Eintracht Frankfurt Europa League threatens-


Eintracht Frankfurt conceded in Benfica Lisbon, the first competitive match defeat in the year 2019. A 19-Year-old is, for the Portuguese, with a three-pack for the match-winner against Eintracht.

The impressive success of the series of Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League has found a bitter end. After 14 European Cup games without a defeat and the long decimated DFB-Cup winners ‘ Cup in the quarter-lost-final first leg at the Portuguese record-holding champion Benfica Lisbon 2:4 (1:2), and threatens to resign. Benfica’s outstanding young star Joao Felix, a three-pack (21 in./Foul penalty, 43., 53. Minute) and Ruben Dias (50.) the Majority of the house of lords took, after Frankfurt’s defensive player Evan had seen Ndicka already after 20 minutes because of an emergency brake the Red card.

But the hope remains: Luka Jovic (40.) and Goncalo Paciencia (72.) achieved before the good of 54,000 spectators important away goals for the in 16. Duty game of the year, for the first time, the loser in the Bundesliga. So this is going to work in the return game in a week in front of their home crowd. A 2:0 victory would be enough. “I am very confident for the return game,” said Eintracht sporting Director Fredi Bobic in the RTL Interview. “I have to make the guys a compliment. You have stepped up, again and again. 70 minutes in, this has taken a lot of strength.”

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The final WHISTLE!

90. Minute +3: This is really an impeccable combative performance of the Concord. They continued to press for the third goal.

90. Minute +1: Benfica’s goalkeeper Vlachodimos holds a header but the ball is Paciencia from ten metres.

90. Minute: Four minutes to be played.

88. Min: Seferovic moves from the left half Position, the Ball is rubbing on the left upper corner of Frankfurter tor in the past.

84. Minute: CHANGE for Benfica: Eliseu, ZIVKOVIC . And also the harmony changes once again: GACINOVIC replaced Rode.

82. Minute: YELLOW against Benfica SAMARIS after a hard Foul on Abraham. Also of Frankfurt, HASEBE looks YELLOW – for dissent.

81. Minute: The Frankfurt defense is currently quite safe. Benfica falls a little against ten sacrificially fighting Eintracht at the end of player.

78. Minute: another Chance for the Eintracht: Paciencia sets Kostic shiny in the scene, whose shot from seven meters hisses to the right of the Benfica goal.

75. Minute: Even if the Frankfurter, this game probably will lose, their morale is really exemplary. Also to tithe, you play more boldly to the front.

Paciencia is happy about the second goal for Eintracht could be in the return game is very important

⚽ 72. Minute: PENALTY for Eintracht! PACIENCIA! After a corner from de Guzman from the right Paciencia heads the Ball from eight meters in the upper right corner of the Benfica goal. Only 2 to 4 from the point of view of the Frankfurt.

69. Min: Seferovic is by and draws from 16 meters, Trapp explains to shiny. More 4:1 for Benfica.

68. Minute: next EXCHANGE for the Eintracht: PACIENCIA comes Rebic.

66. Minute: CHANGE for Benfica: PIZZI comes on for the stricken defender Corchia, of the the thigh has seized.

64. Minute: The withdrawal of striker Jovic shows the tactics of the Eintracht coach Hütter: don’t even more goals to collect.

60. Minute: in EXCHANGE for both Teams. The Concord replaced DE GUZMAN striker Jovic, at Benfica now plays SEFEROVIC for Rafa.

57. Minute: Frankfurt’s coach Hütter scratches thoughtfully at the end. This looks like a significant defeat.

⚽ 54. Minute: GOAL for Benfica! Again JOAO FELIX!A faster attack of Lisbon, on the left, Grimaldo lays back on Joao Felix, the it at the near post from twelve metres flat to 4:1. The third goal of the 19-Year-old. That’s probably one of the series of the unity.

⚽ 50. Minute: GOAL for Benfica! RUBEN DIAS! After a corner loses Rebic a header against Joao Felix, behind is Ruben Dias and nods from three metres to 3:1 for Lisbon.

49. Minute: Rafa hits the left post of the Concord gate, but was in an Offside position.

46. Minute: The second half has begun. Both Teams are unchanged and come from the cabins.


After a strong start to the harmony, the match tilting first of all by the Red card against Ndicka (20.) and the transformed foul penalty by Lisbon’s young star Joao Felix (21.). But Frankfurt hit back. The joy of Jovics hit to the 1:1 (40.) lasts only for a short. Joao Felix brings Benfica again in the lead (43.). Nevertheless, because of what is in it for the eagles in the second half.

The mid-term!

45. Minute +2: The Ball after a free kick in the goal from Benfica. However, the hit does not count, because da Costa in the Off-state, and intervention.

45. Minute: huge chance for Lisbon 3:1: Cervi pulls out of eight meters, class Parade von Trapp, the corner is defined. After the corner Cervi has the next Chance, his shot over, hisses at the gate of the Concord.

⚽ 43. Minute: GOAL for Benfica! JOAO FELIX draws from 20 meters. Trapp no longer ran. The Ball lands in the left corner of the net. The second goal of the 19-year-old shooting stars of Lisbon. The shot seemed untenable, Trapp is angry.

Jovic (2.v.l.) hits to the 1:1 for Eintracht Frankfurt – although the Hesse since the 20. To the tenth Minute of play

⚽ 40. Minute: PENALTY for Eintracht! JOVIC! Rode takes the Ball, plays on Rebic, of the places cross to Jovic, the leather of seven meters under the crossbar nails. 1:1! And the in under number.

39. Min: Good fast attack of the Frankfurter: Kostic plays on Rebic, however, as the peeling is a Benfica defence leg in between. The corner brings nothing.

38. Minute: luck for Rode. Actually, it should have a rustic Boarding a Yellow, but referee Taylor lets grace before right be done.

35. Minute: Grimaldo tried it with a shot from distance, well over the target of Frankfurt.

34. Minute: Rode is on Rebic, but Vlachodimos in the gate of Benfica has been paying attention, is out of the box, and to me.

32. Minute: hats off to the Concord. She has also not lost after the dismissal against Ndicka the order and plays more on a par with the Portuguese.

30. Minute: free-kick from the left comes to Abraham, eight yards from goal to head the ball, can the leather but not really pressing. Over it.

28. Minute: Kostic is in the Benfica penalty area, but then stopped. Frankfurt also plays to advance to the front.

26. Minute: Hasebe has now pulled back to the defence to reinforce it. REBIC looks YELLOW.

23. Minute: That is bitter for the Eintracht. You not only, but now has to survive for a decade, 70 minutes.

⚽ 21. Minute: GOAL for Benfica! JOAO FELIX turns the foul penalty for 1:0. Trapp is in the right corner, but the flat shot has to be precise.

Place reference against Ndicka, bitter for Frankfurt

20. Minute: penalty awarded to Benfica and RED against NDICKA due to a cynical foul in the penalty area against Gedson!

18. Minute: A cross from Hasebe in the box, in a car crash. Still, the precision is missing in the game of Eintracht.

14. Minute: Both Teams have first fragrance brands set, yet we wait for the first clear scoring opportunity of the game.

11. Minute: A free kick for Benfica from the left brings no danger. Referee Taylor decides to flank into the penalty area on a striker foul.

9. Minute: The Frankfurter are good in the game to start. The Eintracht Fans.

6. Min: a half chance for the harmony. Abraham warps a shot, but it is almost the template for Jovic.

5. Minute: Jovic benefits from a misunderstanding of the Benfica players in the midfield, takes the Ball and runs to the gate of the Portuguese. Then he hesitates, however, to long. More than a corner does not pop out. The remains unpunished.

4. Minute: YELLOW for JOVIC after a tactical Foul on Rafa.

4. Minute: Eintracht appears for the first time in front of the Benfica goal. The first corner of the game but nothing.

2. Minute: Benfica starts stormy, attacked the harmony deep in their half.

The kick-off!


20.59 PM: the referee of the match is the 40-year-old Englishman Anthony Taylor, a very experienced Referee. He’s already 17. Europa League Game. 60,000 spectators are in the stadium.

20.58 clock: 4500 Eintracht Fans have the Team to Lisbon. The followers of the Frankfurter, after the incidents in the away game in Milan under the supervision of UEFA.

20.56 PM: The Concord may, in the case of qualification for the Champions League on a whereabouts of the storm-ACE Luka Jovic hope. “Luka has requests. From Barcelona there are. But he has no interest. He does not know whether he can play football,” said Jovics father Milan, the “image”newspaper: “He wants to stay with the eagles in the Champions League and continue to be.” Sports Board Fredi Bobic incited before the game in Lisbon. He had Interview, no offer from Barcelona on the table, Bobic in the RTL. It is quite normal that in such Games like today, observers of the Top clubs in the stands were sitting. So the business was shut. Frankfurt has borrowed Jovic from Benfica Lisbon. The Hessen want to pull the purchase option in the amount of supposedly twelve million euros.

20.53 PM: Benfica Lisbon in the round of the best 32 Teams against Galatasaray Istanbul and in the second round against Dinamo Zagreb. This is the starting lineup of the Portuguese: Vlachodimos – Corchia, Ruben Dias, Jardel, Grimaldo – Fernandes, Samaris, Fejsa, Cervi – Rafa Silva, Joao Felix.

20.50: Hütter must on striker Sebastien Haller abandon. The Frenchman has abdominal problems and is seated in Lisbon, not even on the bench. The last fancy Sebastian Rode is also in the starting lineup of the Hesse Martin Hinteregger, who can play despite a metacarpal fracture. This is the starting line-up of Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp – Abraham Hinteregger, N’Dicka – Rode, Hasebe, G. Fernandes da Costa, Kostic – Jovic, Rebic.

20.47 clock: “We are living a dream,” said Eintracht coach Adi Hütter. “We also want to take this hurdle and give us a good starting position for the return match.”

20.45: Eintracht Frankfurt is in the current season in the Europa League, still unbeaten and takes in the quarter-final first leg at the Portuguese record-holding champion Benfica Lisbon calls on the semi-finals. Already with a draw, the Team of coach Adi Hütter would set the record of Atletico Madrid from 15 Games in the series without a defeat.

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