Beresheet: Israel in moon fever


The landing of the space probe Beresheet on the moon is a symbolic step for Israel – and a kind of announcement to the Rest of the world. Because the moon is already back in the center of a competition.

With Beresheets Touchdown on the moon, Israel is the target of his large #Israel tothemoon-project – so far, not better could run: seven weeks Ago, on 22. February, started the Lander on Board a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX in Cape Canaveral. According to this picture-book-Start with the probe covered about 6.5 million kilometers. After several scheduled train corrections waved the Lander at 4. April 2019 with a six-minute braking maneuver into orbit around the moon.

The land space of Beresheet from the beginning: The Mare Serenitatis, or “sea of joy” is regarded popularly as “the eye of the man in the moon”.

Approximately 6.5 million kilometres back and put the probe in total

Small countries, big plans

The Name of the lander refers to the first week of the Torah portion. “Beresheet” is so much like “Genesis” or “beginning”. The Name is chosen deliberately because the project is in two ways a novelty: It is not only Israel’s first landing on the moon, but it is also the first privately initiated and funded moon mission at all.

Beresheet got its initial impulse through a competition, launched in 2007, “Google Lunar XPrize”. The call to Google was aimed exclusively at private competitors, to design until the end of March 2018, a land robot for the moon. He should be able to get to the moon, only 500 meters to move around and send high-resolution video images back to earth.

Although none of the 34 Teams won the prize, because Google no trust to build in the allotted time the robot, but the Israeli candidate SpaceIL was not discouraged and continued his plans still further – with success.

SpaceIL, the nonprofit organization behind Beresheet, the education promotes programs in the area of research and technology. It is funded by donations from individual private sponsors, it also works with the Israeli space Agency ISA.

Morris Kahn, Chairman of SpaceIL, prophesied before departure, Israel will write “history” if the three great powers agree, have done it in the past.

So far, only the US, Russia and China achieved a moon landing.

On this project, Israel has prepared well, because the 585-kilogram probe is Packed, not necessarily with technology, but with the more symbolic power. In the Luggage of the washing machine-sized Lander has a time capsule, in which three digital storage discs are with hundreds of files. It is for Israel, particularly significant documents and works, such as the Declaration of independence and the national anthem, Hebrew songs, the “prayer for travel”, children’s drawings, memories of a Holocaust Survivor, as well as a note of the late President Shimon Peres.

Sounds like more Ballast than it actually is. Because the content is saved by using nano technology on a disk in the coin size so that the charge is not so very little space, if also – with respect – for a landing on the moon necessarily required.

Big step for a washing machine: Beresheet is in two ways a novelty

Short Pleasure

Long Israel trip will continue to the moon, since Beresheet has no temperature control. In addition, the probe lands during the two-week lunar day. This means that you will be exposed to temperatures of about 100 degrees Celsius to which it is not designed. The Lander will overheat relatively quickly. The function is continuous on the surface of the moon was estimated to be two to three days.

However, the time to make use of Beresheet. 500 meters is it for the little Lander. He performs measurements and transmits high-definition Videos and images.

The probe is integrated into existing research projects. So Beresheet has a Magnetometer on Board, which data are to be transferred to the Lunar Reconnoisance Orbiter of NASA.

Race to the moon

Above all, it is according to SpaceIL, however, is to inspire young people for the world of space research, technology and engineering. Not least because the lighthouse project is also in time for the anniversary of the first moon landing. 21. July 2019 will mark the Moment 50. Time as a NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon.

But the moon is brought back in focus After the international interest in the moon landings since the early 70s, has subsided, and now several countries the surface of the moon in its sights. China currently has its probe “Chang’e 4” on the far side of the moon, is a masterpiece of engineering. India hopes to be in this spring with its Chandrayaan-2 Mission, the fifth moon rider Nation. Japan wants to send to 2020 or 2021 its moon probe “Slim” on the trip.

Even the USA, which had since 1972 on the moon, to implement according to President Donald Trump as quickly as possible to a lunar mission. The U.S. government wants to introduce within five years, an astronaut on the moon.

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  • Myth Of The Moon

    Religious symbolism and astronomy

    In the early days the forces of the moon was worshipped, To be increase and Decrease associated with the activities of the people. The time was counted in moons instead of days, and Roman months. The sky disc of Nebra, 1999 in Saxony-Anhalt found, for both aspects: early astronomy, and spirituality. Her age is estimated to be 3700 to 4100 years.

  • Myth Of The Moon

    The Fascination Of The Blood Moon

    In the case of a total lunar Eclipse the moon turns in the shadow of the earth blood-red – a phenomenon, the star-Gazer on the evening of 27. July 2018 for a particularly long time to be able to observe. The sight brought back memories of the “super moon” of 2015 (picture). At that time, the moon, the earth, and came close in its orbit and appeared to increase in size. Since time immemorial, the earth’s satellite is considered to be mysterious and magical.

  • Myth Of The Moon

    Charged with significance

    In art state-of-the moon over the centuries for many different things: the innocence, the virgin Mary, for female sexuality. The high phase of the employment with the moon the romance was. The artist wanted to give the moon its magic. Here in the picture: Caspar David Friedrich’s “Two men contemplating the moon” from the year 1820.

  • Myth Of The Moon

    Muse of the Poet

    In the literature, the moon has always played a large role. Especially the lyric uses the earth’s natural satellite. He is mostly melancholy and longing – but for consolation, as in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s poem “To the moon”. In the first Verse of the poem reads: “Füllest again Bush and valley silently with a mist of gloss, finally solve once my soul.”

  • Myth Of The Moon

    The moon howl at

    The moon not only stimulates screech-owl and wolves to Sing, the man is singing the praises of since time immemorial, the heaven of the body. Famous examples from the modern period Matthias Claudius, evening song (“The moon has risen”), Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight Serenade”, Elvis Presley’s “Blue Moon” or Pink Floyd’s Album “The Dark Side Of The Moon”.

  • Myth Of The Moon

    Horror and romance

    Mark Twain once said: “Everyone is like a moon. He has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” Since ancient times there is to Say to people who transform at the full moon into wolves. The cinema is on the werewolf myth. Here is a picture from “The wolf man” from 1941. However, even in romantic comedies such as the U.S. Film “moonstruck” (1987) playing to the moon a major role.

  • Myth Of The Moon

    Media Century Event

    With the first manned landing on the moon in 1969, the moon would have to lose its last secrets, and therefore also its power of attraction. Suddenly, people were walking around – as here, in the image Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the place and took photos. Science, it seemed, had conquered the moon finally.

  • Myth Of The Moon

    Unbroken Attraction

    But the fascination of the moon has not diminished by his conquest. In 2013, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and his Danish colleague, Ólafur Elíasson called their project “Moon”: everyone can immortalize with a drawing on the moon. “Look at the moon, grow together, while others also look at him,” said Weiwei and Elíasson.

    Author: Philipp Jedicke