Angela Merkel: “regulated Brexit is in the German interest”


The government Declaration by the Chancellor has been involved in more of the future of the EU as the Brexit-rings in London. Theresa May signalled more time to exit from the EU.

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Merkel signaled willingness to the Brexit-delay

Angela Merkel couldn’t wait. Even the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble, language point, the government Declaration by the Chancellor explained that the first agenda. Already Merkel stood up, hesitated for a Moment, took the binder with her speech, was the step down from the government bench to the lectern, wanted to place the folder on the storage… – Schaeuble spoke still.

Angela Merkel: the President of the Bundestag, Schäuble

Merkel looked up to him, looked puzzled, paused, stopped and then went, almost visibly smaller, back to the place your chair on the government bench. Put the folder back in, pulled back the deep blue of the chair and sat down. And as she sat, ended Schäuble, with his notes of this first item on the agenda: “the issuing of a government statement on the European Council”. The Bundestag President is no remark came to this scene directly before his eyes. It would not have been surprised.

Merkel expects EU special summit

If Merkel wanted to quickly talk about, because the topic is unhurried? As Schäuble issued to her, the word, speaks the head of government for 21 minutes. Eight minutes of it is dedicated to the Brexit question, primarily by the question of a regulated Brexit. There is a need for an orderly solution of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. If it’ll give in the next few days in the London house of a positive vote, it could be about the desire to Mays, “a short extension and then for sure positive talk”. A regulated Brexit “is in the German interest and in the interest of all 27 member States”. Merkel is already making it clear that it expects the EU special summit in the coming week.

But within two minutes of her speech, she addresses the issue of unregulated Brexit. Emergency plans, had also been in the Bundestag discussed. “We are not going to work until the last day, until the last hour to ensure that this emergency plan is coming to fruition.” More bridge does not want to build, more of a reminder can’t pronounce.

“Europe needs to be stronger”

The greater part of her speech, Merkel is in the future, more urgent in Europe: the digital strategy of the EU with Big Data and artificial intelligence, a new EU industrial policy, the competitiveness of Europe towards the USA and towards China, the economic development of a European defence policy. “Europe needs to be stronger, to be able to in the future prosperity and security promises to be.” This is essential in a world that arrange themselves in recognizable, global, and fundamental. In doing this, Europe must rely on multilateral cooperation. Merkel is pure, because the European and world speaks at least as much a politician as the Chancellor or the CDU-politician. That they make use of such “merkelige favorite terms” such as “disruptive Innovation” and “reciprocity”, shows how much she is in these topics.

Two Times – when it comes to the stability of the Euro and a tax on financial transactions, praises you, Olaf Scholz. The social democratic Finance Minister is the only Cabinet member who is in your speech, mention. So important is the German commitment to the stability of the Euro, the Chancellor seems to be.

Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor: Angela Merkel (CDU) and Olaf Scholz (SPD) on the government Bank

In the case of multiple subjects, the proposed EU copyright reform and the question of a common armaments projects, the Chancellor, the previous German practice explicitly out of the question. In case of doubt, a German coalition Treaty of the European partnership should not stand in the way.

Before the election campaign

In the following debate, the following Merkel’s longer than usual, it’s all about the Brexit. But again and again, is to feel between the coalition partners, the emerging European election campaign. AfD Leader Alexander Gauland warns Merkel, the British and their “path to freedom”. But mainly, the reminders of the speakers go to the address of the British. FDP-Chef Christian Lindner calls to take advantage of every Chance to the whereabouts of the British. “This isn’t a cold that a partner country to be maneuvered in such a situation.”

After a good two hours, a little more time, as a of the agenda, end the debate. There are two hours less on the way to the Brexit, which is then removed according to the current condition, 180 hours.

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