France wins FIFA eNations Cup


France rejoices, Germany disappointed: At the Premiere of the eNations Cup of virtual football it is quite similar as in the last world Cup. For the DFB selection was already after the group stage.

France (R) rejoices in the title, Argentina (left) consoles himself with a check

20 Nations, a title – the Premiere of the FIFA eNations Cup is history. And, interestingly, Parallel to the football of the analog world were the first national team tournament in the virtual football. While Germany already had to delete after the group phase, the sailing, will triumph in the end, the team of world champion by 2018: France.

At the tournament, it went to the title, around 88,000 euros in prize money and points for the FIFA eWorld Cup. In the finals it came to a duel, which would have expected before the tournament just a few: Argentina against France. In the first half of a game on the Playstation between “Nicolas99FC” (Argentina), and “Maestro” (France) – was able to gain any advantage, the game ended 1:1. But during the second half – a duel on the Xbox between “Yagocai” (Argentina), and “DaXe” (France) quickly became a visible difference: The Frenchman Lucas Cuillerier aka “DaXe” quickly went 2:0 in the lead, was then still the goal, brought the victory but in the end on the time.

Shortly after the final whistle cheering broke out in the camp of the French male, nine months after the real national team now also in the virtual football crown put on. “I don’t know what to say, this is incredible. We have tried to do our Job and won. I am very proud of my team-mates (Lucas Cuillerier, Anm. d. Red.), allez les Bleus!”, Corentin Thuillier, alias “Maestro said,” after the game. The final victory brought both a prize money of 35,000 Euro, Argentina remained still, a good 17,000 euros.

0:9 – Bitter disappointment for the DFB-Duo

Hearty Broke in the first round: After a 0:9 Germany drove home

Disappointment reigned in the camp of the German football Association. “We imagined everything would be different,” said Michael Bittner alias for “Megabit” after the early preliminary rounds of the German team in London. “The disappointment,” he continued with a slightly trembling voice, “is, of course, huge”. Together with Mohammed Harkous alias “MoAuba” wanted to Bittner points at the first tournament on the international Level. But instead, there were long faces. With hanging heads both fell in their gaming together, as the game was over one of the armchairs: the clear how painful defeat against Brazil (0:9) Germany had to play three of four group-no more Chance to qualify from the group.

“It hurts us really, that we could not deliver,” said “megabits” Bittner. The 20-Year-old had taken the 7:1 for the opener against Norway, and 3:6 against Argentina after two wins on the Xbox. Only a single success by Playstation players Harkous, as well as unusual weaknesses in the double brought the DFB-selection, but to your success. The final duel with Sweden (4:4) on Sunday was meaningless.

Target: a single world Cup in the summer

Certain it is that DFB is likely to have far promised more of his first steps in eSports. Until the end of March, the Association had launched the first German enational team, and the two Bremen for the world Federation FIFA and game manufacturer EA Sports launched Team world Cup nominated. Before the start, the Duo had referred to in addition to Saudi Arabia as a “tournament favorite”.

Consolation for the DFB: “MoAuba” and “MegaBit” in the current world ranking list on the Playstation Top-Ten-places, and are on the best way to secure a Ticket for the individual world Cup in the summer, the highlight of the Season, the FIFA-scene.

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