Formula 1: Mercedes one-two victory in China


Lewis Hamilton sets the 1000. Grand Prix of the formula 1 history unchallenged and earned against the competition. Ferrari can’t follow the silver arrows, and must increase.


Final score: 1. HAM – 2. BOT – 3. VET – 4. VER – 5. LEC – 6. GAS


Lewis Hamilton has the 1000. Race in the history of formula 1 won. The five-time world champion and title defender, won the Grand Prix of China in front of his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas. World championship contender Sebastian Vettel came to Ferrari to third place, and waiting in this season on the first victory. Vettel’s stable rival Charles Leclerc was Fifth, ahead of Monegasque Max Verstappen pushed in the Red Bull. Nico Hulkenberg had to retire due to a defect on his car in advance. With his sixth China-victory, and the 75. Grand Prix success of his career, sparked Hamilton to three world Cup race Bottas as a Leading in the overall standings. The Briton has now with 68 points, six points ahead of the Finn. Vettel has already 29 points behind Hamilton.


DESTINATION Without a great deal of excitement is driving Lewis Hamilton, the next 25 points. To be quite honest: A maximum voltage of 1000. Grand Prix is not produced.

Round 56 of 56: Gasly creates it: He takes Vettel at the last round of the point for the fastest lap of the race.

Lap 54 of 56: Gasly takes fresh tires. He probably wants to get the extra point for the fastest lap.

Round 53 of 56: next failure: Norris is his mechanics back in the Garage pushed.

Round 51 of 56: a Good performance, “Small”: Kimi Raikkonen drives his Alfa Romeo on rank nine, it’s Alexander Albon in the Toro Rosso.

Round 47 of 56: Hamilton is the victory – not a Crash or vehicle damage, provided not more to take: The Briton has about seven seconds ahead. Bottas is probably the Second. Vettel can not exert pressure on the Finns.

Lap 43 of 56: Kvyat is in the Box pushed. Initial start-up crash, get a drive-through penalty, and later a stop for a new nose, now – not a good race for the Russians.

Round 42 of 56: Vettel is over. On the long Straights of the German easy game with Leclerc, who immediately comes in the Box and back behind Verstappen drops back.

Round 42 of 56: Vettel is hunting his team-mate. He is still only 1.3 seconds behind.

Round 39 of 56: At the end of the DRS Zone, it is then over: Bottas puts in front of the Ferrari.

Round 39 of 56: Bottas attacks Leclerc, but the first is not over. Leclerc defends himself bravely.

Round 37 of 56: Vettel is driving a new fastest lap of the race.

Round 37 of 56: pit stop for both Mercedes, the sealing in a row for a tire change.

Round 36 of 56: Vettel is also in the Box, and also receives a yellow Tires. Vettel is first, the Fourth behind Leclerc. He is eight seconds ahead of Verstappen.

Round 35 of 56: Verstappen for the second Time in the Box. He goes with the yellow tires as a Fifth out of it.

Round 34 of 56: Hamilton has a Five-second cushion. Vettel spins around, seven seconds behind Bottas on the course. Leclerc catching up on Verstappen. Distance: a little more than three seconds.

Round 30 of 56: the Ferrari radio message to Leclerc: “We have to think about Plan B.”

Round 28 of 56: Now is Hamilton back in the track. He has expanded his gap to Bottas in 2.8 seconds and can draw in peace circles.

Round 24 of 56: Bottas driving for the second Time in a row the fastest lap of the race. He is now much closer to his teammate before the pit stop. Vettel can’t follow the silver arrows. Everything speaks for a Mercedes victory.

Round 23 of 56: A round later, also of Hamilton. Also he gets white tires. Hamilton remains out front. Also Leclerc is brought in and goes as the Fifth back on the track.

Round 22 of 56: Bottas on the Box. The Finn lost a place to Leclerc.

Round 20 of 56: Verstappen risk at the end of the long Straights and everything, pushes a short pass, but Vettel can counter. Great Duel. The two almost touch.

Round 19 of 56: Ferrari get Vettel in, the Verstappen-attack to prevent. The Four-times world champion with white, hard tyres to finish Fifth in front of the Dutch back on track. Verse is to tap directly behind the Ferrari.

Round 18 of 56: Verstappen comes in the Box and tried the Undercut against Leclerc.

Round 17 of 56: Nico Hulkenberg must be the car in the Box. The next frustration experience for the Renault driver.

Round 15 of 56: Now complains Leclerc that he is faster than Vettel. The German can not settle, because he builds again and again for small errors.

Round 14 of 56: at the moment are the front seats a little cemented: Hamilton drives 4.5 seconds in front of Bottas, 6 seconds behind comes Vettel, slightly Leclerc was possible to solve, and little more than a second lead.

Round 11 of 56: And a short time later, Vettel on the Start-finish Straight waved. Frustrating for Leclerc. Let’s see if Vettel can drive to the Mercedes. The gap to Bottas is already nearly five seconds.

Round 10 of 56: Leclerc gets the message: “If you’re not faster, then let go of Sebastian’s over!”

Round 9 of 56: Vettel is currently faster than his team-mate. When sent to Ferrari with him?

Round 7 of 56: For his two barges against the McLaren gets Kvyat a drive-through penalty.

Round 6 of 56: Vettel wants to Bend and Break at Leclerc is over. The German is hanging in the rear of the Monegasques.

Round 4 of 56: Hamilton is at the front, a little bit of Bottas. The Briton takes about 1.4 seconds in front of the Finns.

Round 2 of 56: The Virtual Safety Car is finished. At the front Hamilton drives in front of Bottas, Leclerc and Vettel.

Round 1 of 56: There is a Virtual Safety Car, because parts are collected. Kvyat and Norris had a small collision. Earlier, the Russian had clipped the other McLaren of Sainz.

START – Vettel loses a place against Leclerc. The front of the Mercedes remain, but Hamilton conceded Bottas. The right side was clearly the better.

8:10 PM: The drivers are on the introduction round. Verstappen and Kubica are turning short. Not the ideal preparation for the tire.

8:07 p.m.: “We start from the first row. That’s good,” said Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff in the Sky Interview. “The strategy there are so many different variants, that you can’t tell it like it is.” What strategy has he provided for his two pilots, he did not say. It will be exciting to see who has the best idea. One-Stop, Two-Stop, Three-Stop, there are many possibilities.

8:04 p.m.: While the Mercedes in qualifying and in the twisty sections of the track are the advantages of had the Ferrari on the Straights and the Top Speed is better. In part, the Red went on your fast lap eight km/h faster than the silver arrows. Whether you are creating, but also about the long distance?

8:01 PM: In just under ten minutes to start the formula 1 in 1000. Race. In Shanghai it goes to the next world championship points, and the Qualifying of yesterday, is in a tight race for hope. In the front of Valtteri Bottas, behind Lewis Hamilton. Behind the two Mercedes, a red Ferrari range comes: this Time, Sebastian Vettel was faster than team-mate Charles Leclerc.

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