Freiburg stubbornness Remis in Gladbach


Borussia Mönchengladbach can be at the start of the 26. Game tags not against SC Freiburg to win. The Breisgau will enjoy the point. Gladbach are superior, but not dangerous enough.

The goal-Comeback by Alassane Plea wasn’t enough: Borussia Mönchengladbach has goofed in the race for the Champions League again sensitive. The Team of coach Dieter Hecking did not against SC Freiburg on a lean 1:1 (1:1). In the first half of the season still home to a strong Borussia remained thus for the fourth Time in a row in their own stadium without a win.
Of the last seven Games gateless Plea (16.) the Borussia kept even worse, after the Ex-Gladbach Vincenzo Grifo (10.) the guests an early lead had shot. The projection of the Hecking team to fifth place thus can melt on a Sunday on a point – a few weeks ago there were ten.



Final whistle!

90. Minute: the Last EXCHANGE in Freiburg: scorer GRIFO , for him, comes HÖLER.

90. Minute: Three minutes to be played.

88. Minute: Gondorf tries a left-footed shot. The Ball of free burgers but is deflected and lands to the left of the goal. After all, for a corner.

85. Minute: Gladbach has the audience as the twelfth man. Freiburg Coach Christian Streich. The flails, rages and stomps off the field like rumpelstiltskin.

81. Minute: YELLOW for Freiburg GRIFO.

81. Minute: a corner for Gladbach. Again miserably. Past friend and foe.

79. Minute: Now is time to Freiburg: Haberer with a sharp pass from the right half of the field. Summer stretch, defused but the leather.

77. Minute: EXCHANGE in Freiburg: captain FRANTZ is down, GONDORF new to the game.

75. Minute: Gladbach has a playful Overweight. However, it is not so far. For the favourite house of lords, it would be a shock in the race for the CL places. After all, better than the last three home games – the lost all of them.

74. Minute: Hazard just before the break, from the left edge of the box. A lot of Power in the Ball. The leather goes over it.

71. Minute: the next EXCHANGE in Gladbach: NEUHAUS for STINDL.

70. Minute: YELLOW for Freiburg STENZEL. Tactical Foul on Hazard. Clear Thing.

64. Minute: EXCHANGE in Freiburg: forest Schmidt goes down, low-Lechner newly on the Lawn.

63: Minute: Back Gladbach. Stindl plays a vertical Pass to Hofmann. Whose shot is parried Schwolow.

62. Minute: double chance for Gladbach. The house of lords now steam in attack.

61. Minute: CHANGE for Gladbach. ZAKARIA goes down, for him, is Patrick HERRMANN in the game.

61. Minute: Elvedi heads. but the leather goes past the far post.

60. Minute: Gladbach’s Hofmann falls in the penalty area. But that was never a penalty. Freiburg Grifo plays to clear the Ball.

58. Minute: Haberer, fouls the Plea on the left side. The free-kick. Schwolow out just gets worse the thing.

52. Minute: free kick for Gladbach from the left side. But the Freiburg goalkeeper Schwolow plucks the Ball out of the air.

45. Min: No change to the break.

KICKOFF of the second half. It goes on!

The mid-term. Freiburg surprised the home side with a clean attack and the 1:0 lead by Grifo. Gladbach showed but little impressed and then increased the pace. The Fans of the foals are allowed to mourn their spontaneous goal celebration, because Pleas equaliser was only given to the use of the video evidence. The draw is performance.

45. Minute: Both Teams have made it to the last minute to slow down. No dangerous scenes. You spin so loose in the break. Two minutes, you may get it in this first half.

40. Minute: YELLOW for the Freiburg ABRASHI. Foul on

35. Minute: Grifo shoots for Freiburg from a short distance. But the goalkeeper summer is in the way. Good opportunity for Freiburg.

32. Minute: Stindl tanking. His Ball lands on the outdoor network. There is corner.

31. Minute: Freiburg can now some air. Nevertheless, a slight advantage for the home side.

24. Minute: The Gladbach now have the upper water. Much pressure on Freiburg. The guests can free themselves only with difficulty.

Moments of uncertainty: Plea in front of the VAR, which shows that his hit counts

17. Minute: take an early lead! The hit counts! PLEA is the scorer. 80 percent of the match but go on Zakaria, sends Hazard so steep that it looked like Offside. But the pictures show the same height. Correct Decision.

16. Minute: The stadium is cheering and has the Torschrei on the lips. Gladbach has scored a goal. Hazard finds Plea, the hits from a short distance. But the video evidence is sought.

10. Minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRR for Freiburg. GRIFO (the Ex-Gladbach) hits! After an attack on the right, the Ball comes flat in the middle. The inlet end of the faucet takes the leather directly, and overcomes the post by Yann Sommer in the Gladbach by the inside. No Chance for the Keeper.

8. Minute: corner kick for the home side, but the leather remains the same on the first Freiburg hang. Miserably.

7. Minute: Still not too much pace in it. Mönchengladbach is trying to control the Ball.

3. Minute: Corner Of Freiburg. 15 Times the Breisgau have succeeded in the course of the season according to this standard situation. But not this time. Harmless.

Kick – off The first batch of 26. Game tags runs!

20:28 PM: The Teams are on the lawn. Dr. Robert Kampka is the referee. Freiburg wins the choice. The same.

At 20:20: The guests from Freiburg offer this starting line-up:

At 20:18: The application provides comes with these 22 hooves out to pasture:

20:16 watch: A crisp Friday’s game is in the starting blocks. Freiburg comes with the wind from the back of a 2:1 success over hertha after Gladbach. The home side celebrated a 1:0 win against Mainz.

20:15 clock: welcome to the DW-live Ticker!