Iranian fighter arrest in the home threatens


Because she has worn in to your Box fight a headscarf is against Sadaf Khadem in Iran, a warrant for your arrest. Out of fear of arrest, he cannot return to the Competition and remains in France.

The 24-year-old Iranian female boxer and her Trainer decided after the tournament in France, not to return to Iran, as their spokesperson Clara Dallay to the AFP news Agency said. Sadaf Khadem is accused of in their home is a violation of the headscarf compulsory, after they had contested the Race without a headscarf. Against you a warrant.

With your Trainer you would have to actually take on Tuesday a plane back to Iran, remained instead, but in French Poitiers. Even their coach, the former world Boxing champion Mahjar Monschipur, threatens, according to the arrest in Iran, because he was suspected of complicity. Monschipur had been informed via SMS about the arrest warrant, said the spokesman.

In their first fight defeated Sadaf, the French boxer Anne Chauvin Khadem

Khadem was started as the first Iranian female boxer to an official Competition, although women in Iran are prohibited in Boxing matches. The fitness instructor from Tehran won against the French woman, Anne Chauvin.

She was in Shorts and a tank top without a scarf. A few days before the Competition, she had said that she wanted to make as far as possible to the boxes and other Iranian women so keen on these sports.

Head cloth obligation for the past 40 years

The Iranian Boxing Federation, said that they will organize in the future no fights for women, and no responsibility for boxers. Iranian women have to wear in addition to Fight, always the Hijab, as well as abroad.

Recently a woman was sentenced in Iran to one year in prison because they had violated the headscarf mandatory. The law States that women must wear from the age of nine in Public with a headscarf. This obligation exists since 40 years.

Oh/sti (afp, rtr, DW)