Comment: Dirk Nowitzki is a legend in every respect


Basketball Superstar Dirk Nowitzki will continue his unprecedented career as a NBA player. He stops after 21 years. It is already clear: There will be no more like him, says Andreas Sten-Ziemons.

What time is it given? An Athlete revolutionized his sport, ensures that the most important and most powerful League in the world emulating his style of play, is one of the Best of times – and nothing fancy at all. He changed not even a little bit, but remains so humble and down-to-earth as he always was. Dirk Nowitzki has succeeded in doing up to the end of his NBA career.


Andreas Sten-Ziemons

As a 19-Year-old was discovered in 1998 by the Dallas Mavericks that saw Mavs Coach Don Nelson and his son and assistant coach Donnie Nelson, that the Potential put in Nowitzki: a, a 2.13-Meter giant, hit reliable shots from the distance. A giant, as they were then parked in the US usually just under the baskets, not moved from the outside with pace and agility in the Zone at the time in the NBA. Today, however, every great player must be able to sink threes, if he would like to have the Chance of a squad place in one of the better Teams.

Nowitzkis values at the end of his career speak for themselves: More than 31,000 points, 11,000 Rebounds, and 3,500 Assists, more than 1200 Blocks and Steals. This diversity had to offer once the Largest in the NBA. Nowitzki, the sixth-best points collectors in the League’s history, and the best Europeans of all time is. The number, however, tells the most about the character of the Nowitzkis, the 21. 21 years Nowitzki played for the Mavericks. No other player completed so many seasons in the NBA, and Nowitzki wore in all this time the Jersey of just one of the clubs.


While other Superstars of the NBA seem to maintain their own Profiles and records, the “Bling-Bling” and the Feed of their channels in the social media with superficial indulge, Nowitzki remains completely unpretentious. Touching it was to see how Nowitzki was happy about it, that appeared to be his farewell to his Basketball heroes from his youth were. Player, of which he had as a Teenager, the Poster hanging above the bed: Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf. NBA-all of them legends, who were now come to pay tribute to the larger NBA legend to take their toll.

Farewell in the midst of childhood idols: Dirk Nowitzki Larry Bird (R) and Scottie Pippen (l.)

“It’s surreal,” said Nowitzki in 2014, at the end of the documentary “The perfect throw”, one of the his career afterwards, “that people want to have autographs and photos of me, just because I can throw a bit of the Ball into the net.” A phrase that is just meant as Nowitzki says it and shows how the German is ticking.

Nowitzki may have won in his career as a basketball player, a lot of awards, some of which are even really important: the most valuable player of the League in 2007, four years after that, NBA Champion with the Mavericks and most valuable player of the final series. In terms of modesty, exemplary character, down to earth and loyal, he would have earned many more trophies.