Resignation in the case of Thailand’s Democrats


In Thailand, the party of government seems to be chief and Ex-army chief Prayut to have scored in the parliamentary elections. Reason might be manipulation, but also the Resignation of many Thais, five years after the military coup.

Relaxed with a casual Aviator glasses and a military uniform Prayut Chan-o-cha walked in on Monday morning, its seat of government in Bangkok. The Plan of the junta leaders seems to be working. 94 percent of the votes are counted. The election victory the army would have to have with 7.6 million votes for Prayuts Palang Pracharat party in the bag. She claims at least. Because the overall election result is after several delays. An obviously overwhelmed election Commission put off the people on the coming Friday and thus increases the skepticism of opponents of the military government. The 2014 ousted ruling party, Pheu Thai, which Pracharat according to preliminary Figures, only a wafer-thin behind the poor middle Phalang-party, claimed the victory for themselves and wants to form a government.

Also, the main opposition party, Pheu Thai, with its top candidate Sudarat logs claim to government formation

Disappointed hopes for change

Regardless of the exact Figures in Thailand hardly anyone with such a strong vote share of the Junta expected-party. Because the military-drafted Constitution already lays down that the entire 250köpfige the Senate is appointed by the military, seems Prayuth won the parliamentary seats to be able to comfortably head of government. For many Thais, would have liked to see a loosening of the solid in the army and handle, a heavy defeat.

And yet, one is looking for political demonstrations on the day after the election, in vain. The streets and alleys around the historic democracy monument in the heart of Bangkok are empty. In 2014, the scene of mass demonstrations and street protests, you can hear only from a small Radio on the street edge of political discussions. In addition, an elderly man cross-legged, scribbling in a crossword puzzle, while his small speaker the election victory of the military is proclaimed. “We have missed a great opportunity in our country to establish democracy,” he says. He had voted for the party of the “Future Forward”, which stands for an end to the military rule and as a Newcomer, with a respect for success as a new third-strongest party achieved.

The Future-Forward party of the company, heirs Thanatorn came with your Anti-military platform to third place

The Opposition, weakened by military

On the question of whether the election was as fair, waving to the man: “I don’t want any problems with these gentlemen,” and shows an army vehicle in a side street. In many places, the military presence. Political rallies will not be tolerated after the elections. During the five-year military domination of the thin-skinned junta chief Prayut Chan-o-Cha is not only critical citizens and the media fall silent. Also in the political arena, he left no stone unturned to weaken the Opposition.

“The good performance (of the military) is not a coincidence,” says Katrin Bannach, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Bangkok. “Government critics has been shown since the coup of 2014, often enough, what a rake is, so that the media and political commentators practiced in self-censorship.” Only since the beginning of February, political parties were allowed to choice limited operate fight. Added to this were various court cases against the poor critical politicians. “The proceedings against the Prayuth related party were surrounded by the so-called independent institutions and the courts very frequently with kid gloves, while their political opponents was quickly made in the process,” said Bannach.

Not a few Thais as Pathi Sawanih see the positive sides of the military government

Order and money gifts as convincing arguments

And yet, the strong result of the Phalang-Pracharat shows-the parties, that there are in Thailand many of the people that stability and order are more important than democratic rights. Among them, the 32-year-old Pathi Sawanih, which is involved in a social project of the military ruler: “Prayut gives stability in the country. That’s a good thing. In addition, he has presented for the new year, 15 million poor people 500 Baht,” says the government official in front of the democracy Monument.

Otherwise it sounds a few streets further, in the case of the Tuktuk drivers in front of the Sanam Luang Park: “don’t Talk to me on the to”, … a driver by the name of “Ah” about the likely prolonged term of Prayuth. “I had hoped that the military rule can finally be ended. Since Prayuth is in Power, sitting us constantly vigilante in the neck, which prohibited us through half the city of scarecrows, for trivial reasons, such as Parking”, het up over the many years of tuk-Tuk driver: “look only on yourself. I highly doubt that the elections were not at all correct.”

Others, such as the Tuk-Tuk driver “Ah” of the military government harassed

No independent election observation

With this opinion the tuk-Tuk driver “Ah” is by far not alone. Several voters reported on Social Media, claiming that they had been bribed by the army. The continuous shift in the overall election result and the high number of invalidated ballots (as of Monday evening, around 1.9 million), critics sit up and take notice. Several international Monitoring, and non-governmental organizations, the elections dubbed “free and fair”.

So, too, Sunai Phasuk of Human Rights Watch Thailand, criticised the lack of observation of elections: “The electoral Commission has missed the opportunity to create structures, so that international and national election observers can freely, safely, and effectively.” Only a few days ago, a few observers were admitted. And even these were of the Commission, hand-picked. Among them, the Thailand-based organizations, “We Watch” and “P-Net”. But you have been made the work difficult, says Phasuk: “The election Commission has issued for the election observers, no clear guidelines. Instead, We Watch ’employees were intimidated and in some areas even under constant surveillance of security personnel.” According to DW-information about the monitoring organization has submitted to the election Commission complaint. A response from the responsible.