House cat or wild kitty?


Whether to let his cat in front of the door, is for many owners is a difficult question. When it comes to the health of your four-legged friends, the answer is simply this: Indoor cats have fewer diseases.

Prefer a tiger or a wild kitty that hunts mice? This is a question many cat owners, if you have your sweet family is growing fresh in the house. Alone from the health standpoint, the life of cats in the house, but safer. It is not only car accidents, or collisions with other animals. Also, the risk of infection in Outside-cats, is much higher – for animals and humans.

A Meta-study in the journal Biology Letters has shown that cats that rumstreunen out, have almost three times as many parasites as their parlor, the sitting counterparts. That is not only for the dogs to be a Problem. Also the health of their owners is therefore subject to a higher risk. Because of some cat diseases that people can develop. The toxoplasmosis and cat scratch disease, the means include, for example, because it is transmitted by scratch wounds. The responsible parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, and Bartonella henslae, are for healthy adults, although more or less harmless. For children, babies in the womb, and people with a weak immune system but can have the toxoplasmosis are also more serious consequences of flu-like symptoms to schizophrenia or miscarriages.

Especially young kittens should remain the first months in the house

Similar as with humans, young animals are cats especially prone to diseases and parasites. Especially in the first months, kittens should stay on the chair in the living room, and not to the remote corners of the neighborhood to explore. This is also better for the really wild animals, such as Puma, Panther, or even sea otters. Because the can become infected in cats with diseases that your immune system is not set.

What has shown the analysis of the scientists, moreover, that the further cats away lived from the Equator, the more parasites you have. Contrary to the assumption that animals in the tropics the disease, the infection probability for the Outside cats per degree of latitude by 4 percent.

Indoors or outdoors? Both sides have their pros and night parts. When it comes to parasitic infections cats cut off but definitely better.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    Naughty, fat and lazy

    The fat cat-Garfield since 1978. He lives with the dimwitted dog Odie and the outsider Jon. The best environment for a bored, cynical cat: Jon and Odie don’t get it if Garfield suits up to something. In 2004, the lasagna-addicted cat comes to the movies, two sequels to follow.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    Resistance is futile

    He executes the most difficult jobs, he brings out the worst types. He is of noble Spanish origin, he is fast, his claws are sharp like razor blades. He is “puss in boots” and the Only thing that amazes him is when he has to spew out a ball of fur. His role in the “Shrek”movies, was so successful that he has even got it’s own game film.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    Cats need an awful lot of music

    In 1970, the fine, single cat lady Duchesse captured screens with their three children to the cinema. You come to the alley cat Thomas O’malley and a wild bunch of Jazz-mad cats. Of course, in the Disney film “the Aristocats” a villain, a lot of jazz music and, of course, moonlight, and love in the Paris of the 1920s.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    Cats and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

    Fritz the Cat is a cult in the 1970s. This Anarcho-cat comes from the pen of comic book artist Robert Crumb: A sex and drug addict cat, binging and kiffend through life, sex parties, celebrating and finally to the bomber. In 1971, the Comic will be made into a film-Strip. It is the first animated movie ever, in the you may only from the age of 18.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    The bad gelaunteste cat ever

    What would be the network without a cat content? The most famous Web-cat “Grumpy Cat” (grumpy cat) owes its face the expression of a genetic Defect. What has brought in your case, lucky, Grumpy is a Internet-Hype, and their owners have become the marketing realm. The cat is showered with prizes, among other things, for the “Meme of the Year 2013”.

  • more Elf cult-cats

    …and here is the luxury variant

    Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s Muse. Where he was, was the fine lady. In extra for they styled Transport-bag, with two maids, a cook and a Bodyguard. Choupette was modeling, tweeted, and led otherwise live a completely normal luxury. A It Cat.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    A tragic figure

    Sylvester has only one goal: to catch the little yellow Canary Tweety bird and eat them. But the bird is always a little faster than the cat. What is particularly annoying: Tweety knows everything always better. And drives Sylvester regularly in the madness. The two belong to the Warner animated film-Ensemble “Looney Tunes”.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    Cat and mouse

    Between 1940 and 1967, the Comic book power Couple of Tom and Jerry the movie screens uncertain, until you come later on TV in 1976 in Germany. The Story is also very simple: Tom wants to catch Jerry, Jerry escapes. In the case of the wild hunts both don’t shy away from violence, regular explosives to go high. Seven cinema follow to get the Oscar, six more have been nominated.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    The talking cat

    In the children’s book series “pettson and Findus” mixes the exuberant cat Findus to be old Mr Chen is correct. He has only nonsense in your head, but really bad none of him. Findus can only speak with other animals, the only person he thinks he is “the old man” Pettersson. The books of Swedish writers Sven Nordqvist, there are also in the animated version.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    A dream in Pink

    You polarized like no other fashion cat: “Hello Kitty” is all the rage in girl’s rooms, it is cheesy and a world-famous brand. There is hardly a subject without Hello-Kitty-Label: children’s cassette recorder, guitars, bags, furniture, and dead heads. While the target audience (young, female) is crazy about it, comes across this cat design somewhere else, rather a sense of helplessness.

  • Eleven Cult-Cats

    Cat and villain

    The evil villain Blofeld is James bond’s worst enemy. In the various adventures of the 007 agents of the fiend appears, most of the time he is sitting in some opulent secret lair, where more baddies, build evil machines. Blofeld has always been a white Persian cat on his lap, he rubbed tenderly. That makes him doubly scary.

    Author: Silke Wünsch