the police and the civil protection are on heightened alert. And: Every Portuguese, the have a driving licence for a tank truck, must report to the police. But whether people will eventually need to drive a tank truck that is open.

In particular, Diesel is scarce

The strike was very effective: in Front of the tank long car queues formed in the country. Especially, the Diesel is just fuel, most of the cars refuel in Portugal. Hundreds of tank the most in the holiday region of the Algarve in the South are already closed.

The traffic on Portugal’s motorways is manageable

In Portugal, active fuel group Prio expected that almost half of its stations will be until the end of the day, the Fuel. Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that the government’s attempts “to stabilize the Situation and to normalize”, especially when families over the Easter holidays to travel days to get home.

The government tried on Wednesday to solve at a Meeting with the trade Union and the National Association for public road traffic, the conflict.

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